How to make money from List of Best Places for Bitcoin Loans and Lending – Bitcoin Investment Group

How to make money from List of Best Places for Bitcoin Loans and Lending – Bitcoin Investment Group

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Introduction to P2P Bitcoin lending platforms, either as an investor and/or borrower.

Provide Bitcoin Loans and earn top interest.
Borrowing through a bitcoin loan is completely independent of banks, affordable and very convenient. Start small and the bitcoin lending platforms could be the fastest way build a new credit rating.

Lumbridgecity is fortunate to have supporters and tippers so we can test and demonstrate all the different ways to trading and making money with bitcoin.

One of the ways we are testing for making money with bitcoin is to lend our bitcoin as liquidity provider on the Bitfinex trading exchange.

While doing more research on bitcoin investing, I came across a closed group ‘Bitcoin Investment Group’ and read their entrance requirements.

They provided a short list of the best Bitcoin Lending Platforms and active participation within one of these services is a requirement of membership in this group on Facebook.

Best places to get a bitcoin loan:

The Goal of the LumbridgeCity Project is to find and demonstrate the best ways to grow your wealth – trading in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is one method of growing your bitcoins, but peer-to-peer lending is another way to gain a good interest rate by providing bitcoin loans.

Subscribe to this channel and keep up to date – when we have 1 full bitcoin in assets aside from our first 1 bitcoin assets for trading, we will use that second full bitcoin within a lending platform and report in the returns we make!

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  • Yeah there's a market for lending and borrowing bitcoins. The coins that are borrowed are probably used to dump into the market and drive the price down. The bankers have been doing that sort of thing with precious metals for a lot of years now. In order to keep the price of gold and silver down they create endless contracts to deliver the value of the metal and then sell them on the open market, driving the price down. With bitcoins it's harder since there isn't a secondary market where promises to deliver the price of a bitcoin can be sold yet. So currently they're just borrowing as many bitcoins as they can get and then selling them. They don't care if they fail to make money on the deal since they have the ability to create money out of nothing anyway. They don't want bitcoin to get popular though since it will hurt their profits, so they do what they can to keep the price down.
    Be aware that if you put your bitcoins on these lending services, you have given up possession of your bitcoins in exchange for a promise by a company to deliver your bitcoins (plus interest). If the company goes out of business or evaporates, you've lost your coins.
    I suspect much of the price crash in 2014 is due to some of the uber geek super early adopters dumping thousands of coins into services such as these. Little do they know, they are harming themselves since the bitcoins are just used to drive the bitcoin price down.
    As for me, I don't trust exchanges, organizations, companies, or anyone else to hold my bitcoins for me. I just buy 400 to 600 dollars worth each month and dump them in my encrypted of-line generated paper wallets, and then I go on with my life. In 2 or 3 years it's a good bet they will be worth quite a bit, and in 4 or 5 years they might even be enough to retire on.

  • You don't need a full bitcoin. You can get interest on a faction of a cent invested.

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    Also check out the Coinlend Bot (! It has the most simple setup, is free and supports Poloniex as well as Bitfinex.
    It fully automates your lending at bitfinex and generates the best rates possible!

  • Always moving from one step high to an higher one..crypto is all about investing in real companies and be earning your payouts on a weekly and also got a referral bonus always inbox me and i will tell you the process at [

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