How to make money from Freelance Job Sites: Are They Worth It For You?

How to make money from Freelance Job Sites: Are They Worth It For You?

If you’re starting out freelancing and struggling to find consistent work, then freelance job sites are going to look very appealing.

But, are these freelance job sites worth it for you? Even if you’re struggling to make money freelancing?

From the outside looking in, these job sites are going to look pretty darn good. I mean, look at all of the potential clients you could be working with!

REALITY CHECK! These freelance sites are only going to hinder your growth as a freelance graphic designer.

In this video I share my experience in using freelance job sites, why you should avoid them, and what you can do instead with your time to promote your freelance graphic design business.


How To Stand Out Online as a Freelance Graphic Designer:



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  • You got really straight to the point and as a senior software developer I'm really agree with you and yours explanations are pretty awesome, way to go and good luck Brent 🙂

  • bryn eka says:

    If you are client-less fresh butterfly, is doing self-project on Behance help?

  • wow, thank you so much brent, that was an awesome video, am from Uganda where even just regestering for such jobs take time, no zip code no what, but thank you, you have spared my time

  • BatEl Dabah says:

    LOVED that. Thank you SO much for clearing this topic out !!!

  • blazeaster says:

    If you DO use freelancing sites avoid indians and pakistanis at all costs whenever you’re hiring or looking for work

  • Kris W says:

    Thank you for making this video. I'm just getting started pursuing a career in graphic design after doing several design jobs for the company I have worked for for ~4 years.

  • uwais qarani says:

    Upwork is shitttt. I applied around 90 proposals.
    At first idk what i'm doing. So i just spam out stuff.
    And then i get 2 jobs in a row,i finished it with 5 star reviews. And then bam,i got suspended 2 days later. they said im not good enough for their site and i applied too much. Even though they have job application limit. FUUUUKKK.

  • Bill Benoist says:

    What a wonderful review of telling it like it is when it comes to sites like these. You are spot on – rather than investing in one of these sites, invest in self-development and learning. You will be so much more marketable

  • may you give me your facebook username . I have some question i need to ask you 🙂 My facebook username is : Da Lass

  • It's an awesome video!!!! Thanks

  • I would like to give you 1k like… we should make something better which freelancer like us can help other freelancer… Who is up for it?

  • Thank you. I was in such dellima if I should sign up for Fivver or work on my own independent website and start fully invest into myself and working on that independently. Im a programmer / Computer nerd person. This video helped me too. Tho I wished if your talk did not focus on being "graphical designer" and you simply generalized the idea on working online

  • riki rex says:

    let 's put it in this easyer way..if it is on YouTube…is it the old way..advertised WEB SITE..and real skills.

  • riki rex says:

    Professionals do not need junk yards to get their business done or doing it..
    Valuable skilled persons that know the job will work for valuable skilled persons who understand it..period..

  • Awesome video! While I have had success on UpWork – one thing that I don't like is becoming a "slave" to a rating system. Most clients are awesome and I love going above and beyond for them, however, a few try to take advantage ( knowing that you want to keep that 5 star rating). So, I recommend limiting yourself to one hour per week bidding on jobs on those sites, and never more. And ultimately, building up your clientele then getting off of those bidding sites altogether!

  • Thank you for the video Brentt! Absolutely agree! These sites are promoting a rat race to the bottom and majority of the freelancers on there cannot be taken seriously.

  • Thanks for the info and advice..

  • SUP3RB says:

    I was considering signing up for one of these sites.
    I thought it would be a good opportunity to profit off of my Photoshop skills, but apparently not 🙁
    Thank you for the good video and saving me time 🙂

  • Thank you very much for this! =D
    After readind a lot of bad reviews regarding different freelance websites, I came upon your video. I guess a few people can still make it through those websites, but those odds are really agains't you.
    I will apply the advice on your other video "How To Stand Out Online as a Freelance Graphic Designer" and try to get my business going without resorting to those websites.

  • Valen Mejia says:

    I am a college student, and guessed I would get a bit of extra income for materials from working in a freelance website, and someone I know recommended Upwork…Let me tell you, I only did one job, and I was kicked out RIGHT BEFORE THE PAYMENT WAS DUE (doesn't that seem fishy?). I basically did 10+ hours of work for free. The thing is that the client PAID, so the money is basically stored now by the site. I guess I will try with Fiverr or something with smaller jobs, so that the money lost is not as much. Also, the client basically paid me 3 bucks per hour for translation, proofreading, AND transcription, all in one! To say the least the client was nice about my inexperience, but the site was not as kind in handling my money.

  • Zaka Pentax says:

    You just make me delete my "freelance sites" folder ^^ , thanks man your right .

  • Rei Elkey says:

    Brent, this is not only your own personal thoughts, I would suggest everyone to avoid these freelancing platforms by all means, there is no way to compete with cheap developers, designers, or whatever…etc. And these freelancing platforms will never protect your identity, I have many stories to tell with these freelancing platforms, but one of the stories that I would like to share is that a person who has done about 2500 projects, copied my services description and my identity, and the fact is that he has about 15 times more projects than me, when I contacted the customer support, they did nothing, they told me he didn't copy anything from you, BULLSHIT just because he changed two words, it is not that he copied my identity? It's very sad!

    I contacted this person personally and I asked him gently why did he do that? He was super rude and he didn't care, so for your own good avoid these sites and work on your own online presence instead, like having your own website, build your own content, do whatever it takes to be successful and good luck!

  • Ayesha Amin says:

    Truth has been spoken. OH MY GOD, Thank you!!!!! Really really really helpful video! I’m so done with these kind of websites.

  • Thank you for the insight it was extremely helpful 👍👍

  • Thanks a lot. I've worked very hard in Fiverr for two years and built a great reputation and happy customers offering legitimate SEO. Recently, Fiverr implemented an update that messed the whole thing up and I went to 0 level because of something they call "order completion rate". I finish all my projects on time, yet due to two mutual agreement cancelations that happened over 3 months ago, my profile went downhill because of this nonsense. Yet, other spammy sellers still offer their services like crazy and maintaining top seller badges. I'm definitely looking into different routes and willl focus much less on my projects instead of freelance.

  • I don't suppose it ever occurred – the possibility, at least perhaps – that maybe you didn't go at it right? The bidding aspect of these kind of places – complete waste of time. You've got to be an idiot to do it, frankly. Systems stacked against you from the off. If awarded a job the freelancer generally has to pay the site their cut upfront and the "client" can just magically melt away, never hear from them again and you're left out of pocket. The brokerage has its money, doesn't give a stuff. _Competitions_, on the other hand – paydirt. Costs you nothing to pitch, clients that accept your idea's generally tend to want to stick with you and the brokerage fee's you only pay when you're paid by the client – it's proper, legitimate freelancing.

    Try using your brain. You're supposed to be a business. Make it work for you.

  • Aniket Surve says:

    Awesome video 90% of the time clients don't know what they want

  • Such good advice thank you
    Just remark hope that you don’t mind , the music in background is little bit loud
    Can not focus so much on what you say

  • Lemon Cake says:

    Are you saying that everyone who invests in themselves will necessarily succeed and have ROI? There are as many people out there trying to create their own brand and identity as there are freelancers on those sites, so where is the difference in terms of competitiveness? Yes you will create your own brand with cool T-shirts but so will 300 others. Then what? Hunt for clients again?

  • holy shit you have such a cool gradient shader on your beard

  • This is sorta nonsense. If you have no traffic at a nicely designed personal site, where do clients come from? If you build it…are you serious?

  • i have worked for, its a great site ,there is no bidding, just sign up, and start working , select the project you like
    and deliver them within time frame, money will be deposited in your payapl account on every 10th and 25th, my only problem is
    now there are fewer jobs and only 15$ for sofa with texture which is very low, now that there are no jobs at decoracontent i have been signing up for all these sites, and its very humiliating to sell your self on these sites, worst part is the bidding, and milestone things, if your work is good enough then client should be able to pick you up without bidding, also you have pay so that your bid appears above all. which is another bad thing about these people who run this sites. THIS HAS TURNED INTO A BAD BUSINESS. time to work on yourself and apply in good studios.

  • simply, these websites pay low amount of money.

  • I tried 99 designs, I did a lot of work there but eventually, the competition was just too big so I gave up, once I came in the finals tho. But I lost to another design. I tried Freelancer, nobody ever hires me because I'm new and because there is a literal invasion of Indian and Pakistani people queuing up constantly, claiming low prices and 100% satisfaction. I saw there are currently 22.760 pages x 10 people per page of BEST freelancers in India That's just crazy. No wonder we don't get to work on these websites… I also tried Fiverr, and nobody hired me, despite me stating all my skills and a low price and what not!

  • Maria Lugo says:

    Loved your video! Congrats. Do you have any tips on building a brand around a translation business?

  • Hamza Asad says:

    How can I start my freelance career as a 3d animator?
    Could you help me ?

  • Hello sir
    Can you help me to improve my skills bcoz I am new new this freelancer school

  • Hammad Anwar says:

    those kinds of sites just destroyed me,
    when I was 16 I started there and bided for a lot of projects, but after a long wait Nah nothing.
    got frustrated and quit though I'll never gonna make money this way, and focused on studying and lost my skills due to the lack of practice.
    but now after I got my hand on a lot of sources I'm ready to start again with new ideas in mind.
    By the way nice Video.

  • Monim Ahmad says:

    Can anyone Help me out personally? I want a step by step guidance, Is there anyone who's willing to help me please reply. That will be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • face it, lets say you do 3D visualization, and you have free software like Blender,. well if you're in a poor city of pakistan you can still get this free software on a used PC and take the job offers on say fivver or any other freelance site. Your living costs are 10 – 100x cheaper than a city in the UK or America… you charge say $5 for a high res 3D render $10 for an animation. It covers your rent and food especially if you have a few gigs lined up…. GREAT BUT WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE THE PEOPLE LIVING IN AMERICA OR THE UK!???????????????????????? GLOBALISM!

  • I rarely like/comment on videos on youtube but this is AWESOME! Thanks Brent!

  • Upwork actually worked for me once.. I bid $100/h and got the job. Doesn't happen often tho. But nowadays I've hired over 20people in Aisa or other places in the world. Upwork is excellent if you're from a low-income country where everyone else is making $500 or less per month. That $10~20/h USD you make from Upwork will make you live like a king in those countries.

  • Minjo Lama says:

    from today you are my Best Friend …………….. 😛

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