How to make money from How To Make Money Dropshipping On ebay STEP BY STEP

How to make money from How To Make Money Dropshipping On ebay STEP BY STEP

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Excel spreadsheet :

How To Drop Ship On eBay. Dropshipping Ebay Step-by-step

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  • vlado vlado says:

    What about the Andress !!
    The customer when he will get the product he will know the is from AliExpress????

  • Jackson Hile says:

    learn how to tutorial your going back and fourth and very unclear.

  • Sir Wumpus says:

    Super helpful video,

    i was trying to download the Excel sheet and its bringing me to a log in page. is it still available??

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  • One of most helpful videos

  • Mario ElCham says:

    Hi, when a buyer orders my selling he will be buying it with the cost i set…and after he pays i go to aliexpress (lets say) and buy the item using my card and send it to his address true or i miss something?

  • Quick cash, no apps, no tricks or scams, no surveys, no membership payment, just honest work makes up to $500 a day.

  • Β_origin says:

    but the buyer will see that he bought is from aliexpress for example not from ebay right?

  • Just what we consumers need in another middle man driving up cost of items we want. Assholes

  • I'm looking for an Enterprise or Corporation or any entity to do me a Service. 7 Specific Services to be exact. I'll pay for this service. The Service that I'm seeking are:

    1. To List Items on my eBay Account.

    What they will list will not matter to me. Whether or not it's a SEOed/Optimized listings or a Sniped Listing will not matter. Nor does any niche and/or the amount of listings. Nor the amount of the items. What DOES MATTER and will matter to me is those listings will SELL. And all of my items should ONLY be Sourced From USA Based Suppliers such as Amazon (Should be "PRIME" items ONLY), WalMart, HomeDepot, etc. But Most of it should be from Amazon as much as possible.


    My eBay account will have a Monitor or a Software Linked to it. DSM TOOL is my preferred monitor but if "You'll" be able to Convince me to use a different Monitor; such as, "Hustle Got Real" or any other Monitor that you deemed more efficient, I'll let you use said Monitor.

    Also, I will INSIST that you use a "Software" that I know of (I don't want to mention it as I want to use this POWERFUL Software for myself). I will be checking if indeed you are utilizing this Software that I speak of and I'll make sure of that. It's so easy for me to do that.

    2. To Fulfill the items that a Customer has bought from my eBay Account.


    It should be Fulfilled AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. No longer than 12 hours.

    3. To Process and/or Handle Cancellations, Returns, Refunds and all matters pertaining to Customer Service and After Service; Including Replying to all Messages AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (No longer than 12 hours).

    4. To Set my eBay Settings "THE CORRECT WAY". The way it should be in order for my eBay account to be "SOLID". Settings like:

    A ) Allow Global Shipping.

    B ) Adjust my Shipping Address to a Specific USA ADDRESS.

    C ) Input a Professional Profile Picture.

    D ) Adjust Sales Tax for each State Accordingly.

    E ) Etc

    5. Provide me a USA Based Business License/LLC from Wyoming or any State in America that has no sales Tax, and also, to Incorporate this Business License/LLC. to my eBay Account and Paypal Account (See Service # 4).

    6. Have a "Guy" who works at eBay be on Stand By and READY to Remove an inevitable "Negative Feedback" from my eBay Account. Preferably a BPO/Call Center Agent from the Philippines (So I can communicate with him personally).


    7. Will Provide me Discounted "GIFT CARDS" from sources such as Amazon, WalMart, HomeDepot, etc. Which shall be utilized when Fulfilling items (See # 2).

    I would need these 7 Services to be provided by ONLY ONE ENTITY.

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    They should be able to be in contact with through outlets not limited to by Gmail, BUT also through Facebook Messenger, Whatssapp and even through Personal Mobile Phone if Possible.

    I DO NOT NEED ANY GUARANTEE from this Entity such as:

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    And it's this…

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    So, anyone up to this task?

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  • nespm08 says:

    Hi, if I have an order from Amazon, how to order the same item from ebay and let them drop shipping to my customer directly instead of me without notice to ebay buyer? Thanks

  • SaritaOla says:

    Thank you brother for your great, authentic and understandable video. It has been of help. Greetings from Germany.

  • DY2D Design says:

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  • samy bob says:

    Selling products on eBay and amazon
    Read more /

  • nesco713 says:

    Do you always do no returns?

  • ClubHavanna says:

    totally wrong calculation. he said himself 10% ebay fee. So selling for $20 = $2 fee, but he uses the buying price.

  • Advice to the Newbies (Applicable ONLY to Non USA Citizens who don't reside in North America).

    Step 1. Buy a Udemy Course and learn from it and study it like it was for your Final Exam in College.

    Step 2. Create a Business Paypal Account and LINK your American Base Credit Card (I.E. American Express) on it as well a VISA DEBT Card.

    Step 3. Create your eBay Account and Link your Paypal Account on it.

    Step 4. Create a AmazonUSA account and link your American Express Credit Card on it.

    Step 5. A get a Price Checker Software and Link your eBay Account on it. Note: DSM TOOl is free for 50 listings.

    Step 6. List items on your eBay Account (You'll only be given 10 listings initially by eBay) thru you Monitor/Price Checker (DSM TOOL). List items ONLY from AmazonUSA and Only Amazon PRIME Items.

    Step 7. Call eBay every 2 weeks to ask for a "Listing Limit Increase". And be Nice to them. And be HONEST too. They already KNOW that you're a dropshipper by your third sentence.

    Step 8. Prepare MENTALLY and Emotionally for the INEVITABLE (Unavoidable) issues such as:

    A ) Out of Stock

    B ) Returns Cases

    C ) Cancellations When your items have already shipped out to your buyers address

    D ) Price Changes that your Monitor did not update.

    Note: NO PRICE CHECKING SOFTWARE IS PERFECT and you will have an items that has already changed it's price from the source that your monitor hasn't already updated which may cause you losses.

    E ) Weird messages from your buyers.

    Step 9. Wait for 6-9 Months to Profit your 1st $100 per month… if you're lucky and have played your cards right.

    Step 10. Apply for the following requirements if you'll REALLY want to continue and SUCCEED in this Business. And they are:

    A ) USA Based Virtual Address and Phone number (Might cost up to $450).

    B ) A Business Licences/LLC from the State of Wyoming (Might Cost up to $900).

    Ps. So? Do you still WANT to pursue this line of Business?

  • Tech Genius says:

    What about the order fulfilment on aliexpress ..?? 🤔

  • Cormac Moiz says:

    What happens when they buy it, do i enter there details into Aliexpress and will the money have come through from PayPal or will i have to use my own to buy it for them?

  • So, over the 2 years you only managed to get 18 feedback reviews from which 2 are neutral and 2 are negative, and now your store is dead? I thought you are better than that. 🙂

  • Hey guys I have an issue regarding dropshipping on ebay from aliexpress and I would like to get your help.
    I have a problem on the shipping part, the product in aliexpress is for free shipping for most of the countries and for the others it is cost some money, also, the shipping time is changing from one country to another, so i was wondering how to fillup the shipping part on ebay when you list an item.
    How to make it fit to the aliexpress shipping time and cost.
    Thanks for the help.

  • S Perri says:

    Great video. Thanks for the info

  • One thing I don't understand with dropshifting, how can you sell a product without buying it first?

  • What to fill in as object location? Just china? Or your own country

  • Somina says:

    This was great, I have been researching "dropshipping on ebay does it work" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Gonrooklyn Dropshipping Fraternity – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

  • Sling Shot says:

    Jesus Christ I can't even understand what this bastard is saying. Off to another video.

  • Rene Amaton says:

    Hi man I appreciate your videos I just started two ebays stores!!
    I have a question hopefully you can help me with. if I said that I'm shipping domestically, and im actually not shipping domestically would that be a problem later with my customers? Specially when they receive their items

  • Matt Brown says:

    What’s the average net income doing drop shipping on eBay?

  • Cameron j says:

    Do u have a business account for eBay or a normal?

  • Cameron a says:

    nobody seems to have the right answer when im going through the comments, right is this it.
    find a product, list that product on ebay, once u find a buyer he/she paypals you the money then with that money you go to the website and enter there details and ship it to them? so u dont need any money at all? u just make a profit? please someone reply, thanks

  • Fuck you this is fake do not waste your time on this go study for time

  • Let me know if you want to do an interview on my channel. All I talk about on there is eBay dropshipping!

  • ihazdaforks says:

    This is terrible advice, having it drop shipped from China is stupid when anyone can go a different seller and buy it for $1 themselves from China. People aren't stupid.
    The Chinese do advertise on Ebay and Paypal with cheap prices so what makes you think selling stuff from China with inflation is going to make your products sell?
    You're better off shipping it to your house or Amazon through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to ensure faster delivery, otherwise you're essentially scamming them.

  • ihazdaforks says:

    I looked at the cost for some items and you'd be paying way more to drop ship it like that then to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk would be about 60% cheaper, shipping would be about 60% cheaper too.
    I was looking at iPhone X cases and they would cost around $9 (AUD) to get shipped here from Aliexpress. I could buy 200 iPhone X cases for about $250 (AUD) from Alibaba. Your method only gets you 25 for the same price, the only way to profit from your method is to have ridiculous prices. I'd have to sell a shitty case for a min $13 to break even, I'd have to sell it for $18 to even make it worth my effort.
    Whereas if I bought 100 cases, for about $250 (including shipping), sell them for $8 each plus $3 shipping, that's $1100 – $300 (shipping) – $132 (Ebay and Paypal fees) – $250 (initial investment) = $418 profit.

    To earn the same amount of profit with your method would it cost $752.4. If you're making less than 10%, it's not worth it. My method could make 87.2% profit from initial investment whereas yours only makes about 55.56% profit, that's a huge difference.

    Drop shipping singular items from China with fast shipping is a waste of time and money, buy in bulk if you actually want to profit.

  • carter moore says:

    How do you get around the shipping on eBay though?

  • Great another scam that hasn't been caught on to yet. I hope no one does these half-as scams.

  • Roboman Robo says:

    What do you set as your shipping location? I don't see epacket available to set as a shipping option from the usa, or a shipping option that would be the equivalent waiting time of 12-14 days. Please help.

  • Abbas Yunus says:

    Was wondering if the dropshi ping work in South Africa?

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