How to make money from TOP 10 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY WITH BITCOIN

How to make money from TOP 10 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY WITH BITCOIN

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Title: 10 Ways to Make Money with Bitcoin

TEN: Mining Bitcoin

There are only so many coins out there, and if you have the tenacity to find one, you are going to be way ahead of the game with the current market value. What is really intriguing and making everyone crazy is that you may get a 25 bitcoins reward in mining.

NINE: Trading Bitcoin

Get in the game and trade Bitcoin. Many investors are seeing Bitcoin as the true Savior of global currency. If you are looking to get in and get out of Bitcoin, make low offers for the products and services you want using Bitcoin. There are people out there who will take even 1000th of a coin.

EIGHT: Bitcoin Lending

With the value of Bitcoin hitting all-time highs, if you lend someone Bitcoin, and by the time they pay you back the value of that same amount as doubled, you are a lending master. Lending bitcoin is onerous compare with the traditional loans.

SEVEN: Gamble in Online Bitcoin Casinos

Now, if gambling is not your thing, or shouldn’t be your thing, we understand, and you can skip this one. But, Bitcoin gambling exists, and on a day where you win big, Bitcoin might win big, too—sending your landslide gains into the stratosphere.

SIX: Write About Bitcoin on Blogs and News Sites

Do you know the primary factor that fuels Bitcoin? General public interest. The more people that buy Bitcoin, the more its value increases. So, go out there and flood the marketplace with hype!

FIVE: Bitcoin Faucets

Allow me to explain. There are companies out there that will pay you to play games, watch videos and consume content in exchange for Bitcoin. These services started when Bitcoin was trading for very little, and now, they’re absolutely lucrative.

FOUR: Buy and Hold Bitcoin

Here’s an obvious one. Want to make money off of the currency that has experienced the greatest meteoric rise in financial history? Get some of it and hold onto it. It’s probably going higher and higher.

THREE: Become an Online Broker

More people than ever are trying to invest in Bitcoin. But services like Coinbase and Bitfinx can be very hard to use, let alone obtain for many people. You can simply offer your services as an online broker for Bitcoin transactions.

TWO: Work and Get Paid in Bitcoin

Have any skills that you can pimp out on the freelance marketplace? Bitwage is a great source where you can offer services and get paid in Bitcoin.
You and your employer may agree to such agreement that interns of cash, they will pay your hourly directly to your bitcoin wallet.

ONE: Sell Goods & Services in Exchange for Bitcoin.

Most people still do not know the value of Bitcoin. But, you do. You can easily sell old personal items you don’t want anymore, or any of your services in exchange for Bitcoin.

There is a wealth of ways to make money off of Bitcoin. The main factor here is that time is of the essence. If you don’t move to make money off of Bitcoin now, someone else will. Follow any of these 10 tips and start making more money with Bitcoin, today!

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