How to make money from How Much Money Can I Make As a Day Trader

How to make money from How Much Money Can I Make As a Day Trader

A popular question we get at the is how much money money can you make as a day trader

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  • Jens W. says:

    What is the basis for these numbers?

    I think it is simply impossible to determine what traders make on average in year 1, 2 or 3?

    One would have to take a large scale survey of day traders.

    Most people would be hesitant to disclose their income, others would lie and overstate income.

    To me this video is useless. One reads that 90-95% of traders fail. I guess this happens in the so-called "time years" mentioned in the video.
    Why not talk more about common struggles and issues in this period, instead of discussing "hard to measure", or even random income figures without any solid basis?

    Don't get me wrong … i like your videos, but this one does not provide much value to me.

  • Rob Tiger says:

    how much money are you trading with to make that money?

  • Make me a trader. Be the mentor you say is necessary to capitalize on assuming these benchmarks.

  • Hello Doug Rumer, many thanks again for kindly putting this nice video, it's very Inspirational. Good wishes for you.
    Mohammad Parouare

  • Hey man ! great video ! So, I've studied some books (been about 4 months into studying and 2 into actual trading)so far… would you recommend any ?

    I've read so far :

    – trading in the zone
    – One up On wall Street
    – technical analysis explained (Mark Pring's book)
    – Security Analysis
    – The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America

    the thing is… I am not consistent. If anything, I would consider myself a consistent loser. Not really anywhere close to give up though. But I am running out of ideas of where to look for information, or rather what kind of information to seek. Would you have any tips on what I could study ?

    Also, after reading some books on fundamentalist analysis, I can say they make good points and a good case, but I am more of a day or swing trading kind of guy. I'd rather have the daily effort of the whole thing. Despite the risks and all, it's kind of fun.

    Anyhow, thanks for your time 🙂

  • Cenot4ph says:

    very positive numbers, but it's possible if you'r really committed to do the work

  • Hi Doug! I really like your videos but try and improve the lighting – so we can see you better. Thanks for all the great content!!

  • If you guys are so good in trading!! why would you waist time setting a camera filming your self in YouTube making websites and selling tutorial at 99$ only. Encourage people to subscribe here and there, I personally wouldn’t have that time to do so if I’m that kind of a trader. It’s not personal this is just a remark . Thanks for any comment

  • J CRIS says:

    I would like to see something about taxes. I don't see many ppl talking about it. Thanks!

  • 308beatZ says:

    Goal for this year is to pay my small debts and begin as a full time day trader. I already have a nice balance in my brokerage account and have 3 years of trading experience. I’ll be leaving a six figure a year salary job so I’m taking this seriously. Best of luck to all.

  • Sarvar Bhat says:

    Very small percentage less than 1% of retail tradersmakes money in day trading. How much you make consistently depending on your capital.

  • Doesn't make sense, he is not saying how much money at the starting point.

  • Kevin Schart says:

    almost pointless video…you failed to discuss ROI and the size of your hypothetical trading account.

  • nettron101 says:

    The key word(s) here is to avoid overtrading. Im 6 months in now and i still stuggle with that. Im killing my account with commission fees but how else can you learn ?

  • Alejandro I says:

    wtf?when did u stop making alpha male videos?

  • Montague says:

    nobody makes money daytrading

  • omar says:

    50k in first year means 4K / month (on average).. which means you're making 200$ a day, hence 0.004% on a 50k capital.. in a month you're making 8% .. on average.. this is far too optimistic. considering this is your first year.

  • Alexander says:

    Just buy and hold dividend stocks and growth companies and put your money in every paycheck. GOOGL, MSFT, V – the rich get richer since when you're talking about high quality companies it's pretty hard to not see your wealth grow. Trading is a loser's way to make money. High risk, markets are unpredictable, losing any meager profits to fees and taxes. Notice (and no offense to this guy he could be a great trader and in the 5% of retail traders who make money) but this video is like a sales pitch of "look at all this money you can make!" without him explaining to you the real, harsh, and steep learning curve of how you make money trading. To give you the best answer to the question: stop-losses, pattern following, swing trading, these are some of the few areas where you turn probability in your favor and you can make money trading… but again it's so much better to just buy-and-hold like WB!

  • James Preble says:

    This video lacks a base capital level but otherwise great video.

  • Why aren't you a millionaire yet?

  • Proffesionals and consistent traders lose too and the earnings you quote are totally unrealistic.

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