How to make money from 3 YouTube Channels You MUST Follow [Dropshipping]

How to make money from 3 YouTube Channels You MUST Follow [Dropshipping]

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In this video I talk about 3 channels related to shopify dropshipping that I am subscribed to and I watch most of their videos. They deliver pure value and I recommend them to everyone!

After watching the video “7 Myths About Dropshipping” (here is the link: you already know that there are a lot of confusion and misconceptions related to shopify dropshipping.

I don’t want you to think that everything related to shopify dropshipping on the internet is BS. Not at all! It’s just you have to be careful with who to follow and who to learn from. So I decided to make this video and give shoutouts to 3 channels that I personally consider worth your attention and time.Here they are:

1. Franklin Hatchett
YT Channel:
Killer Shopify Theme by Franklin Hatchett:

2. Till Boadella
YT Channel:

3. Greg @ Start Starting Up
YT Channel:

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