How to make money from Question: As A College Student Should I Work Freelance Or Get A Job?

How to make money from Question: As A College Student Should I Work Freelance Or Get A Job?

I’m currently in the 3rd year of a 4 year computer science degree. After
Christmas, I need to start making some money by working part-time while
I’m studying.

I’m either going to get a job with a software development company, or do
freelance web development. My technical skills are already good enough,
but I’ve never had to deal with clients or worked in a professional

Do you think it would be better to increase my business skills by
working freelance, or gain more experience of real-world programming by
getting a job?

-Eric C.


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  • Vahid Aghaei says:

    i only can see this video with 1080 quality or 1440.anybody else has this issue too?i tested on two diferrent browser.

  • IamMclov1n25 says:

    I agree with Eli, as a second year comp sci major my mentality is fuck others validation. My mindset is what does my bank say. I love computers have been doing free lance work sense I was in middle school, I've always had a hustlers mentality which I cant say I see to often in my classes.

  • Luke Grekat says:

    Get a job, and party at night. At least $120,000 a year if you include db stuff. When you do your own thing, it's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! And never goes away, it's always in your head…it's terrible. Insurance, rent, electric bill, maid, janitors(unless you're gonna mop the floors and clean the toilets yourself), employee workman comp, IRS, legal matters, lawyers, local regulations, state regulations, federal regs, permits up the A-hole…etc etc. And if yew don't do it good, you get sued! Or the Fed/IRS file charges on ya. lol!

  • Eli the Computer Guy I'm 15 well be 16 in a few months I love tech and a few days ago decided I would learn code the stem teacher at my high school suggested NetBeans and visual studios I tried to download both had trouble with both then today finally found out I had to download jdk first then download NetBeans but I'm having trouble learning code every time I type a code no matter what I type it says class , interface , enum , expected  now like I said I'm new to code less then a week so I obviously don't know what I'm doing but the codes I'm using are codes word for word from tutorials is their a code I need to type in before I type anything else in can you pleas help me Eli thanks in advance

  • Nick Gillot says:

    How would someone who wants to go into freelance coding or software development go about gaining clients? It seems as if there are already numerous custom software solutions companies out there. Why would anyone choose a freelancer programmer?

  • Mário Silva says:

    Hello there, nice video!!
    I was an unhappy Front-end Developer in other big freelancing marketplaces, faced a lot
    of challenges that digital nomads usually do everyday, and last year i decided to
    change the game of freelancing industry.
    I'm now founder of, a new freelancing website that splits big web projects
    into small web tasks.
    In Task4IT the deal is work on small tasks with quick turnaround, and try to have top
    quality remote freelancers for Front-end, Back-end, CMS Dev, UX/UI Design and Mobile
    Dev areas.

    Mário Silva

  • K Mayne says:

    "you're so stupid, and you think you're so smart."

  • does getting a job with a company make sense when you live in central indiana?

  • shoaib says:

    i am computer engineer from PAKISTAN , and software development do not groom much in computer engineering or computer system engineering it , so computer science is best , ELI all lectures etc counseling of USA 100% as it applies here , infrastructure , MCSE CCNA etc no more charming , era gone , software development and integration and IT consulting in

  • You know, this is golden advice, well, 'golden', everyone says this. Well, at least John Sonmez did say the same.

    Though to add, I would say go to the job for 2-3years, while making your business on the side etc.. and spend those 2-3years learning as much as you can, and developing your business.

    Treat the job as an apprenticeship – even if you're making 100k at the end you're there not for money, but to learn, and get your ass kicked by people who are more experienced im programming etc.. see how the workflow goes etc…

    Then go full time, after those 3years on your own (and because you were doing this on the side, you should generate enough income in those 3years to survive or pay your bills just by that).

    And from then just expand it. Create upgrade whatever.

    What I'm doing now Is I'm setting up my stuff, and indeed, the work you need to put, is actually well, yeah. I want the lifestyle, but yeah, I'm realising the amount of work that goes into this, and yet I'm just starting this lol but lol yeah. BUT I'm also new so need to have many hats, even put the hat with LEVEL1 xd

    But as I get more money, expand, I can hire than people that can do e.g. designs for me or whatever.

  • Eli: this is Ok to say there are many who just don't fit the entrepreneural mold, however they also need real alternatives, and I don't see them happening for the skilled worker category andy more than they did in my time. What saved my career was the economics of the cold war arms rush, even though I was not working in military or para-military situations.

    Because othewrs were so taken by the arms rush, I was in demand as an electronic technician. Not so after the fall of the Soviet Union, and likewise for many others. The real results of all that have had a VERY unhappy fallout and still do, for everybody.

    Again, I remind about CBC marketplace's exposee "Unemployed Canada" but also beware America!

  • a serious question
    iOS freelancing or solo dev company?

  • What? 80 grand a month?

  • "If you go out talk and sell yourself you can make 50-100$ easily." That could have been worded better xD

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  • I've done the butter brickle thing in the military and as a civilian federal worker for over 22 years and I've been both a subordinate and supervisor. So I've gained some experience being a cog in the workflow process at varying levels. But none of my experience was in software development and although I did obtain my A+ certification while I was in the military I only have nominal experience in IT. But now, at the ripe old age of 53 I've grown tired of working for other people and institutions. So now I'm using my MGI Bill to attend a junior college with other students my kids' ages for a degree in web development and hoping for a smooth rocky road! This should be interesting. 😉 Thanks for your insights.

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