How to make money from Drop Shipping To Europe — How To Make Money Dropshipping To Europe | #085

How to make money from Drop Shipping To Europe — How To Make Money Dropshipping To Europe | #085

Today’s episode is all about drop shipping and how to make money dropshipping to Europe.

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  • Hey Till, love all the info and what you do. I have few questions.

    I live in Slovenia, and would really like to take a try in drop shipping business. Can i start my business and sell in Germany for example, even though i m not their resident? Or should i just sell in Slovenia? How is with VAT for Germany? I know for a fact that in Slovenia, items that value are bellow 20 Euros, don't pay any VAT, is it the same for most of the countries from your experiences? Do you sell in other countries too?

    Thanks for your questions, put any efford in drop shipping for europe and VAT costs etc.?

  • Hey till!
    i have 1 big problem. If you target countries outside the US, dont the products also have to be well targeted. For example you cant pick best selling products on amazon cause that only targets US. So you have to go for amazon australia.
    your advice will be much appreciated, thanks.

  • Hi Till. Do the customers in Europe not have to pay any import or customs duties when the product is sent from China?

  • Damian Terka says:

    hey man. how are you?
    I live in Ireland and have ecommerce shop here but wanted to open shop in Poland or Germany and was wondering as those countries are in EU will I have to open separate business in those countries or its ok to have it just in Ireland? thank you for reply.

  • Damian Terka says:

    Hi Till. Yes, I understand that, but you for example have shop in Germany, right? Do u have in other countries? if yes, then did u open new business in those countries?

  • EgoShredder says:

    I'm looking now on Ali and only finding DHL Express rather than Global, and it costs A LOT, e.g. a £3 product costs £26 DHL shipping to UK. I guess I shall keep looking until I find DHL Global for a tiny bit extra as you say.

  • Hi Till, I 'm thinking about opening a store in Germany and I was wondering if my store should be in English or German? Since I don't know German do you have any tips on how to create it better, should I use some of shopify translate apps, and how can I have 2 flags in top corner of German and English so customers can choose the language they want?

  • Nicole Pards says:

    Hey there Till! How is the tax system in Germany for drop shipping business? thanks in advance 🙂

  • zdrumrguy says:

    So, I'm in the US. When setting up ads for European, would I need to set the ads up in the native language, i.e. French, German, or would English suffice? I also know there's a See Translation link, which I assume will do that for me. Just wondering. Thanks in advance for your time.

  • Eddy Noname says:

    I dont see that DHL global has so low shipping costs in aliexpress. Lowest i have seen that they offer starting from 70$ shipping for example, a camping 4 person tent that wights almost nothing, with DHL global ships to Spain in 6-10 days for 195$…

  • dhl global from what I checked was on average 70-80$ for a 1$ item :< Poland. Thanks for this Q&A lots of helpful information !

  • Hi till, I use Obrelo Chrome extension to analyze shipping methods. IN the option of Oberlo , you can find DHL as an option, but not DHL global. How do I find supplies with DHL global option? I have to go manually through each supplier or is there a different software or Chrome Extension that has the ability to find DHL global option, without all the time consumption

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hey Till, gonna start a store in Germany. What do you charge in Euros for Free Plus shipping to Germany, like you showed in your drop ship class vids (which I got)
    like .5 to .5 and up to ten items.

    Any tips abou the German market? Is FREE PLUS still working?

    Thanks brother! You rock!


  • Moha Lrebeu says:

    the DHL delivery to France is arround 70€ for an item that cost like 2€ 🙁

  • How do you find instagram influencers that are based in Germany? Im from Germany but live in the US and I find it hard to distinguish IG pages by their country of origin

  • Jayy says:

    Hey till how do you "technically" set up a store in europe and market with european rates

  • So if i see that they offer a tracking number for the free aliexpress standard shipping should i still choose epacket/dhl?

  • Paul Colley says:

    Hi Till, thanks for you videos and hard work , always great info. I have question about where to open your store. does it really matter if its registered in Europe or out of Europe, can't you register your store in a Low tax benefit country and target / advertise customer in another country like Europe ? Suppliers also can be sourced from anywhere in the world also , China , USA , Europe etc… assuming the shipping time is not a concern here .. appreciate your feedback .Tks

  • awhatzable says:

    Does an english website work for the european market? or do we have to translate everything on the page?

  • High V01tage says:

    when i look on DHL shipping to denmark it cost 74 dollars, that's really expensive :/

  • hi. i am from roumania. can i sell into U.S? how to set may payments methods?

  • Louis Jones says:

    What are you doing in Portugal?

  • Hey!! Just a curious thing –
    You’re in Portugal, aren’t you?
    The vegetation, the light and a few clues made me have this curiosity.

  • Carlos P. says:

    What about the Switzerland market. You never talk about it

  • Hi Till! I have been watching your channel for while and I really love it. Thank you so much for the information and knowledge.Please, I have found a great strategy to dropship for my customers in Europe. It gave me more profit margin and even faster shipping.However, I have a concern about it.I have been dropship to France and Belguim.Free plus shipping method works very well.The strategy is this I have found a products that sells for almost 5.5dollars on aliexpress using epacket and I sell them for free but i charge shipping 9.95 my margin is 2 to 3 dollars because of facebook costs.However, if i use aliexpress shipping method which faster for some prodcut and away sheaper i can go for 5 OR EVEN 6 dollar per item margin.My concern I'm afraid that my customers see that it is aliexpress shipping method and feel scamed. Does aliexpress shipping is written in the package or in the tracking page on my website ??
    Thank you in advance; I feel this will help a lot to expand my business as there other countries are untapped and i can only can access to thoug aliexpress shipping method and i found out that is fast as well 😀

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