How to make money from How to Make Money Online By #!$@ing People Off (Controversial)

How to make money from How to Make Money Online By #!$@ing People Off (Controversial)

In today’s live stream I’m going talk about how to make money online by #!$@ing People Off

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  • Scotty Byrd says:

    1 third of people can eat a 🍆

  • CHE3M.body says:

    What was wrong with her email Dan? That doesn't qualify as "hating". It's a good question. I don't believe this person is "pissed off"! But I feel like YOU are pissed off. Simply answer her question Dan. As marketers, we can't judge what someone has said to us.. We must simply respond! As marketers, what are we looking for??? RESPONSES! All responses are valuable.. Not just the ones we judge as "favorable". That email really WAS an opportunity for you to win her(?) over (and I'm saying that as a high school dropout, an entrepreneur, marketer, and business coach who has never had a "9-5"). You seem really shaken by this Dan.. WELCOME ALL RESPONSES! You are a REAL MARKETER. You know your message better than anyone, so you should be able to respond BACK to responses better than anyone. That email was a RESPONSE. You asked for that response by simply marketing your messaging to the public. Be grateful! We learn far more from "adverse" and "critical" comments than any other type. And for the record, and for clarity, so you or anyone else doesn't mis-take what I'm saying, or the one who is saying it.. I'm not "hating" on you.. I watch your videos.. I bought your course.. I've learned some great stuff from you.. I know not everyone does, or everyone will, but I GET YOUR BRAND. P.S. That person was in no way putting your brand down; Its difficult to see the truth of what someone is saying, when we are too busy thinking about how we are feeling. Peace be with you.

  • Hi
    You said that you would have a new method or more information in September, is this teh affiliate system that is in the comments? Regards

  • Work Smarter not harder…..

  • Carolyn C says:

    Fantastic message! That hater needs to get a life and lighten up. Much love to you Dan.

  • Hi mate, i have a lot of guys who are viewers on my channel who want to move to the philippines and work online to earn an income but don't know how. Any chance of an interview over facebook chat that i can record for my you tube channel that will help you increase your subs by helping guys with your knowledge..

  • Teeth Man says:

    Hey Dan, i'm promoting multiple products on my website. Your product panel widget dosent seem to have the alternative button when i am promoting multiple products, also the images are too small for anyone to see. I have 3 products on there.

    Second question:

    Which converts better. Single panel widget or having multiple products?

    thanks and keep making the live streams 🙂

  • Thank you for all you do. I appreciate your valuable knowledge. Do you really go to events with your Trademark attire? That's true branding! Good job!

  • redbyron10 says:

    Dan, could you check your mail for a message I sent? Thanks

  • Good message. When I ran a restaurant, I would get 50 positive review and 1 negative reviews and all I could focus on was the 1 negative. I love your 1/3 rule. Gonna remember that.

  • what can i do if my ads a/c in FB disabled suddenly?

  • Goddess N.D. says:

    I was actually attracted because of the name sooo…

    Carry on.

    Even Beyonce has haters.

  • I've had my niche site now for 3 months and I have gotten no results. I have your Deadbeat Super Affiliate System and followed your advice. But still nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong??? Could it be my niche ??

  • Jerome S says:

    Hey man, I'm sure this is a simple question with a simple solution, but how do I link products from my website to amazon?

  • Many people are too easily triggered. I was raised to not judge a person without walking a mile in their tube socks.

  • kyle owen says:

    I am very interested in joining your program, I am a true beginner at this and a full time college student. Should I join your program you have out now or do you think I should wait till you release your new program this month??

  • Thanks so very much Dan…You are the most real and down to earth internet marketer…Love your gimmicks too haha! 😉 …I've got your Deadbeat Super Affiliate Program and have learnt so much from you….Thanks again xx

  • Sharon Floyd says:

    Hey Dan, Just curious. Do you recommend Fiverr traffic services? If so, how do you find the right people on Fiverr for traffic?

  • Hey Dan, I'm curious. I'm interested in buying your course but I'm not really into being on YouTube. Can that be avoided while getting the same type of results?

  • MooseKnuckle says:

    I thought you were going to say "how to make money online by sucking people off."

  • Dub3Ent says:

    hey Dan, I have(purchased) your training, and setup 2 different Affiliate sites in July. I do like how you do your training, and I value the information you give, yet I haven't made a single conversion yet on either site. Is there a big change to the industry that happened since you made the training in 2015? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Every video is very informative. Can't wait to play with the program. The best part is by Dan answering others questions made me realise that I'm not the only person in uncharted territory.
    Thanks man!

  • Bixby Hacks says:

    Six pack abs, huh? I have a kegger!

  • Wendy McCarl says:

    I started watching your videos, BECAUSE of the name, so that person that wrote that stupid comment, doesn't get it. Thank you for all your videos, for us to learn for free. I will be joining your program soon!

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