How to make money from How to earn money | TOP 5 FREELANCE WEBSITE | Outsourcing | Episode #2

How to make money from How to earn money | TOP 5 FREELANCE WEBSITE | Outsourcing | Episode #2

Definition of Freelancer :
A freelancer is self-employed person offering services, usually to multiple clients at a time. Operating as his own boss, a freelancer sets his own service menu, price, and target market of clientele.

Some think that freelancers are called that because they work for free – or next to it. That is not the case,and in many cases freelancers earn more than their employed counterparts.

Freelancing is so flexible, you can set your own hours, working full or part-time on the projects of your choice. While clients can offer specifications to the work, a freelancer works similar to an independent contractor, in which he’s free to control how the work is completed. This is an important distinction for tax purposes, because the IRS views employees and independent contractors differently.

The regularity of freelance work can vary. Many freelancers work for the same set of clients over a long period of time. For example, a freelance writer might have a client that requires an article twice a week ongoing. Others work with clients over shorter periods, usually on specific projects. For example, a freelance web designer might build a website for a client and once the site is done, so is the work relationship.

Advantages of Freelancing :
There are several perks to working as a freelancer, including:

Fast to get started. As long as you already know the skill you plan to offer, getting started is simply a matter of finding your first client.
Easy to start. You can start right now, acting as a sole proprietor and using your network find a client. While you’ll want to build a LinkedIn profile and/or a website, you can network within your current career and friend networks to find your first client.

Affordable. Odds are if you have the ability to provide the service, you also have whatever equipment or software you need to deliver. Eventually you’ll want to invest in business building tools, such as a website, but using LinkedIn (which is free) is a great online resume that can help you promote your service.
The need for freelancers is large. While the marketplace of freelancers is competitive, the need for quality, reliable freelancers is growing. Many businesses don’t have employees and instead have a team of freelancers.
Choose your own schedule. Work when and where you want.
Pick and choose clients. While in the beginning you may take any client that will hire you, as you grow, you can choose not to take on difficult clients. You can even fire them.
Do the work the way you see fit. While you need to deliver what the client asks, how the work is done is up to you.



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Top 5 outsourcing / freelance website where you can earn money online without any investment.

Link of those 5 websites:

5. ( Only for Designers )
( recommended for beginners )

4. ( for expert )

3. ( recommended for beginners )

2. ( highly recommended for beginners )

1. ( for expert )

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