How to make money from Hashflare Bitcoin Mining | How to Turn $300 into $150,000

How to make money from Hashflare Bitcoin Mining | How to Turn $300 into $150,000

Updated Hashflare Strategy: “How to Turn $400 into $200,000 Mining Bitcoin” –~–
You can earn a lot of money Hashflare Bitcoin Mining without having to spend thousands of dollars up front. In fact, you can begin with only $300 and turn it into over $150,000 with this cloud mining investment strategy.

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  • Jay Crypto says:

    THIS VIDEO IS OUTDATED! Watch this instead:
    💎⛏Sign Up With Hashflare Today!💎⛏

  • i feel these guys working for hashflare be aware people hashflare is going to take your small money and they are going to fock credit up look out

  • Juledian says:

    Na mate – you need to invest at least AT LEAST 1000 us dollars to make anything. You have to accrue 0.05 btc before you can withdraw. Difficulty rate increases I invested to 1.5 ths and now have 2 ths. BUT over 2-4 weeks I have lost around 9000 satoshis a day from my daily mining rate, due to difficulty rate increase which goes up every 14 days. I was getting 26000 or so satoshis a day, now this morning i found im getting 17600 or so satoshis. At that rate over the year I earn 0.06 btc. BUT that was like 0.09 over the year only two or three weeks ago.

    The difficulty level goes up so much that after another couple of weeks you would find that you dont ever make enough to be able to withdraw any bitcoin unless you keep reinvesting. The initial investment needs to be around 1 or more thousand us dollars but of course it is risky and as such I would not invest such money. Yeh if you have a few grand to burn and hashflare really does allow you to withdraw (this im not sure about) then go for it, but with 200 to 300 dollars unless your going to reinvest I would look at trading right now – you could be buying at 8 k uk pounds and it may well go upto to around 25 k uk pounds, again if you can afford to lose 2 to 5 hundred uk pounds then go for it.

    Just lets face it we missed the boat and if you dive in trying to catch it youll probably get eaten by the sharks in the water and there are LOTS AND LOTS of those.

  • EVANS GAMING says:


  • Honey A says:

    I would stay away from any form of cloud mining like Genesis, CCG and Hashflare as I see is just NOT profitable! In June 2017 I bought over $6800 worth of hashing power from Genisis (Etheruem,Monero and the worst DASH) since then i've been always missing payouts and what little payout i receive is basically nothing . I'm hoping after the 2 year contract is over I will be lucky to recupe maybe $1500 return on a $6500 investment? You will lose your money FOR SURE! Stay away!
    The probability calculators they show make you look like your making money but your not. My suggestion is If you want to invest in crypto pick you favorite and open trading account and just buy it outright.
    Sorry for the negative review but I feel this had to be addressed.

  • I'm now 85 years old, i've finally reaped the benefit of implementing this baddass strategy.

  • hubert huot says:

    it would grow very fast if you reinvest daily

  • I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

  • Mad kiss says:

    why wait all year keep re investing

  • tom walter says:

    Jay, I was just reviewing your numbers with HashFlare, apparently right now your theory is out the window, since they multiplied prices. They are only offering 1,000 ghs for $220, which never reaches BE in one year or less.

  • Sam Johnson says:

    Be very careful!!!  I invested a good bit in CCG Mining, but just realized that the drop in payout per day is ENORMOUS!!!  My payout is going down almost 2% every three days!!!!! At this rate my two year contracts will be worthless in two months, two months worthless!!  🙁

  • Lavish Gio says:

    And experts say that the valuation of a bitcoin could rise up to 100,000 this year!!!!! 🔥

  • very misleading, this would literally take 10 years to do

  • lucas moreea says:

    if you are a newbie or a beginner in cryptocurrency and you are looking for a working strategy this is the man that helped me make good profit in a week using his mining software and he is really good with it….he goes by the name is cryptocrow . I recommend his software for everyone. You can reach out to him via ( cryptocrow800@gmail . com) drop him a mail if you want to start making very good profit just like me in just hours.

  • mcrae1977 says:

    This assumptions do not work. Bitcoin price drops and fluctuates and hashing difficulty increases every ten days. So all these reinvestment strategies calculations are all off. You would be lucky to even get 30% of what you projected here in 3 years time. Cheers.

  • muna vasquez says:

    Crypto currency made me a millonair. If i can do it anyone else can. If you need help just send me a reply.

  • TubeX16 says:

    Hashflare sucks ! They make you send a specific amount and if you are off they hold your funds and they sit there and do nothing.

  • LUIS BORN says:

    Bro you calculate that wrong, got more than 40Th I less than 3 months doing reinvest and just 220$ at the beginning

  • investing into Johns Bitcoin Mining farm is the best decision i've ever made, don't be fooled by those saying bitcoin won't last because of the recent dip, it was $6000 a while ago and now it is $11,000. if only you invested then, you would have made tons of profits. But its not too late. Don't procrastinate, invest today. its simple and easy thanks to John's Advanced software. Here's his mail; Verifiedbinarytrading@gmail. com

  • сложность сети выросла в 2 раза. дебил как дела?

  • Rafael T says:

    Hashflare minimum BTC amount is 0.05 ($573,20) they are crazy, it's not woth it to invest into that crap.

  • I want to invest in Hash flare but Aren't you assuming BTC will stay at 15,000 a coin? and aren't you assuming that more hashing power will cost the same?

  • Chris Rock says:

    Been reinvesting since I started with 10. Up to 15.66 and making less of a return than when I started with 10. So your calculations must be way off.

  • ONeVolutions says:

    bathtub idea and pipe-dream …. in principles yes (IF some other things considered) reality no.. or as mom used to say… son..your math at home does not fly on the market ..
    .. as you may know by now 😉

  • nice video bro i am searching so man videos about hashflare ur video is the best stratergy thanks and keep improving

  • Airgildjane says:

    Hey dude,stop what you are doing, cloud mining is not profitable anymore due to extreme mining difficulty and depreciating value of BTC. The only way to earn on crypto is to buy alt coins and hold the coins till it grows. BTC will not be a good investment anymore due to slow processing and delay confirmation into the blockchain. Bytecoin is contender, when it comes to secure, fast reliable processing. Bytecoin will be more than BTC in the next 3 years. Forget BTC its just to old, lousy coin.

  • John Walls says:

    j walls Have you heard of compound interest?

  • $300 dollar starting is not bad i can buy useless things so why not this thing.. it's a gamble but worth a try than nothing

  • marta gray says:

    You are simply subject to the way the market bounces and that's the way it is. from when FIRST MILLION ROAD is in my hands it is absolutely easy to run my crypto option as well.. but some times it broken down when i use.. have a good ofer for you..see you later..

  • I earn about 0.003 Bitcoins every day.
    Collect bonuses, mine at home, invest in reliable projects!
    How earn you???

  • aaa aaa says:

    Now bitcoin is 6000 – 8000 …. this is not profitable anymore even based on your analysis!

  • please send me some bitcoins i need to invest money and i dont have any btc help help help !!!

    wallet : 1AQ37krqB8mksaiAyVTYZaY4BFqurdyaG9

  • Paul Alberto says:

    how does the contracts work.. if you buy a 1 year term and you reinvest 100% and never cash it out (Just reinvesting the whole year)… Do you get it all at the end of the year and just buy another 1 year contract or you lose all your money at the end of the contract because you reinvested all and never cash it?

  • Paul Alberto says:

    You're just growing your Hashpower and you have not made a single cent inside your pocket. At the end of (365 days) you start loosing hash rates because the first invest when you started (lets say 300 USD) it's gonna be gone and all those little contracts (reinvesting) are expiring back to back day by day after a year!… If you decide to cash out and stop reinvesting at day 366 you probably are getting some money back but all your hashpower is getting lower and lower day by day until the last reinvest contract is dissolved due to the 1 year contract limit.

  • 2018 and the 300 dollars are only 800 profit per year… The train just passed and left me behind 🙁

  • John Green says:

    Can i start mine with 20€ ? 😁

  • John Green says:

    Wow u have 61 TH/s

  • Med Hamo says:

    We want more video about mining stratégy in hashflare pls..pls

  • Hey guys contact this guy he did show you how to mine btc with your blockchain Wallet. Instagram @Roland_Tran

  • Tatal lie! You does not consider the additional fee per hash. You can't make more then 30% max in one year

  • saeed a says:

    don't show us how to make the money just show us your PROFIT statements
    how much did you make so far professor ?

  • NOTICE: BTC difficulty increases every 14 days average. Mining calculators are poop

  • shadow run says:

    forget it. i tried to register with number letters, in password as it says, fuk it. 2 times. says not secure enough. hack site!!! FUK!

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