How to make money from How To Make Money Using Torrent or BitTorrent [2016]

How to make money from How To Make Money Using Torrent or BitTorrent [2016]

How To Make Money Using Torrent or BitTorrent

There are four broad types of torrent uploaders. Only two of them make any money.

First off, there’s your generall run of the mill file sharers. Alice here, who’s listening to a CD she really likes and decides to share it or Bob over there who’s just read a book and thinks others might like it. They make their torrent, up it to TPB or somewhere, and then mostly forget about it. Making money? Last thing on their mind.

Second, there are your committed uppers in it for the status. People like Jaybob or Axxo if you remember him. They rip or they convert and they tag stuff with their name and they try and make a name for themselves. Again, money isn’t an issue here. I’d stick the uppers who have dedicated servers and are members of private trackers in this group too. With them, it’s status within their peer group: I’ve upped more than you; I can seed faster than you.

Third, there are those who own sites and are trying to make money from ads. This is a small group. A few people out there make their own torrents and up them to a tracker somewhere and try and build a brand, build a site of their own. It’s hard work. Most will just scrape torrents from elsewhere.

Fourth, and the only people who probably make real money from this, are the malware distributors. The people who package up trojans and adware and spamware into a torrent and hope you’ll download and install it unawares. These people spam the major sites and hope that some of their content will get through before it’s picked up by mods. (This category could also include people who upload fake movies / tv / etc and demand that you pay for the required codec before watching – or in most cases, not watching).

But on the whole, most torrents of verified content are upped by people who are not in it for the money. It’s one of those areas which continues to distinguish bittorrent from the cyberlocker ecosystem: at the heart of the community, there is a core sharing ethos which continues to remain strong,

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