How to make money from Chris Capre’s Verified Forex Trading Results 2017

How to make money from Chris Capre’s Verified Forex Trading Results 2017

Chris Capre shares his verified forex trading results for 2017. If you want to see how much money I made in the forex market (with some CFD’s & Indexes), make sure to watch the video where I share information on my % of profit for the year, risk management, % trading accuracy, profitable months, and more.

0:48 Transition from forex trading to multi-asset class trading
2:32 Verified Live Trading Account
4:28 Percentage Returns
6:20 Account Statistics
10:08 FXCM/MyFxbook API Issue

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  • UPDATE: This is the latest link as we had to delete the old version (older edited one).

    But cue all the doubters, skeptics and naysayers.

    "And suddenly, I felt a great disturbance in the forex, as if 1000's of trading educators, and fake 'authorities' on price action, crying out loud, and were suddenly silenced."

  • Alex T says:

    Nice job, we believe you. thank you for sharing your verified results. happy holidays and merry Christmas to you

  • David Yu says:

    Hi Chris, I have the same problem which I cannot publish results from TS2 to myFXBook using the publisher. Do you know whether a lot of people having the same problem? I did some research and found out FXCM removed an API which allow results to be published due to security reason. As I have no direct contact in my area, FXCM is not willing to deal with me directly. If you can find a solution on this problem, please let me know. Thanks. Congratulations on your 2017 performance.

  • Andrew Hahn says:

    That's great Chris. But as a fellow buddhist check your ego my friend. You have nothing to prove to anyone.

  • Guy Lasorsa says:

    30 % dashes all dreams of the traders with small accounts and not as good as you

  • I like that! 'There it is Haters!'

  • gene pips says:

    Hello sir Chris, you know i always read and watch your videos. Today, I realized something that needs to be regenerated in my own mindset and mgt as a whole. Truly, your results are outstanding and I can see how discipline you are in managing your trades. I am your total opposite since I am very assertive trader. This teach me a LOT more in my own trading attitude. When I told you I turn $50 into $400 in 1 month, it was true and I even made it to $800+ in 3 months. Yet one thing I didnt notice in my trading, I risk more than what I should be doing actually. I went on to myfxcm trading analytics and found out my inconsistency. Shame on me. hehehe. But if others can do it, I CAN apply it! hehe..yeah thats me a self-thought kid. hanks a lot sir Chris for your valuable teachings! Happy holidays!

  • watch youtubes of other pro traders, never have i come across negative or even hate comments towards you chris…if anything, these pro traders dont seem to know each other in response to questions in their channels comments, they might ve seen at a glance each others channe when youtubing, but they dont know each ther… maybe these hate comments are from another media ? never mind these supposed haters and you dont need to take come back at thwm… you and your students just keep making money and thats it…

  • You know what, Chris? I quit trading because I was disgusted by my 25% profit over a year of trading, 5% drawdown. It looked so tiny and pointless, I just stopped.

    And now, you show 30% is … good?
    What should I do then? Keep not trading because 25% – 30% is too little for my account to be worth doing… or start again because it shows it's proof of doing well the job?

  • DFID org says:

    i like ur video and read all information

  • DFID org says:

    Its interesting video !

  • 30% max drawdown is not really acceptable

    Congrats anyway

  • your equity how much amount
    in dollar mr chris ?

  • Average Risk/Reward, average SL and how many trades? Because 60% win ratio with 1R and you will also double your account over 500 trades with 1% risk, but I don't think that's really impressive.

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