How to make money from Why Drop Shipping with No Money Sucks!

How to make money from Why Drop Shipping with No Money Sucks!

Drop Shipping is a very popular business model, whereby somebody sets up an online e-commerce store but doesn’t actually hold any products in stock.

This is great for working remotely and online as you can manage your store from anywhere.

Instead, the drop shipper acts as an intermediary between the customer and the product manufacturer or distributor.

Drop Shipping has become a popular business model over the past decade and entrepreneurs are still exploiting this opportunity today.

With the internet and online marketing ever evolving, Drop Shipping has become more challenging than ever and today requires significantly more effort and resources than it did a few years back.

In this video, I discuss why I think Drop Shipping is a bad idea for first time entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs on a budget.

I also discuss why drop shipping is a viable business model and who should pursure this type of online business.

I know there are many of you who are starting Drop Shipping stores so let’s start a discussion in the comments below.

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  • Ace88 says:

    Well you can set it up easily and then work your way up through the years. All the things you mentioned can be learned easily as well. If you’re a good reader. Then just experiment from there. Make cheap ads and adjust it here and there. In time, maybe 1-5 years you should be fine.

  • I'm confused.. Why on earth would I go there to start an online business when I can do it right here where I'm at?

  • Danie F says:

    Watching this has made me realize just how much droppshipping has evolved in just one year. That since this video an entire generation of young gurus who are widely successful made it. It also brings another lesson along with it…experience really is everything…but so is innovation. This video gives me inspiration for the simple fact that if this is the environment those kids were in this time last year…and they still made it… then the business model is growing and evolving (and that's exciting).

  • This vid will save a lot of people a lot of money 👍…only if they listen

  • tubeMonger says:

    So what you're saying is that don't move to another country to become a dropshipper if you don't have money.

  • Wesley Poon says:

    Clean your lense dude

  • Karie Kavka says:

    Hi Brett- You answered one person that there is a large community in Chiang Mai has a large community of drop shippers, but  WHY is everyone running off to Chiang Mai, verses Morocco, or Ireland, or USA, or the North Pole?  What makes Chiang Mai SO special?  I read quite a few of the comments, but couldn't find the answer to that question.  *BY THE WAY, I really liked your video. Quite honest, and down to earth.  Thanks!

  • Slimm Savage says:

    the best way I have figured out online sales and sales is this, I opened up a pos (point of service) storefront not with any online site and what we do is people come in and order online and get it shipped to the storefront from anywhere they order from and in doing this we help people get the best online price and some don't have or know how to use the sites or don't have paypal or credit card I know its a bit different then dropshipping but this idea took off large and quick because of the amount of people frustrated with the online shopping game as far as the online store yes it takes tons of time ,money and knowledge to get going but most sites say start no money and yes you can but after the trial most give then what lol its why most flop first time out I know I did but when I set this up I hit a mark and have many repeat costumers and clients for bulk orders bottom line is people do your research before just diving into droppshipping it just may not be for you … have a great day and good luck on your bizz

  • G ISALL says:

    Well.  That was motivational.  This video was designed to derail any up and comming competition. Good straggly Brett.

  • G Stillwell says:

    Web Dev and SEO do not make selecting a winning product.  Not a great video but I seem to like the dude.You talk about skills a ton but It would have been nice for you to discuss the specific top 3 or 5 skills necessary to compete in the drop shipping market.  Or something similar…

  • Hi, I agree that "Drop shipping" does suck, I have made alot of money Drop shipping, but your absolutely right it takes a tremendous amount of time to do so. I have had two D/S stores and I had to stay on top of everything all the time, I was pulling my hair out by the handful. It was easy to do so, but very hard and very very time consuming to operate if that makes any sense? . It does definitely work, but is your time, and I mean alot of time worth it? If your young and super hungry and you want to live in a place that is remote? like the country you are living in now, then I would say go for it, I was basically a one Man show, I did have an assistant to help, but I would never depend on any one individual to run my D/P business, mostly for the simple reason, employees generally don't really give a shit, and with Drop shipping it doesn't take that many screw ups to lose your business as a whole!! My main Drop shipping store had 20.000 items with the variations and my other had 12.000 items, which for basically being a one Man operation, I was at my limit of operational capability. So I sold both of my D/P business Take care. Hawk out!!

  • just give a ballpark estimate of how much it costs

  • Anosh Mathew says:

    I simply made enough money 💰 through drop shipping for working straight 2 years .Now I have time to make this video why drop shipping sucks …coz I didn’t have time to make this video before as I was busy with drop shipping 😮

  • Unobtainius says:

    Awesome vid! Love the straight forward delivery and agree completely with what you say. The same holds true for any business really.

  • Very very very very nice video? this is.
    i am a your big fan you are only my real hero.
    i liked all of your videoss and shared
    with everyone i know..

  • Steve says:

    Can you do a bison stuff like tips to find good suppliers/or tips to build good relations with wholesalers-suppliers etc? Good vid I enjoyed watching it.. The competitor stuff is a good point especially as the big global retailers in the world now are pouring so much money into online advertising and there own websites eg they get shown in search engines more

  • Steve says:

    A vid on certain nations where you should getting into drop shipping relations with would be good eg experiences you've heard where people got stuffed around by suppliers in certain nations etc

  • Dropshipping maybe a good business for a few people. In my country is booming to building internation dropshipping store with shopify + oberlo plugin. I am one of the other people buying the course like $150 for studying this business model. The course is about dropshipping from China seller to sell it in USA with Shopify platfrom. That was not a cheap money for me. When i started, i lack my skill set like you said, money, time, and the languange. My native language is Indonesia, i am not good enough with my English btw xD. I am retired from this and focus on to dropshipping only in my country with local supplier.

  • I think the biggest problem with dropshipping is all these people selling crap tat off alliexpress and ripping people off. China has found a great way to turn most of you into sellers without morals. The big companies that work just pay people to duplicate their sites which is why the top dropshipping site has 9000 websites and delivery time which make waiting 15days laughable. Dropshipping is the new musician…. Everybody who likes music wants to be a musician and the marketer suggests you can so they can sell you crap you don't need. Don't sell cheap crap, design your own products or work with a product you believe in that helps people and you will make money.

  • Some interesting points Brett. You put a lot of emphasis on SEO and website development and I would say that 50% of the initial work will be taken up with this side of things. I also disagree with you regarding cash flow – ie enough in the bank to finance the initial work. In my opinion one of the main advantages with dropshipping is the favourable cash flow situation. I have considerable skills in e-commerce and internet marketing and know I have made a success of dropshipping in the past. I would urge anyone looking at dropshipping to not waste much time and money initially on website development as it is reasonably easy to make a decent profit without one and with a very good cash flow situation.

  • I wished I had watched your video before I had started my drop shipping store. There are high costs, steep learning curves, lots of obstacles. I'm still new.

  • Corey T says:

    affiliate marketing is basically dropshiping but with a very low prophet. but less money on your hands hands. I stay away from Amazon.

  • LILTRadio says:

    I think this is an awesome reality perspective on people who want to start a dropshipping company that competes on a massive level. I do however feel there are a lot of niche markets and custom designed dropshipping stores that sell to a specific market such as a YT channel. But I really appreciate the honesty about the necessity of skills in this industry. Good job brother.

  • Lots of competition yes, that’s why you need to stand out. Be unique with it. Store name, customer service, and different ads. That’s how you succeed. It ain’t difficult. Just stand out.

  • name says:

    this guy is the truth.
    such a breath of fresh air compared to the fast talking, overly expressive, loud, constantly jump cut editing, overly optimistic Youtuber

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