How to make money from Transitioning from Freelancer to CEO (Entrepreneur Mindset 2018)

How to make money from Transitioning from Freelancer to CEO (Entrepreneur Mindset 2018)

Are you a side-hustler who’s used to doing everything on your own? Are you getting buried in tasks and looking for the secret to start delegating your workload off? In this video Eric Siu shares his formula to become a CEO rather than an employee. What mindset shift is necessary to start freeing up your time? How do you find the budget to make the transition happen? What resources can you use to work smarter and not harder?
The number one strategy to grow your business is not learning to hustle harder, it’s to hustle smarter.
Check out this video to learn some strategies and methodologies to become a CEO and delegate effectively. This is part of one of the playlist series on how to start a digital marketing agency.


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