How to make money from How To Setup An Automated Drop Shipping Business With Shopified App

How to make money from How To Setup An Automated Drop Shipping Business With Shopified App

Drop Shipping on Shopify – In this training, Chase Bowers from Shopified App walks through how to get started setting your own drop shipping business using Shopify and AliExpress.

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He then shows how to automate adding products to your store and placing and fulfilling orders with just one click.

Here’s the topics covered in this training:

Store setup
– Create store on
– Choose a Plan
– Choose Theme
– Theme Settings
– Choose Name
– Domain Name
– Support Email Address
– Create Terms of Service Page & Privacy Policy
– Create Contact Us Page
– Create FAQ Page
– Setup Payment Settings
— Stripe
— Paypal
— Etc
– Navigation
– Collections
– Logo
– Shipping Settings

Register For Shopified App
– Choose a Plan for a Free Trial
– Install Chrome Extension and Sign In
– Shopified App Settings
– Connect To Your Store

Register For AliExpress Account
– Add your credit card to AliPay

Product Research
– Pinterest
– AliExpress
— By Orders
— By Date Added
— US Based Products
– Facebook Search
– Adding Products To Product Boards

Adding Products To Your Shopify Store
– Add To Your Store Direct From Chrome Extension
– Add To Your Store From Shopified App

Placing & Fulfilling Orders on AliExpress
– Placing Orders
– Fulfilling Orders on Shopify Automatically
– Monitoring Orders

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