How to make money from Can You Make Money Trading

How to make money from Can You Make Money Trading

How to make money from trading Traders Corner,Alex Ong

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  • brucegparker says:

    Very insightful Alex…especially after my negative day on the markets! I'll keep plugging away under your guidance, thanks.

  • AlienXNA47 says:

    As always .. straight talking and to the point. Alex makes a succinct case to get the grey stuff between your ears wired up correctly for trading!

  • Faris Awad says:

    Yes we can, if we are discipline and perseverance with it

  • how long did you need til you are become profitable ?

  • hello, do you use spreadbetting or CFD?

  • John R says:

    Excellent video with sound advice that you are just trading probabilities. No one knows what is going to happen next. Most people make the mistake that they know which way the market should move. When the market goes the opposite way, they become despondent. This negative emotion then makes them do silly things like revenge trading and before they know it they have blown their account.

  • Suresh Thapa says:

    great video Alex..thank you so much

  • Kj Mj says:

    What a stupid question

  • Buzz Bladz says:

    Thank you for the video. I am a new trader in a fairly large drawdown.
    I have watched some of your videos and it seems i need to put in some more work.
    I would surmise that there are a lot like me, who rushed in, big positions, poor stratergy, no plan and no money management.
    The most important thing I take away from your videos is price action respects support and resistance lines and you need patience and high probability areas to enter thus more winners.

  • People can make money and loose money just like in any gambling scenario. I am absolutely amazed that people seek training and strategies which tells me they have no idea what the forex graph represents and without that understanding, people are like goldfish in a pond of piranha. Forex is guessing because the graph moves in a random way just the the results of a roulette wheel. I would not expect anyone to believe me without explaining why, so here we go. The variations of underline reasons why the graph moves in its way, up down and flatline, are always changing and can you imagine how complexed this is. Because the underline reasons are changing continuously then so is the graph and this cannot be denied. The simple conclusion is that it does not matter what training or strategies are used because you cannot foresee what is coming. Never mind hindsight results, and never mind winning and loosing results because they are normal in any guessing gambling scenario.

    People think that training and strategies must work because such a drama is made out of the whole scenario when in actual fact they do not. You may experience wins and losses using training and strategies but that is purely coincidence. I am not against any trading including forex as long as you learn the fundamentals of how to place trades and what technical terms mean such as spread and margin means and that you use a reputable broker, the rest is gut feeling I can assure you. The big institutions will have an edge because they may have an idea of massive shifts of money and when but even they loose big time using other peoples money, remember the 2008 crash. The big people are on salaries and commission which is a million miles away from the people on youtube. Enjoy trading but remember it is not a second income because like any gambling, its totally unreliable. regards Hayden

  • Making and loosing money is completely possible however many hours you study!

  • I learned from your talk.

  • robert muniz says:

    WHAT A GREAT VIDEO!!!! Why? because it is painfully HONEST. This gentleman has much wisdom…

  • Prismatic says:

    Excellent video man, keep em coming

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