How to make money from 7 Terrible Freelance Writer Website Mistakes That Cost You Clients

How to make money from 7 Terrible Freelance Writer Website Mistakes That Cost You Clients

Got a freelance writer website? You should! And more importantly, you need a freelance writer website that SELLS your services. This video will walk you through 7 amateur mistakes you’re making and give you some tips so you can create a website that sells your freelance writing services.


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(This description contains affiliate links for Bluehost and Divi, which are 2 products I personally use for my freelance writer website. I’d never recommend something that I didn’t love though, because that would make me kind of an asshole.)

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  • Assessing the websites of other writers is always interesting. There's obviously no one right way to go about it, but there's certainly a lot of diversity. I'd say the main offender is people being waaaaaaay too general.

  • Appreciate your honesty. Now, is it a good idea to incorporate a picture of yourself?

  • 5;39 she finally says fuck =D yeah! this is what I came for. great video 😉

  • I want to start a freelance writing business about finance. I'm having a hard time finding a domain name. Can I just use my name?

  • Nikara says:

    Excellent advice! 🙂

  • Sophia Gates says:

    If I wanted to be a freelance writer, what should I get my college degree in?

    Please post more!

  • Joe Moore says:

    I'm at 4:48 but let me say this before I forget since I'm already agreeing with the part
    about being specific about your niche, since I understand that Generalist writing is
    the Mark of Cain.
    I've always tried to make my blog posts reader-centered, such as advice to get
    check-ups every year for cancer, evaluations of 3-and-15-minute writing exercises,
    always using the word "you" a lot so the focus is on the reader.
    I've also learned the small-paragraph and bullet point approach.
    What I've learned here already is to specify my niche on the website, instead of
    assuming site-sampling-clients or readers will see posts about books and book
    reviews and realize what the site is about. (Those are the only subjects I can do off the top of my head.)
    And now, on with the rest.

  • Joe Moore says:

    I've watched the rest and I agree about the personal domain part. I have a 3-year plan
    for slightly under $100, which is important BECAUSE YOU OWN YOUR OWN WEBSITE INSTEAD OF SOMEBODY ELSE OWNING IT. YOU CAN BE SHUT DOWN ANY TIME. In smaller letters I will say that the 3-year plan also provided me with an excuse to procrastinate with blog posts since I have all this time, right? Having your own hosting is a fantastic start, and I chose a WordPress theme [which escapes me at the moment since I haven't logged in in a while] that's specifically formatted for blog posts, but I don't like the off-white background, I like bright
    backgrounds. You also want to get rid of the sidebar stuff on your web page, because it's

  • Jan Limark says:

    Fortunately, I have a website for my content writing services. Thank you Jorden for this wonderful topic.


  • Kim B says:

    Excellent advice. And on point. Every business owner starting out has to spend money to attract clients. Writers too. Getting the domain is critical like you said. Writers should ask themselves when the last time was that they bought a product or service from a site that didn't have its own domain. For me, it's never. Business owners feel the same way.

  • Morgan Jewel says:

    I love your videos. I've subscribed. Can you please do a video about how much to charge as a complete newbie and when/how to request an increase in your rates? Should your rates be on your website?

  • Love the content… and the delivery. Could you share your experience in dealing with a lack of portfolio work when you first developed your site? Most clients usually want to see samples of previous work before hiring.

  • Hello, I am an aspiring new freelance writer. For building my website, if I use a ".in" domain, which is the local domain of India, instead of a ".com", would that have any negative impact on my potential clients? I work for clients worldwide.

    Moreover, I am creating my own rate chart. I am having a slight problem with calculating flat project rate and per page rates. I was accustomed to per word rate till now. Can you help me with these two queries kindly? It will be immensely helpful for me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Like the steel guitar.

  • Love this channel and your writing style.

  • Ash Evans says:

    these sites sucks😢💐amen

  • What do you recommend filing your new freelance business under and with what? Would it be DBA? Or do most pros go for LLC etc. ?

  • I have a question. Say I want to write about things that interest me. I enjoy hockey, coffee and gardening. Would it be too broad to advertise that I can do all three? Is this setting me apart in a bad way? Too many unrelated items?
    Thanks for the advice.

  • Jorden you are really so so beautiful, the guy will be great full whom you will choose in your life!!
    I like your eyes too much because my eyes like this too.

  • Jordan, whats is the maximum number of niches you suggest that one writer should target? I know that a single specialty is best, but I really do have specialties in three unrelated spaces. Thanks.

  • earthangel says:

    Another great video!!

  • Tarsha Lions says:

    Hi Jordan – again love your blogs !!! I've been trying to narrow my niche as I create my website and I'm hoping to ask a question. If specialising in blog writing is it important to name a topic such as "travel blog writing" or is it alright to mention "blog writing" itself as a niche? I've had clients write me for quite an eclectic set of topics so I'm sorry if this seems a silly question – but I would sincerely appreciate your help

  • Thanks for the helpful information. Thought you should know when I clicked on the first link it brings up a safety message about your site possibly having malware etc and so I didn’t go any further. That might affect your traffic rate

  • I am sincerely and legit commenting on every video as I watch them…

    THANK YOU!! For these priceless priceless and helpful resources.. thank you!

  • Jamie Cheng says:

    what if my website name is vague? will it still be acceptable if I put an obvious headline on the main page about my Niche that i chose only after creating the website?

  • Rickhya Ware says:

    I'm scared to buy a domain name because I am truly broke. Bank account is 0.00 and I know I will need at least a little bit of money for my name before I could start.

  • I am an academic freelance writer with . a number of websites now… unfortunately i dont make as much. i do have alot of traffic but converting that traffic into leads or paying customers its a big issue. any help would be much appreciated

  • Allie Bee says:

    Is being an artist considered a niche?

  • Unobtainius says:

    Awesome! I just spent 6 hours playing with themes in WordPress and I got stuck because I've never created a portfolio type website before (I'm picky with design lol and I've created A LOT of different websites). This video and your blog post really really helped a ton. Thanks!

  • Maxim Petrov says:

    Many thanks, been searching for "starting as a freelance writer" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Fiyyan Freelance Fraternity – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got cool success with it.

  • Your videos are really helpful! Thank you!

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