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How to make money from Should You Buy Litecoin ($LTC) And Ripple ($XRP)?

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  • Thank you all so much for watching. If you enjoy the livestream, please consider dropping a like and subscribing with post notifications on.

  • SEELE-01 says:

    Very nice stream. I could bite me in the ass that i sold nearly 700 ltc back in 2016, should have learned to hodl them and damn i dont understand why ripple is now on the way to the moon. I just invested into deeponion, where i think too, that this privacy coin can take us to the moon in 2018 too. there is also an airdrop presently running and you guys should take a look at all those features it has. just google it. this onion will surpass monero and zcash pretty easily in 2018. lets moon together.


  • Really decent bud. Came across this after the stream had finished. new Sub.

  • I bought both of them but now i suggest you brother to buy onions becuase deeponion have many good features and it is going high day by day in future you will have a good profit from deeponion so invest in it

  • Very good video, thanks ! Because of the Litecoin low fees and fast network (versus Bitcoin), I think Litecoin will become one of the top cryptos. You should also consider looking into the anonymous cryptos. DeepOnion is one, running on the TOR network. It is going well and the community is nice. I do not regret joining it.

  • Luigio Kamar says:

    Good video the Litecoin and Ripple is looking good and i think it would be more profit if investing in XRP then LTC as LTC has already took very high! I have been invested with the DeepOnion coin as it has very good features of privacy that allows to be completely anonymous when using DeepOnion and all transactions are untraceable. It has very active developers team that always are doing everything what's mentioned in Roadmap. And a huge community of people that is DeepOnion! It might be better then Monero in closest years !

  • Great vid, looking forward to see more of them. Been into cryptocurrency for a little while now, with BTC, XBY and DeepOnion as my main investments. XBY is already skyrocketting and this is only just the beginning, and I have high hopes for DeepOnion in the beginning of 2018. The community is great and everyone believes in the strategy.
    If I could I would love to timetravel to the end of 2018 and see the value of BTC 😀
    Thanks again for the video.

  • BITCOIN MAN says:

    Hey. Great video. I like your thoughts about these two crypto-currencies. You've heard something about DeepOnion. This is a crypto currency with a lightning speed of transactions and it works in the TOR network. I think she has a great future. In 2018, she will be very famous. Therefore, I suggest that you turn your attention to this coin.

  • Lynn Achaean says:

    Am I not glad I didn't sell my LTC when it was steady at 60$. I had the feeling back then that it would go up and glad I followed my hunched. Now I invested with DeepOnion and I am also optimistic it would follow suit in the next year. It's just too good of a coin to stay on that value.

  • djmatoa says:

    Great job as usual! Very long live stream. You're a beast:)

  • Noel Guiot says:

    Subscribed, i followed you on twitter (@CryptoFascista), nice technical analysis and explanations (the one about MACD has been helpful) . I hold Litecoin for a very long time, I wouldn't invest in XRP even if return is guaranteed because I do not like the philosophy behind it. I would be happy if you could do a fundamental+technical analysis of DeepOnion, It's difficult because it's listed only on Cryptopia but it takes the major part of my risky-low marketcap portfolio share 😀

  • I just have couple of xrp coins and its good to hear that it will fly to the moon.
    By now i am busy on an anonymous cryptocurrency deeponion and this will also send us to the moon by next 2 years or so, why dont you try and check out airdrops 😀

  • 肖伟 says:

    Litecoin sounds good, but is it really safe enough? Onions may be your better choice, why?100% can not be tracked, steady rise.These make onions more attractive. Join us now!

  • Chris Lacey says:

    Great video, I always learn so much from live analysis videos. So glad I grabbed some Ripple and LTC recently (wish I had bought more!). The other coin I bought recently was DeepOnion which has been an absolute roller coaster the past couple of week, great for swing trading but definitely see it as a long term hold. You said you think crypto is a bubble, when do you think it will pop?

  • Bikeev says:

    In my portfolio, only three coins, it's Litecoin, ETC and DeepOnion. But the greatest hopes for DeepOnion. Since this is a new crypto currency, which is developing very fast, anonymity and transaction speed, this is what is emphasized. You should pay attention.

  • Thank you for your high quality videos and recommendations. I consider buying LTC but I am worry that it's too late to do so. For Ripple, what about its huge supply ? Are you sure that it can hit 2$ and may be 5$ one day ? I am looking also for promising crypto projects in order to put some money. I think that there are a lot of undervalued coins such as ONION coins. In fact, DeepOnion has strong feature around privacy and they provide the first totally anonymous coin as they said. I think it's a good opportunity to invest especially the fact that they have solid whitepaper and very fast growing community. What do you think ?

  • jmon youknow says:

    Hey what exchange do you use to buy lite coin or ripple ?

  • CarTaxi ES says:

    Thanks for the video! IMO it's never to late to invest in LTC nor XRP. SEELE I agree with you, joined deeponion's airdrop too.

  • 1992 zms says:

    Your opinion is very professional, I agree with your advice on whether to buy Litecoin.
    I think I will buy more Litecoin at an opportune time and I believe Litecoin will perform better in the future!
    Recently there are many people on BTT discuss DeepOnion, I think it is equally good, you can give your advice? Thank you

  • Thanks man that's really help. Cos of that, you deserve a like and a subscribe.
    But I would like to suggest, make video about DeepOnion.
    There's so many cool features in DeepOnion such us DeepVault which is 100% safe and secure.

  • Giffty Senay says:

    Appreciate the knowledge but this stream was all over the place. It felt like clickbait because you kept allowing the people in the chat to get you off topic. You start on one topic talk for few seconds and then jump around and it was very hard to follow. This is not critique, just constructive criticism. You're great so please just stay on topic whenever you're on a topic and then get to the comments in the livestream in between topics. I feel like you never really got around to what the subject was, at least not effectively as possible with all the chat distractions

  • Yup the rise has been great. Look into Ardor as well if you can. An amazing coin with great potential. Another is Deeponion. It is so low right now and with free airdrops it is impossible not to gain and rise. Hoping more can get in and help the community even more.

  • Ripple its going to boom.

  • Sherry Shk says:

    Right now it seems profitable buying ltc and xrp because of the market cap in current ,well I know another coin which is deep onion its also a promising anonymous currency with high privacy features so investing to deep onion can gain the best future as I invested and bought at 0.98$ and now its rising continously , touched 4$ in a short time so you cab see how promising it is plesse make a review on deeponion as you make best videos and explain really well

  • What's the best wallet to buy Ripple from?? The safest one.

  • Also, what about Deep Onion? Why is it very speculative? And where is the best place to get some?

  • Thanks man for the video! I really like your videos. I invested in Ripple before the i saw your videos for investing, i got 2x so I'm happy about it. Invested my gains in DeepOnion and litecoin, both i think should go up soon.

  • Pedro PI says:

    we should buy both, they are big coins although my favorite is Litecoin. Another new cryptocurrency that should be analyzed is DeepOnion, it has had an explosive growth, quite strong. Fundamentally for a very active community, good projects and a dev team very dedicated to the project. It will have to be followed closely.

  • 马家洛 says:

    Very good video, I like your style very much, your video lets me know a lot of things. Many of my friends are discussing DeepOnion. Could you explain your opinion, thank you very much!

  • White Rabbit says:

    I even could not think that Litecoin will go to the moon. Why I have not bought Litecoin when they were cheap? Although it is a cryptocurrency, and I don't despair. Saw the below message about DeepOnion. Now a good time to buy this coin. I liked the approach of developers to your project. the team has not conducted PRIVATESALES, they didn't have ICO, they give out coins with airdrop. Devs chose the right approach, distributing coins with airdrop. And the community has appreciated their labors. DeepOnion is one of the best anonymous coin that is integrated with the TOR network.
    So my choice fell on DeepOnion, i hope you will share my opinion.
    With best wishes your subscriber!

  • kevin xu says:

    I will not buy Bitcoin now.It's price is too high,I don't know if it will drop or not. But there is a another not bad currency I recently focus on. It is called Onion, Do you know it? Onion is an anonymous currency which is base on Tor network.

  • what i great idea and it is the best thing that i can be sure that this will be a success

  • It is unfortunate that I do not have the money to buy these coins now ((But I have DeepOnion coins which will soon also grow in price = 3

  • 尘土 says:

    I don't pay attention to BTC now it's too high, Onion is low. Can you analyze it

  • These two look very promising. What are people’s thoughts on Tronix? Saw a video on it and it’s looking good in my opinion.

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