How to make money from Andreas Antonopoulos – 51% Bitcoin Attack

How to make money from Andreas Antonopoulos – 51% Bitcoin Attack

Andreas Antonopoulos – 51% Bitcoin Attack

How to make money from bitcoin Andreas Antonopoulos,Bitcoin (Currency)

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  • halfasheep says:

    How come did not get kicked off?

  • He's lying to everyone in the room and they're eating it up

  • Eastfist says:

    Andreas is getting a little cocky there. That laugh track is awesome, though. But he leaves out the fact that Bitcoin is indeed an NSA project.

  • Hollywood is so cruel to child stars.  Please seek help, Eddie Munster.

  • raleigh2600 says:

    This guy is way too emotional about this Bitcoin thing. I hardly know anything about it, but i don't think that an entire network and software release can be released in ten minutes.

    This man needs some Prozac with a minoxidil chaser, stat.

  • gdaaps says:

    The need a bilion dollars the first time; the second time they need much less.

  • Ramtin Thang says:

    How does bitcoin prevent from anybody to physically putting a gun to your head and forcing you your bitcoin "wallet" and your "key" without government backing it up ?? you always need a government dumb ass.

  • Wait. In November if 85% of miners switch to the new Chain, they can eventually 51% attack the short chain can’t they?

  • His confidence is impressive… But the true facts state otherwise. Even ASIC manufacturers (let alone about a state govt) could do this (and probably are to some extent!). If the 51% attacker acted honest and kept mining, he could starve out the competition miners and keep increasing his percentage of mining power over a few weeks.

  • Logan Becker says:

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  • Seems like China or North Korea watched this video, and got a little “idea”, hence the birth of TRX/Tronix.. Never seen a coin like TRX eat, kill and devour Bitcoin so fast, and then just collapse again, leaving no clue behind. Like the Nazi regime crushed the British Pound during WW2, someone took a good shit on Bitcoin by, funnily enough, simply creating another Blockchain – Or just another crypto, per se. TRX doesn’t even have it’s own software wallet, and Binance owns approx. 80% of TRX, while the same day shutting off new user registrations, as the BTC slaughtering took place? Never seen so skilled Satoshi-trading before. 1322 to 1320, moving BTC like it was nothing, then pumping up to 2041 like it was the biggest crypto ever, people falling into the trap like it was nothing. Bots, AI, cyberwar.. It has begun 😂 LOL even check (TRX’ site) – Scary shit, it reeks of Deus Ex’ “hack all, fuck all” mechanisms.
    Oh and no bibles foresaw this either, so while I got the chance: The trap is set to snare the wolf! Man-made gods resting in +3000 year old books makes crypto look like the new league. Hail the internet, bAaaByy 🤟😂 “The world is about to change” quote Andreas..
    Shit, where’s Lucifer? Oh there, TRX!

    Write it up behind a picture of kittens playing with yarn (quoting Andreas again, watch “How bitcoin is changing the world) – Terra, we must assume – And make a crypto bible.

    Behold, I am Jesus. The bringer of fucking great news: Banks will collapse, fiat is dead.

    Let the Assyrian, Sumer and Mesopotamian super powers return, at least.

    Now crucify me, resurrect me as Andreas, and I shall inform thee of thy Blockchain in the coming future.

    Sincerely, TheBeardOfSpock – Winning over you on the internet since day-0 exploitationssssz.

    “iN mAdNess LieS Sani7y”
    Quote: TheBeardOfSpock, year 5321 BC.

    Elvis Presley is still alive. Married with 2pac btw. Dedicated to the rebel scumbag beneath my comment, stating Bitcoin was an NSA-project. Congrats! You just lost on the interwebs. TheBeardOfSpock hereby declares your future as “rotten”. You should not have posted that shit, kid.

    TheBeardOfSpock. Always. Wins. ✊

  • Autonova says:

    Great answer however I’m fairly sure the NSA can do IT.

  • James says:

    but don't we have 3 miners all located in China controlling more than 51% today?

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