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  • Alex Stutler says:

    This its bombshell awesome film. Thank you for digging up so much truth for everyone to know. Excellent footage. They need us for cattle. We are a farm in a sense. A human farm. Really wish I had the opportunity to speak with such an intelligent man. I watched your interview on secureteam10 and learned about this film. Just had to watch. And I just knew every minute was worth my time. Highly recommended. Thanks again!!

  • THIS IS NONSENSE! We dont need these technologies…. we have technologies already. The combustion engine, can be replaced by the electric engine which we had since the 1900! PLEASE AWNSER THX!

  • Over three hours of innuendo, gossip, and hearsay. Physical evidence? None.

  • I got aluminum foil hats for sale

  • GEZZA1 says:

    i had aliens living up my anus and they stayed there until they went home

  • Suzie Greer says:

    Steven please you must listen to me when i say I believe very strongly that I have ties to the American government you can ask me the right questions I know about all the ellegalities that are going on I have been programmed and I don't know if I've been programmed by MKultra or an extraterrestrial body but I know I've been programmed because I seem to know things I shouldn't know please get back to me

  • So let us say, all of these are true, including the certain "quasi government" that you people claim to exist….what comes next, i mean I understand that you people are trying to disclose the information and the disclosure itself has plenty of stages, because you could not expect that every people would accept all that you say, instantly. The thing is, have you planned for everything? the first phases of acceptance by the population, and the later stages of disclosure, not forgetting the small interval from the later stages of disclosure to the pre-first stages of population acceptance….. Do you now understand where my query is heading to? the thing is, if the people who are the "quasi government" themselves would not take part of the disclosure, the equation of disclosure itself would include violence in order to suppress thus, these "violences" would be in the form of revolution, civil wars, and war itself……..destruction in order for something new to grow from those ashes… do you understand that? Do you understand that the movement is pulling the population into that scenario of "violence" since the disclosure is not coming from the people who are keeping these things as secrets? now imagine if those people would spearhead the disclosure, is it not true that violence would be taken out from the equation…..I hope that the movement considers all of these, because the equation at present includes violence. and that is if all of these are true……. Professions and the very way we live life would change,and so do you people have a plan? hope you people know what you are doing…..

  • KajunMs39 says:

    Mind boggling video! Amazing information of a mock attack from our own government.

  • Well Steven is asking a loving somehow

  • jimbo says:

    Eisenhower signed the Greada Treaty.

  • Dr . Steven Greer we've came a long ways together in our efforts striving towards something substantial , striving towards something tangible

    Attention seekers & mentally deranged idiots saying anything & everything hoping someone will listen

    This is different ! Everything changed ! It was like the off Earth biology Make A Wish Foundation .
    It has happened ! They DO respond according to your theorized CE5 Protocols – These guys are social butterflies & they love to feel loved

    Found the close up footage of the Phoenix Lights craft I was looking for my entire life .
    After worshipping the 2015 Philippines video for hrs I go outside to discover the first in a series of multiple artifacts they gifted to me.

    Driving near CA @ 2am approx. a month ago I saw their 4-5 orb/light ship appear flying low overhead – Right as I was crying & meditating on appreciating souls I met in Scottsdale this March

  • Alvin Wine says:

    Amazing a lot of the incidences that are mentioned here I recall hearing about over the years it's great that he put them together ,you get the bigger picture and the truth of how our evil government is against the people of this country such a shame.

  • i Polaris says:

    I hope we the people wake up, stand together and overthrow the powers that be before we are controlled in every aspect of our lives. It is a disservice and dishonor that our goverments keep ANY secrets from its citizens…

  • why should humanity have the capacity to thwart these advanced technologies from whose weak whose strong in this lenormand tableau?

  • Por favor repitan el video en castellano, gracias, Monica

  • Christel DT says:

    Greatings, Right , now the people are aware,. Now the people are ready for concrete evidence. Give them concrete evidence, for free! Peace

  • Do you think that Trump's announcement of Space Force is an attempt to legitimise the black budget work and bring it under congressional control, with a view to disclosure happening very soon?

  • I'm open to the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe, but I would have to say that the most logical explanation for all UFO's witnessed on this planet are the result of antigravity technology invented by geniuses like Nikola Tesla and John Worrell Keely. The real conspiracy has nothing to do with aliens, but has to do with the corrupt Rothschild and other globalist creeps suppressing this technology due to their own greed. It's sad to see that all of our environmental problems were solved 100 years ago because of this technology but has been suppressed because of greed and power.

  • dustin jones says:

    Morristown tn. bot 50 miles from oak ridge see glowing objects at very very high rate of speed almost every Sunday

  • largraf says:

    All you Steve Greer fans. Sorry, but Steve Greer runs interference for NASA and the CIA. Always appearing on the verge of a breakthrough …………. but always keeping you at 'arm's length' from the reality of their real capabilities. Very, very clever. Very sly!

  • FU Baizuo says:

    The 'new' Space Force announced by POTUS.

  • ShadowFaing says:

    the only people who needs to grow up spiritually would be the baby's in the military who cry about compartmentalisation going goo goo you cant know what i know, the ones who would cry in worry of loosing there power like a baby who would cry about loosing there sucker it is obvious the people would not freak out if we new we were not alone in the universe and we would most likely welcome them i mean look at how so many people today are willing to let terrorists in to there country regardless of there ability to blow up millions of people or rape cut off body parts torture and steel if we the people can put up with having that and having to deal with the Military machines bull shit the only ones who are not ready is a small group of people who are the heds of are military branched who are most likely spoiled rich brat's with the only true fight they have done being training who i bet they NEVER saved a life in reality these Heads are the people who are not ready we the people and any one not compartmentalized
    or indoctrinated in to me me me groups they could let things happen and continue with what they want to and they know it they aren't smart enough though to learn how to use a hole galaxy to there advantage i could thing of 100 million ways to utilize it for my benefit from relocating people to hiding facility's to new vaca destinations increase of funds coming in to the planet from other beings coming for there vacation as well and so forth intergalactic trade and advancement in technology and and everything we do in life how we do it in life and so forth for this i love my country but i think the military even though it can fight its own wars all they will ever know is brown AND NEVER THE BRAIN the military is an indoctrinated organisation the branches of it are merely jobs for the people of the country but the business isn't part of the country just that military some times i think of the different branches of the military as anchors anchors for what you may ask ? anchors for keeping the heads of the military on the ground because there ego is so INFLATED that they would float away in to space as is.

  • For those of you following 'Mr. Steven Greer, you should really take a look at the following link…

  • alien wings says:

    I'm sort of confused, I watched this on Netflix and it doesn't seem like the same thing as on here. And why's it s long on here?

  • People should think about this stuff. After all these years and centuries, these ET's must have a real understanding of humanity. They would, by now, know all about our military and our military's abilities. But, I'm not convinced of the intelligence of any of these extraterrestrials. If they were truly intelligent, they would do everything possible to avoid planet Earth. After all, we are dangerous. No, I don't believe everything I see and hear about ET. But, it would be perfectly appropriate to be sure that ET has very superior tech. One more note: it seems very interesting that most ETs look very similar. You know, large oval eyes without color; large skulls, small stature, and no clothes. But, some do have skin – tight uniforms. No one ever sees or obtains any weapons from ET. Of course, if we could learn to love each other (Americans and Russians) maybe ET would give real consideration to first contact.

  • Mike Sight says:

    If the the United States government have UFO's kept in secret since 1947 at Area 51 & other locations, maybe before 1947, than why are the United States military & NASA not using the UFO's for space voyage? Why are other countries military & space programs not using UFO's that they supposedly have in secret for space voyage? If the DARPA Stealth was designed from a UFO the United States government had in secret than why aren't NASA designing the Space Shuttle in the same manner? If they cannot re-create a UFO than why not use the UFO's that's supposedly are test flown at Area 51 & other locations?

  • Glyn Davies says:

    In short they are here to help humanity, as the Good Doctor Greer has explained, we must bring all of this to the Main Stream so spread it around , inform the uninformed , because it about the the survival of humanity , we have to change .

  • aagallegos94 says:

    …look, to put it into perspective.. most of the time all this “UFO” stuff is classified multiple levels Above Top secret and not even the president is briefed on this subject.. let me repeat that. Not even the leader of the free world, a person at the head of a super power.. thee super power.. the United States of America , is informed on this subject . And the people who are holding all the strings have used the effective tool of ridicule of a subject which is very much a real thing. They’ve made it so that anyone who tries to bring legitimacy to this “UFO” issue is pretty much laughed at & made into some kind of tin foil hat wearing wierdo. UFOs are real. We are not the only inteligent species that exist in the universe. And the situation is much bigger and so much more profound than just aliens and flying saucers. I mean honestly since we wr old enough to color , read or write we’ve been told so many monumental LIES ! The things we watch on the news , the food we eat, the meds we take , the music we listen to, our phones, even what our taxes are actually being used for . Black projects.. if only you knew how far reaching the hand of the shadow government goes.. and how we are being watched and monitord.. there is no such thing as privacy . Freedom is a lie, it’s like putting a mouse in a football field and putting everything the mouse needs in that football.. Most likely that mouse will never venture out of that football field . Let’s call that our freedom . Lmfao.

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