How to make money from MY EXPERIENCE OF MAKING BIG MONEY FROM TRADING (The Honest Reality!)

How to make money from MY EXPERIENCE OF MAKING BIG MONEY FROM TRADING (The Honest Reality!)

Nicholas talks about the reality of his experiences of first making big money from trading (closing 5-figure and 6-figure trades). How it changed his life at the time, what he has learned as a professional trader and changed since then.

Unlike what you may see from other traders claiming to be successful in the markets and showing lavish lifestyles. The reality can often be very different.

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  • Great Video! Truly transparent!!!

  • kumasuke1 says:

    Haha, the fat wallet trick. I know that one where everyone fumbles and slow draws their wallets until you have your card on the table and they say "are you sure you dont mind?" – Great video mate!

  • Nev says:

    Thank you for an honest video. Really helped put things in perspective.

  • sair sandy says:

    Bro i want trade & i need some help. Can you help me out

  • You’re experiences reminds me what the Bible’s says. Money won’t fill you up and only Jesus Christ can fill that emptiness in your heart.

  • Ameya Badve says:

    hey, thanks for the experience, really helped. I am interested to learn more about Forex but i really don't know how to get started with it. Can you help me?

  • I liked your openess, thank you for your sincerity. As a Christian, and learning to trade / invest, my purpose is not just to have my need's and my family' met (food, medicine, transportation, clothes, etc.), I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus, helping others fight poverty, lack of education, illness and loneliness. Being alone is a great form of suffering these days, and I'd like to tacle on this social issue with resources and the help of churches. I've have had a high paying job in the past and I'm aware that money does not necesarely humanizes you, it just unlocks rooms of your mind and soul that you didn't know where there before, and that poses challenges and hard questions. So, it is good always to work hard, think hard about what am I doing here? Do I have any purpose or cause I'd like to invest my life in? The Bible says the greatest thing for which God made us is love: to love Him above all else, and to love our neighbour as ourselves. Thank you for you channel! Greetings from Chile!

  • ben vandam says:

    I went trough exactly the same emotional rollercoaster, like 1:1. But i’m very glad that i went trough it, it actually helped me to remove the “love” for money out of my heart.

  • Abu289 says:

    How long does it take to learn?

  • I feel like this video popped up in my life just when I needed it to! It is so nice to see someone talking about the actual reality of trading, I hate the illusion some people try to create through social media about being a trader.

  • IcE BuRN says:

    Really honest video, U sir earned yourself a sub 👍

  • Thanks for the honest words and for sharing your journey, it's really nice to hear as one that is trying to achieve the same. 🙂

  • Dimas Bayu says:

    Become trader must have good mental and also never give up

  • Very glad I found you. In a very unique situation here, using creativity and love to hopefully gain funds I need to stay alive (see my channel, no joke). Since that hasn't worked so far, I'm studying and practicing with a very small amount to trade. I'm a smart, sensitive dude who wants to inspire others to live to the full. I'm planning on making money to Free me from the need to raise funds for treatment in the future and to fund my many creative, life-changing films and inspirational projects I have been sitting on because I need to pay a small crew to do it right. Anyway, would love to chat some time and found your character and presence to be both welcoming and familiar. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Jdm Love says:

    Yup,this is the reality,everything you said is true,these happened to me

  • beatngo710 says:

    I respect your opinion and say that I'd never feel the same. I need money to pay for so many things in life and I'm looking into trading as a way to escape my life. People say money doesn't buy happiness, but I bet it will relieve all of my stress and debt.

  • Aba Aaa says:

    Quiet rare to find such a genuine video

  • Boomafoo says:

    Love the honesty, such a refreshing change from all the online marketers selling their millionaire trading dreams with zero worries or problems in life. It's all an advertisement with them.

  • Kolio Kolev says:

    What’s the account size you started with? What’s the size you built it to, and how long did it take you to get to that amount?

    Additionally – what was your journey – where / who did you learn from? Did you have a mentor teaching you in person, or did you learn from books or courses?

  • Mr Strange says:

    I hope i will reach that level someday where i only will see money as numbers on the screen and not think too much about it. I still have a long way to go..

  • How do you lose money with a stock if you haven't sold it? If you buy a stock for 45.32 and in an hour it hits 45.12 and goes down a little more. Then the next day and the stock is climbing back up to say 53.65 and you sell 60 shares…how do you lose money ?? Someone please explain how you lose money. Is there some kinda hidden fees? For holding a stock does it take money from you even though you haven't sold it?

  • hi to everyone, I'm going thru a hard time financially. I have a business and is not doing very well. I could invest around 3k to start. what are the steps that i sould follow so i don't loose all the money but actually trading in a knowledgeble way. I have very little experience and some advice from people who trade successfully would be gold for me. Thank all of you in advance

  • Very motivational and 100% truth. When I have a “losing” day I step away from the charts and go to the park with my son. I love my M3 but perspective is VERY important. Congrats on seeing things for the way they are !

  • Keep Pushinn says:

    hahaha I can't wait to not be as excited as closing 100k trades as you are lol my trade plan is solid I'm getting there

  • Alex Reyes says:

    From Chicago here… Let me start by saying thank you for being honest and straightforward with the point you are trying to make. I love it. I’m a full time trader, lost my fiancé, lost my dog, and my friends stop inviting me to places cause I’m always working. You’re not lying when you say money has no value. Wish to meet you soon buddy, you seem like the kinda guy I could have a few drinks with and talk.

  • Mike E says:

    Sounds ace 🙂

  • Glad you posted this, very honest. This was really helpful for my life and well-being

  • wanna learn how to make money on trade .

  • Mozzus says:

    damn good video man ,, im a rookie in trading and im allready starting to feel that my gf is getting pissed at me that i spend so much time at pc studying anr trying to learn tricks and learn technical analyses … but the thing is that i want to get more money every time and improve my life in general 😀

  • crazypaco says:

    FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out as a trader – read about it people 🙂

  • Thank you for your amazing video!!!!! just started on my trading journey….studying like crazy while doing 8 to 5 on my daily job to save money to open my trading account.Will get there eventually , just have to keep going until i am good enough to trade consistently.

  • DAMN! that was a good video, THANK YOU!

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