How to make money from (EU4) 12 Ways to Improve Your Economy Without War or Trade

How to make money from (EU4) 12 Ways to Improve Your Economy Without War or Trade

Here’s a guide on how to improve your economy.

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  • H Arz says:

    Revolutinary Prussia – your infantry costs 0.01 ducat per month

  • Shadle Guy says:

    God this guy helpful like no joke, im a noob and couldent figure sruff out now im decent

  • Feisen says:

    i know them all, with hust 650 hours xD

  • Skeltcher says:

    1. Dont reduce army maitenance below 25% or your manpower pool will be drained.
    2. Dont delete your troops or other countries will see you as a weak nation and will be more willing to conquer you.

  • Earl Murray says:

    I'm 1000 hours in and only just realised that you can increase the tax income of your provinces. Thank you!

  • Thx for the vid
    it's really helpfull ^_^

  • tomzicare says:

    I find it simply retarded that you don't get the manpower back if you delete/disband your units. Where do they go? Disappear into nothing???

  • Ilian Alexov says:

    13. Stability !!! +1 = +5% tax … and so on.
    14. Prestige: global trade power, cheep Mercenary, Army Moral
    15. Catholic – Pope – Levy church tax +15% tax for 10 year …and so on
    16. Protestant, Reformed bonuses
    17. Estate – Clergy ignore province autonomy and give you full tax. Burghers will give you full production.
    18. Become producer/trader leader (salt or cloth)
    19. Attrition don't stack your army in bad terrain (siege only with minimum force with max 10 cannons)
    20. Quality is better for economy that quantity. (retrain after battle, attrition and so on)
    21. pirate/trade fleets
    22. Policies: Economic + Aristocratic/Plutocratic 10% tax and so on
    23. Find good place for you trade node center. (know how trade move)
    24. Check for Bosphorus Sound Toll and Sound Toll.
    25. Plan your defense in advance. It is better to have 3 forts in mountain than 10 in bad position.
    26. Protectorate (free trade form natives)
    27. Use only infantry as Mercenary
    28. Always request for cheep advisors form Clergy, Burghers or Nobility. (-50% support)
    29. Keep your army/fleet in their limit range.
    30. Become Emperor of HRE and Papal controller.
    31. Condottieri
    32. Ask for loan and don't return them πŸ˜‰

  • joehoe222 says:

    So they made the game even more complex?! Now I'm really off the game ????

  • For a second a thougth that I am watching Geography now chanel. πŸ˜‰

  • LiezAllLiez says:

    Bleh… from the thousands of hours of playing this game the only reasonable way ive found to improve my economy is via buildings… but not all of em.

    Tax improving buildings are not worth it apart from the 1st tier and even then its debatable (the exception to this rule are government types based around devoutness and high stability as both of these increase tax income by a total of 55% at which point tax buildings are sorta worth it). Most cheap provinces start with only 2 building slots meaning that you need to think really carefully about what to build there. If its some wool, fish or grain producing province – drop a church/mosque/temple in there but dont improve it to tier 2. If said province produces something good (a lot of goods with a base value of 3… for the most part)? Production buildings and manufactories only (taking 2 building slots total to get both). The difference in this choice is enormous.

    A 3 development province (old 1 base tax) with a tax building will increase income by like… oh i dunno. 0.02 ducats per month (up to 0.06 with a tier 2 tax building)? Whereas a counting house and a manufactory will net you over 1 ducat/month. Again – this is a 3 development province. Yes. It costs more to get a manufactory and a tier 2 production building than just a tier 2 tax building but you should be punching money out of every war anyway making it possible to spam these. In a relatively short time you should be able to spam those with your own income alone, increasing your income further.

    Then theres trade… but trade is tricky and not really something you can make use of early game if youre not located in some end node. In short – the trade node youre collecting in should be:

    1. Some end node (english channel, sevilla, genoa, venice) is the best choice as the trade you direct into it will not be pulled away and from there on you should only fight to control the entire trade node region to maximize your income.

    2 If no.1 isnt possible – a node with as many inlets and as few outlets of trade as possible (to name a few: yumen, kazan, cape/zanzibar, mexico, persia and ofc constantinople). Trick with those is that you not only need to control the entirety of the trade node you collect in but also the trade node that your node feeds (so for constantinople – its ragusa, for mexico its the caribbean and panama… you get the point) in order to keep your trade value in place.

    Final note: to everyone trying to figure out whether the building will pay for itself once built is doing it wrong. You do not improve your provinces with buildings (or development if youre fond of wasting monarch power) to see if said buildings will pay for themselves. You improve your provinces with buildings to INCREASE YOUR MONTHLY INCOME. It doesnt matter that a crappy 3 development province producing salt with a counting house and a naval equipment manufactory in it cost you almost 1k ducats to get. What matters is that this crappy 3 development province increases your monthly income by about 1.2 ducat per month. Thats what improving economy in this game is. You have a limited time of about 400 years to play. Dont waste it on looking for profits when your income is also boosted by war reparations and peace deals. You wont get anywhere with that mentality.

  • This is quite good. Most of them I found out myself (quite new of a player), but still. It just could have done with about one third the amount of words you used. Don't get me wrong, very useful video, but a little bit hard to watch, because you talk and talk and talk and barely say anything. Still a thumb up, though. πŸ˜‰

  • yt fan says:

    i have common sense but i cant bost provinces well done paradox

  • Zegik Niet says:

    is there ever anny reason why you would be looking for a certain trade/production productt? Not that i can recall off and i wish they would look more into that (if i didnt overlook something) cause it really makes the game feel like its made with those useless things to make it look complicated but rly its not

  • Dip Shit says:

    I have tried so hard to find a good tutorial like this,because the only time,when I played EU4 and actually gained money,was when I played one of the southern african countries or Ming

  • MojoBonzo says:

    the only time you spend points for development is if u want to play tall either because you are in the hre or serbia etc and you cant war people or if you are roleplaying and dont want to do something unrealistic… there is no other reason to ever do that. it is always more profitable to war people

  • "Pretty stable position like I am here with Arabia…"

    Ethiopian Separatists – 90%

  • lol I'm playing as Branderburg and my autonomy on every province is like 75%,and I;m sitting here wondering why I'm so poor (and I cant even reduce it though).

  • Great Person says:

    i was once converting a province in wallachia as ottomans , 555 months to convert , theres 7 months left , AND SOME FREAKING ORTHODOX ZEALOTS POP UP IN THE PROVINCE AND REMOVE MY MISSIONARY

  • Myrre says:

    "Delete forts".. well why delete them when you can just mothball them if you don't want to remove them.. and if you end up in a war they auto-activates anyway.

  • Kinjiru731 says:

    Great video, thanks!

  • Blackbeard says:

    No i will never take ''humanist ideas'' thats for pussies, the heathens will die and be executed.

  • NeXuS says:

    Hello my goal is to counquer whole Afrika starting from the South with a med sized nation, so I can be as big as Russia almost.
    What do you think, will I succeed?

  • What is that disgusting blob France

  • frost says:

    I just don't understand how improving provinces is efficient when you have massive empire and a single province costs you 50 admin points to improve by 1, seems like it is way overpriced to me, I rather save up my point for events and technology, it seems greater on the big scheme of things, or am I completely wrong? I'm playing as castile, new player, should I improve specific provinces? I just dont see it being worth it.

  • Uuuuum I don't see the bottom used to increase development

  • A typical EUIV game starts stabilzes economy invades way weaker country country come out with a 40k death stack gets colonised by Africa

  • MooseGoose says:

    Yo this video and the military help both have the number 666 in it

  • cjless1991 says:

    Such good info! I'm gonna give EU another crack after watching this. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  • is it an update that churches and mosques now give just minus local unrest and missionary strength instead of tax modifier, or is it a dlc, this is a year old so maybe it just an update

  • W1llbam says:

    Very helpful video – thank you πŸ™‚

  • Kev Kingdom says:

    What about Universitys? isnt it like +2 ducats per building?

  • Nathan Durn says:

    I dont have the option of improving province development with my admin or diplomatic points? the buttons are greyed out?

  • 12:00, .13 per month is like 6 ducats a year. It is 1.5ish. Otherwise, great analysis, like always.

  • Aton Lerin says:

    about deletingforts. Paradox developers are actually good and the IA knows how to spread his troops , the impact on war exhaustion is extremely problematic to jump on other wars after that and paying for Diplo WarExhaustion is a lot of points… So for mass conquest , having forts is great but for role play , I don't need to be in War all the time and I can delete fort .. thats the magic of EU4 , the best choice is always "it depends!" Amazing game balance πŸ™‚

  • MistaSmith says:

    "and in a 100 years that 33 ducats" … yes and what is it in a million years?

  • Yabloko says:

    Also 1 stability point give u +5 procent tax modifier

  • George C says:

    Need a video like this but without all the DLCs

  • I've seen my deficit jump up by about 8 ducats a go when reducing inflation before

  • Jack H says:

    Trump needs to watch this.

  • Andrew White says:

    Holy crap there's some useful information in here.Β  I knew about a few of these, but so many others I was clueless on.

  • building are so good unless they don't exist like in the extended timelines mod yeah i can build roads and churches thats it

  • Sezer Toker says:

    You have forgot to mention policies.

  • Keenan Green says:

    I like the way you pronounce β€œducats”

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