How to make money from Earn Money as freelance copywriter and Earn $750 per day

How to make money from Earn Money as freelance copywriter and Earn $750 per day

0:18Firstly what is copywriting
0:21Copywriting well there’s a lot of different types of copywriting
0:24headlines blog copy script writing
0:29There’s also long-forms or writing brochure copy for you know some type of marketing collateral
0:36So anything where there’s words
0:39Alright cool
0:39And what kind of demand is there for copywriting freelancers versus say full-time people
0:43I would say freelance is probably the majority of our copywriting opportunity
0:48We don’t see a lot in full-time because it definitely is
0:51You want to have a variety and a different type of idea or thought
0:57So that’s why our clients request more of the freelance side of things because they
1:03want to have different ideas different voices all of that
1:07Ok so what kind of experience do you need to be a copywriting freelancer
1:12Wow well some people have you know their background in creative some kind of Masters or graphic
1:21design background
1:22Oh really even for that okay
1:24Yeah yeah sure or it could be also just you know an English degree
1:28Yeah I was thinking about journalism or English degree
1:31Well a lot of copywriters start in like proofreading and editing and then they might move into
1:35copy or vice versa it really does depend
1:38But I would say the majority of our copywriters tend to be just almost self-taught as well
1:46So if you have a great you know mind for words I mean why not
1:52Why not put it Yeah why not make it a career
1:55Alright cool so what does a copywriting career look like and what kind of portfolio you know
1:59are you looking to build
2:01It depends so a lot of times we have copywriters that have a full range of experience
2:06Not only have they done website writing but they’ve done blog headlines they’ve done anything
2:15really product copywriting even the little labels on you know your sandwiches
2:22Like the ingredients labels and
2:23Yeah yeah so we have a lot of you know specific clients that come in to say we need somebody
2:28that can write a label for a sandwich we’re trying to sell something like that
2:36I’d say a lot of the clients request copywriters who have corporate experience so long-form
2:42marketing collateral
2:43It could be a brochure or it could be even a presentation it just depends
2:48But a lot of different variety
2:50Okay so let’s say you have that kind of experience and you’ve built that kind of portfolio
2:55What kind of money could you expect to earn in the marketplace
2:57So usually junior copywriters are around thirty an hour pay and they can make all the way
3:04up to like sixty seventy-five
3:06It just depends on what their you know what their variety what their book looks like with
3:12their portfolio looks like
3:14And with that in mind what does a sort of typical copywriting project look like
3:18Is it one hour one day one year one month
3:20And that’s the other thing there’s so much variety in copy
3:23So you could do anywhere from like three hours of projects where you’re just typing out headlines
3:29you know busting out headlines for a client
3:31Or you could be writing long form which could take anywhere from like forty hours to sixty
3:38hours it just depends on the project for sure

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