How to make money from How to Make $8k Per Month on Freelancing and UpWork

How to make money from How to Make $8k Per Month on Freelancing and UpWork

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Most of the people think of freelancing platforms as of job platforms where you have to bid on offers to get a job. You work hard applying to jobs and hopefully you get a job and do everything yourself. Is this good? No! You should think like an entrepreneur instead!

So how does that work? You need to implement freelancing business model if you want to turn it into 6 figure business model. You don’t want to do things yourself anymore but you want to outsource every single step of the process.

You outsource things in the respective manner:
1. Product delivery (20% of the project price)
The best way to find people is Eastern European (ex. Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine) University Facebook groups

2. Lead generation (fixed around $150/ per month)
The best way to find people is Asian (ex. Vietnam) University Facebook groups and get them to create new profiles over and over using VPN. This way you are only limited by amount of job offers posted per day instead of amount of job offers you are allowed to apply to.

3. Sales (20% of the project price)
The best way to find people is sales learners Facebook groups

4. Project Management (20% of the project price)
The best way to find people is your social circle

Now your business is automated so you do not have to work in the business yourself. You only work on the business now.

You will find around 180 job offers in any category on UpWork per day. It means that there is around 180 web design jobs, around 180 assistant tasks, 180 photoshop jobs etc. The conversion rate (of people contacting you) is around 10% (it means that around 10% of people you contact will get back to contact you). So around 18 people should contact you per day. If 18 people can contact you per day this is freaking obvious you can close a sale on at least some of them on a monthly basis. Your sales people should close one sale per day if they get 18 leads and if they are not even too good. So if you guys can close 1 out of 18 people you are good to go 🙂 One sale per day 🙂 Just make sure you know how to construct the right proposal to your clients. Worst case scenario 18*30 = 540 leads per month. Shall your sales conversion rate be only 10% you gonna close 54 people per month.

The calculation is quite nice. Let the average project price be $460 (This is my average project price offered by client, in fact is is higher), then you only need those 54 sales to get almost 25k.

25k in sales rounds up to above 8k in profits after you pay your team.

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  • Pls all who work in creative field at upwork platform don't allow client to use your profolio , some people they are collection portfolios in upwork and they put it in website or marketing free agency . Please guys focus on your marekting .

  • 5 da manha says:

    i didn't understand nothing could someone explain to me?

  • at around 4:00 you mention $300/hour for Vietnamese students and that they would be happy with that. Is that number correct?
    Thank you this is a great video

  • I was also wondering where you got the 15-18 leads per day #. Thanks JH

  • What? Developers get only 20%? It's just funny.

  • Hi Matt, I see this model as a working model that I have seen some entrepreneurs in Singapore do very well in. However, their markets are concentrated largely locally and I can see you have expanded beyond that to include every possible lead in upwork. If you would be so kind as to share the execution strategy because leveraging has its concerns. Should I use an alternate platform to get my clients? If Im targeting so many different types of clients, how do I differentiate as a business on Upwork?

  • Rehan Abbas says:

    I already have an account of an agency and I am bidding for them, but not successful in getting business for them. How should I do it. I have very good spoken English skills and writing skills. But I need more training. I wish I could give them some business.

  • dhya dxb says:

    This is great, Matt. The issue is clients want to meet face to face. What's your take on this?

  • If proposal are sent from fake accounts, how you then could contact client (or salesparson contact 'em) and how you would make them trust you ?

  • easy process
    buddymarketing. net

  • Fjodor F says:

    Yeah dude it’s just exploiting students.

  • Matt Cupan says:

    Enthralling. Go from a starving worker to a delegating Creative Director. Brilliant!

    Sounds so easy.
    Ring up a high schooler from Vietnam and put to work some child labor for pennies per minute.
    Forget about putting trust in an estimated "6 figure business model" to bet on the shoulders of perfect strangers.
    What about the tax repercussions on hiring foreign exchange?
    How is it again you're drumming up 15 leads per day?
    I remember using freelance sites and scouring for weeks, then months and didn't even find a project sounding interesting enough to take up my time. Let alone get over the hurdle of selling a thousand plus dollar job to a client who is juggling their options of $60 ready made templates in one hand and beggar developers willing to do business at a fraction of their hourly labor rate just to get their first review of a paying client on the site.

  • Younger version of Lenardo Da De Capsicum

  • I. Am. says:

    Scam. The fact that he’s making youtube videos means financial life isn’t great. Financial sane business people aren’t making youtube videos.

  • Endry Lavlin says:

    hello, tell me how to contact you

  • calavante says:

    upwork charges 10% for full contracts (not per hour) – IE i just did a job for 75, my take away was 60 (which is 20%) then state and federal, then you're OVER 40% tax rate, LOL, fucking stupid. – this isn't freelance, its being an employee of upwork without any benefits, this is a freelance leech.

  • Shae Lee says:

    Your accent is so cute

  • Are you talking about Upwork agency, or just a freelancer account?

  • Marie Bure says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the video. Its very interesting. So just one question I have – how do you control the quality of developers' work? or is it the project manager who controls them? Thanks

  • John Madsen says:

    1- move to country where $3 is a lot
    2- bid $3 hour on scam sites.

  • G David says:

    If they are skilled enough to complete the tasks properly then they will be fully aware of what they should expect to make for completing the tasks. You get what you pay for… Especially when you’re talking about individuals who use computers to complete the tasks; You would have to assume that they know how to use google to look up what they should be making for it lol

  • Despite the fact that some tips in the video are somehow unrealistic, But I would say that expanding your business via hiring more freelancers, to work with you, rather than work for you, will be just a win-win idea for all parties. I am an Upwork freelancer, and sometimes, I have to discard invitations due to my availability, what if I give these opportunities to other freelancers with win win deals? By the way if there are any presentation designers, I would be happy to collaborate 🙂

  • Good vision but not that "great" since Upwork is meant for freelance worker (end of the chain) and in the other side for people looking for work to be done mostly not for the highest price since they came up to Upwork for outsourcing/offshoring and worse most of clients on Upwork are already outsourcing to you as them being agents (personal experience).
    What I'm questioning is since you have all of that setup with a powerful sales team, assistants and a manager (which sounds like a typical startup) then why you will be sticking to Upwork and not doing it locally or online outside of Upwork as an independent where people are willing to pay more and where you create your own reputation (Price range) and best of all not make people think you are personally doing their jobs which is a scam (if you don't turn your profile into an agency).
    I'm being positive saying all of that and willing to discuss it !

  • fusiondew says:

    I love how everyone assumes you're american. xD idk if you are but I have a feeling your accent speaks for itself

  • juz Rye-un says:

    you getting $800 and the work getting $200,,, did not finished your video,, you are a crocodile and you sounded like a very hungry lunatic

  • Let me know those who want to work in $3/hr

  • I'm Eastern European and I will hire a New Guinea freelancer to pay you a visit. Jokingly of course..

  • Websites such as Upwork are the lowest chain of the industry. I have worked in professional environments and with clients directly outside of Upwork and I can tell that unfortunately the types of clients that end up there are looking for whatever "puts the patch on" that will be extremely cheap. And most of them will demand way more than they pay. It would be great if websites like these would protect freelancers a bit more by setting minimum pricing points that employers wouldn't be able go below…

  • VERGIS92 says:

    lies… Upwork clients just keep on posting jobs they never award, most of them don't know what they want, and some don't even know how to read or don't bother to read proposals. it's all BS, if you are a good prorgammer there must be better ways to make money, in high specialized projects.

  • VERGIS92 says:

    $3 an hour…No thanks, in Vietnam they are smart enough to work directly with clients, Bitcconect scam was run from Vietnam, you think you are dealing with a banana republic?

  • Are you get some money from freelancer and upwork for these kind of marketing

  • Vik Tor says:

    This is just dumb he says get your assistant to send out a 100 proposals a day, get banned from upwork after the 1st day

  • J. P. says:

    I don’t recommend Upwork to anyone because of my bad experience. upwork suspended my account out of the blue even I did a video interview and submitted my passport copy and even provided the IP address to them as requested. The worst thing is that I delivered 90% of my work to my client already and now I am stuck at collecting payment. Customer service is not helpful and no one follows up my cash. I regret giving them my passport copy as it’s my privacy…but seriously u never know what would they do with your personal details especially it’s not helping with my account issues?! U notice that Upwork disabled all comments section on almost every single videos on YouTube becoz they are afraid of thousands of freelancers telling the world the ugly side of Upwork!

  • Hey, this model is so interresting. I was thinking about a business of service intermediation. I would like to know more about organazing, tools, what to pay attention to etc. What about I work for you for a while?

  • I dont understand what yur saying is like 10 diffrent things u saying etc what is upwork were is the job

  • For that money I'll be super happy as well ))

  • Prasad Naidu says:

    Hi,we have an agency and looking for clients,if you can help me out reach me

  • mcnuggs says:

    I have very little respect for businesspeople who operate like this. Most of the "creative directors" I know who exclusively hire desperate & inexperienced student freelancers tend to be some of the most narcissistic egoists I've ever met who will exploit anyone in order to keep the lights on for a company that will never get anywhere because they perpetually lack the consistency and quality of an experienced, well-paid staff necessary to take their company to the next level for the long term.

    Once your student freelancers graduate, they won't hesitate to cut ties with you as soon as another company offers to pay them a living wage, and you're back to square one looking for new students to exploit. It's just a recipe for an endless cycle of stagnation and marginal growth while competing design firms and studios thrive. To me this is a terrible quality of life to maintain, unless you're full of enough delusion and self-pride to not see that this is an unsustainable and unethical way to build a company.

  • Great video Matt! Happy to get more in-depth information following our chat the other day.

  • Tang Candice says:

    Hi Maths, I have been watching your videos for a long time. And I know many of your audience are freelancers. So I'd like to ask help from you for an online platform which specialized in cheating freelancers. Me personally being cheated a few hundreds dollars, I don't care that much. But I saw thousands of other freelancers being cheated in this platform,as most of them are poor, the cheating amount for each one is not that much, no good methods to solve, so most of them just give up fighting, let it be. but it makes many new frelancers being cheated contiously. And this kind of platform survived for years as nobody is taking action. So I plan to do sth for those people.

    What I want you to do is create a video and tell people what's going on in this platform( You don't have to say anything bad, just tell the truth objectively. Audiences will identify and take care by themselves.

    If you are interested, message me, I'll tell you the details.

  • Irina Jewett says:

    I am producer of videos for YouTube and social media. If you need my help please contact me.
    Samples of my work:

  • Sam Dantas says:

    Is It still works nowdays?

  • orkeer says:

    Your accent sounds kinda like Tommy Wiseau's. Where are you from?

  • Rex Brent says:

    You just blew my mind. I've read a lot of business and economics books, but this is clear and straightforward. Mind blown.

    Not on this particular business model, I don't know if it will work or not.

    But in general business sense, you just explained it very well.

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