How to make money from HOW TO MAKE MONEY DROP SHIPPING!

How to make money from HOW TO MAKE MONEY DROP SHIPPING!

This Video goes over how I made a Passive income without leaving my house!

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  • Josef Biro says:

    Zaki can you please make more "advanced" videos because for those who can't figure out easy things like that are never going to succed i am 1000% sure. Entrepreneurship is about figuring stuff out and for those who ask easy questions like this then i think they should go back to their 9-5 job i am pretty sure that there is hundreads if not thousands of videos out there its not that hard u just have to google it.

  • Kevin Saxton says:

    Can you create an outline showing the process on how to find the right influencers to getting your first sale?

  • So3o United says:

    bro, you should also tell the cons of dropshipping. never touching and seeing what you are selling can destroy your business man.

  • Start making the ig influencer ads videos instead of these. If people are to lazy to make one google search to find out what dropshipping they aren't made for this.

  • Still waiting for the instagram influencers stuff , like how to know if a page is legit , which niches are the best for Ig , how much should you pay …
    Here is some of my Tips :
    1-see the comment if they are all from other Big pages , probably the page is fake .
    2-if the engagement is less than 1% the page is probably fake .
    3-(this is my own Tip) see the hashtags , if you find those kinda hashtags : #likeforlike , #instalike #like4like the page has probably fake engagement .

  • Ya Zaki. Let's go to the more advanced videos. Sebastian and Thaddeus have already posted the more basic videos to dropshipping. Let's go in more depth of what you did to achieve 80K a month in dropshipping

  • radicalkills says:

    Let's get it brothaa We lit

  • Hello, I FB Messaged you 🙂

  • Jay Money says:

    Love your breakdowns dude💪

  • Senay Mesfin says:

    i never got a call i scheduled bro

  • Should we be upselling before an actually purchase or wait until they've made a purchase and upsell through email marketing?

  • vic Plummer says:

    dont people get mad when they find out that their product was shipped from a way cheaper place

  • What course would you recommend to someone brand new to drop shipping and building a website ?

  • trav v says:

    Nice simple, easy to understand breakdown. This model of making money is absolute genius.

  • So you gota put their info in the real sote everytime someone buys a product? No faster way to directly link?

  • Salam my amazing sister/brother- Let me know if you're interested in this great opportunity -Requires 2-4 hours/week & $0 financial investment.

    Thanks for opening me  . I'm looking to make a team of 20 dropshipping enthusiast to run as a team these 4 websites.,,, (soon to likely become

    As a team our goal is to make $1mil in sales by the end of 2017.
    The effort required to be a part of this team is 2-4 hours per week is the goal.
    The profit is to be evenly divided amongst the team.
    We will have 2 online meetings per week – Anyone who misses 3 meetings in one year will be removed from the team & his share will be redistributed amongst the remaining members. I feel like there are many key elements to running a successful dropshipping store & some things require a lot of time to do so having more people of we utilize each other correctly, we can likely hit $1mil by Dec. 31 2017 and we can split the profits amongst the 20, lets say profit is 300k lets divide that by 20 = $15k/person in 2 months time….pretty good….and thats continual monthly revenue God willingly…No need for any financial investment from your part….really just looking for help to make the websites succeed…..pretty much somethings I need help with are writing, if someone could go through the products and make the text description sound more appealing…. thats one thing….secondly finding places online to post links to the site (reddit, youtube,, etc…)….Another thing is I need someone to go through the products we can sell and try to find the best ones……I also need someone for customer service ( replying to emails, etc…), also need someone to place all of our orders that we get, I will need someone to monitor our financial part, I will need someone to run the social media accounts (facebook, instagram, youtube, etc…), Will need some one to make articles and blog posts, will need someone to make videos about our websites, will need someone to set up our communications & get us all connected through different avenues (shopify, onenote, evernote, gchat, get a group chat going) and their are also other tasks, if you are interested I'm pretty sure we can find something you can enjoy and excel at  . I've had about 3,500 people come to in the past couple weeks and most of it has been from reddit….
    There's a lot more stuff I'm sure you can look at the websites and see how we can improve them….I would really love for you to join if you are interested who knows maybe it will work maybe not but I would love to try it out  !!!

    As for me I started dropshipping about 1.5 years ago and I feel I'm pretty much at the point that I'm going to start getting massive income from it. I'm trying a more organizational and structural approach to dropshipping. My goal is for us to be the number 1 dropshippers in the world, enjoying that 4 hour work week & enjoining what is good and beneficial and preventing what is bad and harmful…..

    We have 6 spots remaining….

    I have only sent this message to people I love

    I hope you are interested…..otherwise i hope you will join for the next adventure :)…..

    ❤ Peace Be Upon You ❤

  • mommipreneur says:

    Before we book a call should we create a Shopify store or wait until after we speak to you? Just asking to make the most of the consultation.

  • Saysai muh says:


  • Elvis Amin says:


  • This method is crazy Zaki!!🔥🔥

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