How to make money from The Rules for Rulers

How to make money from The Rules for Rulers

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  • I was about to start a revolution but…
    Never mind now I guess

  • Matt Raska says:

    Subtle winky transition at 18:07

  • Just go solo to loot lake

  • This is why the second amendment exist btw

  • Mike Ock says:

    Finally did it. There goes my last bit of hope for humanity.

  • you might like ashes ashes (podcast)

  • Mike Hunt says:

    At least they're all white.

  • Enes İhsan says:

    Rules of creating a deep state in a nutshell.

  • Cammdc 1 says:

    In any country there should never be a single face of power… Only Senate's… Of which are made up of duel faces of power from each sectioned off region.. Our 50 states should be the example minus the presidency… We should be governed by 50 men or women heads of state and 50 vice heads of state that were elected by the people of each state.. however there should be no limit to the length of service considering there are 100 rulers.. election cycles and terms yes but no set term amount.. why force out a good leader when there is one just because…I guess we're kinda there considering the president doesn't really control the country.. but he/she does have way too much power as a single person… The executive branch should not have a single head of power.. there should be many with equal power and everything voted on by them concerning that branches power.. we should probably have more than just the executive, legislative and judicial branches.. add to that a state branch, a military branch and an education branch.. strip some power from the existing branches and spread it around to all the others while adding some power to the new branches.. also add voter powers as in everyone that votes can take a test regarding the political system to world politics and then asign a voter score.. give them a 1-10 score and the higher the score the more powerful your vote is.. no one is forced to take the voter test and can just except a 1.. but someone with a score of 4, their vote can outweigh 3 voters with a 1 score, with the ability to retake the test every two years or something… why should everyone's vote count equally?? It shouldn't.. someone that dropped out of school in the 3rd grade and has an IQ of 78(just above mental retardation) lives off welfare and would vote(against) someone because they don't like their skin color… should not weigh the same as someone who has a college degree, has a job, pays taxes and doesn't give a crap about race.. why should both those votes be weighed equally??. A full on straight democracy can never work because of mass stupidity and a lack of common sense.. idk, I'd probably get a score of 3, but if I did I would certainly educate myself until I saw a suitable score and feel it reflected what deem fit.. as where some wouldn't even take it but still complain they have a voter score of 1… Even though they have the opportunity to better themselves.. Why should people that care to educate and better themselves be equal to those who don't care to do anything towards self-improvement in a voting situation?.. it just doesn't make any sense.. if it were a true democracy it would end up having the blind lead the blind.. and then the one eyed man would be king..idk, guess im just crazy for saying that some people ảre better than others and not everyone is equal, mainly because we're not all equal and never will be no matter how many laws we make to ensure that the def can hear just as well as those that hear and that those with an IQ of 67 are just as intelligent as those with an IQ of 143…. I guess what I'm saying is, the answer to life is 47…

  • Please someone say something to restore some optimism.. or otherwise faith in humanity.. pretty please with a cherry on top

  • Cory LaRose says:

    They are both primitive compare to our government. My chief commands respect we will all die for him and no chief gets voted in. They are made by the people. They humans must live on earth not rule it. Our ruler must reflect our existence

  • sulljoh1 says:

    Real people are not nearly this rational.

  • Am I do idealistic to think that the point of democracy was that we could lead our own path despite the demands of any rulers at all? If people understood this information – that all successful politicians use a machiavellian strategy to to be rulers – maybe we'd spend more time using the power of initiative and less time trusting politicians to save us from greedy schemes. Am I just a dreamer? Is the only way to rule to be machiavellian ?

  • Why does the ruler pay his subject in Bitcoin?

  • Kinda encouraging as it seems relatively simple.

  • You know, it's videos like this one that make me far less vocal in my condemnation of people like Stalin/ Lenin/ etc…
    I expect that they were fully aware of these issues and used their "purges" to make sure no one could act against them.

  • Mutant Llama says:

    This is basically a summary of Machiavelli's writings.

  • i will says:

    The democracy section just described how broken the American electoral process is lmao

  • Uri ben lavy says:

    This is an amazing video. True quality and eye-opening moments. The only thing I don't like in this video is that it portrayers the world to well.

  • Guns enforce power, Basically every ruler is holding a gun to everyone head at some form or another, considering people payed for lands that were taken by force and violence and did that for soo long that every part of earth is probably owned by one individual somewhere, he has no real reason to have most of it, but he can sell useless parts of it to get the money he invested in those lands to get newer and better toys to point to your head, yea, humanity is brutally savage and here we all talk about "getting along" with each other, honestly its no wonder that humanity hates it self.

  • Arguably, one of our time's overall best works of art. Beautiful animation, beautiful medium, beautiful message–vis a vis both execution and intent.

  • Would love to see a follow on about modern society incorporating and the power struggles

  • Very interesting, the mechanisms of power revealed. How do you position China in this? In the light of this the reforms of Deng Xiaoping seem impossible.

  • You forgot the moustache on the on the Dictator

  • Kenny L. says:

    18:06 when the screen fades to black you(as ruler) puts on the dictator's hat and winks…

  • TL;DR: Humans are selfish and abusive so governments will always lean towards corruption.
    : )

  • The big mistake in this video, is that you are acting under the notion that people act in their best interest. While this is often true, in actual fact humans act in their own perceived best interest. Usually their best interest and perceived best interests align, but not always. This is where demagoguery can allow for a leader that defies your explanation, especially in a democracy, As the difference between perceived best interest and actual best interest is most prominent there due to the fact that people function as those key blocks, and not as individuals.

  • dj m says:

    this is why i always like to be the second in power, just get carried by someone else and never worry about getting betrayed because youre the one who betrays the leader

  • Damn, we gotta start pillaging some stuff

  • Well now I am properly depressed…

  • GC says:

    Someone needs to make a board game based on this

  • Sponsored by Bohemia Interactive

  • I am Groot says:

    I thought this was rulers for inches and centimeters and stuff

  • American justice system is corrupt

  • alfnyl says:

    this is exactly like democrazy 3

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