How to make money from SEXY SKATEBOARD GIRL

How to make money from SEXY SKATEBOARD GIRL

Nothing liike beauty in motion. She may not be the most talented skateboarder in the world, but she knows how to wear it.

Skateboarding is not just for guys anymore. It’s okay if you want to skateboard and you’re a girl. Plenty of girls skateboard. Read this article to start learning how to do it. Make sure you want to be a true skater. Don’t just do it for the guys or for the look because sometimes it can be obvious if you’re being a fake skater.

You will need a good skateboard, and skating shoes. Safety gear would also be beneficial while learning how to skate. That includes a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads for full safety.

Find out if you’re original or goofy. Original means that you skate left foot in front and right in back; goofy is the opposite. You can ask skater friends to help you learn or you can learn alone.

Practice moving. This is an important step before you can learn tricks. Leaning to the sides of the skateboard will make you turn that way.

Learn some tricks. Well you should look it up on YouTube or the Internet or ask someone to teach you.

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