How to make money from How to Create Personalized PayPal

How to make money from How to Create Personalized PayPal

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Hi and welcome to the Freelance Channel. This is Florante and in today’s tutorial, I’m going to share with you this new feature that PayPal is offering. It’s called Paypal Me.
It’s a personalized link that will make getting paid a lot easier. All you need to do is to send your client or customer your Paypal me link, they click it, and send you your money right away. So that’s how easy it is.

But before I show you the sample transaction that I’ve made earlier let me go ahead and help you setup your own Paypal.Me link.

1. First thing that you need to do is to login to your Paypal account
2. Go to the send & request payments tab
3. Click on “Get your PayPal.Me link.
4. Choose your preferred URL, there are some prepopulated links that you can choose from but if you don’t like those you can just type and see if the link is still available. I would suggest that you choose either your business name or your first and last name for quick recognition by your clients.
5. Once you’ve decided on the link, click on Use this URL.
6. For the final check, if you’re happy with it, click on Create your

Alright, now that we’ve setup my link, let’s go ahead and put this to test.

When sending a link to your client, you can indicate the amount and the currency your client needs to pay. The format is:
You can also just leave the currency out since they will also be able to select in which currency to pay you.

So in this example, I’m going to send my Paypal.Me link to request for a Php10 payment.

If you are the receiver of this link, this is how the link will look like. It will indicate
1. who is requesting the payment
2. his location
3. how much is being requested from you
4. and what currency.

If the currency was not added, the default currency that will show is US dollar. However, you can choose the currency by clicking on the dropdown link if you are going to pay in another currency.

You will also notice that if the client who paid you doesn’t have a link yet, they will be seeing an invitation to setup their own PayPal.Me link.

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