How to make money from EARN CASH with BITCOIN? – Dude Soup Podcast #156

How to make money from EARN CASH with BITCOIN? – Dude Soup Podcast #156

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This week the boys drop some serious cyber-knowledge into your web-o-spheric nets and break down everything you need to know about cryptocurrency, including:
6:15 – How cryptocurrencies came to be and how they work.
18:20 – How the differ from traditional currencies.
26:40 – Who’s b**tf*****g whom.
39:40 – Is the world ready for this new system?
57:20 – Philosophical implications.
1:21:15 – Hard Nettin’.

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  • I wish you knew the difference between cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
    And it seems as though you're mixing up Bitcoin and Bitconnect?! Bruce is only one who has a grasp at all, really.

  • 42:02 – YES! EVERYTHING can be blockchained!

  • OMG… It's Dog-e-coin, like as in Doggy Coin… doughche coin ROFL

  • you are forgetting the most important part, and that this would bring banking into the hands of billions of people witout the ability today, and not only just access to an account, but your wallet is in and of itself a fully featured bank capable of all the tasks a regular bank could overcharge you for. and if you knew ANYTHING you would know that the fees are set by the service you are using i nmost part, and NOT the blockchain, so if you don't want to pay coinbases fees, use changelly or something else. and in many wallets you can set the fee yourself manually. as more and more transactions are done, the cheaper the fees will be as well.

  • Watching this after the crash sure is interesting

  • Knight Light says:

    At 38:50 Adam grabbed his dick

  • Fluffy says:

    I would like corporation to fuck me instead of government, because usually I can just go to competitor. While there is no alternative government and it's impossible to quickly change current government. And often it's impossible at all, because majority of people in country don't want that change.

  • On the subject of financial freedom and the get rich slow (tangential to what Adam was talking about with how he has bought a house) I just recently read a great book that offers a nice overview of this subject. "Job Free: Four Ways to Quit the Rat Race and Achieve Financial Freedom on Your Terms" by Jakes Desyllas. Sorry for the ad, just thought this was kinda relevant to the discussion and it was a quick read with a nice list of references.

  • the individualisation of someone happens normally in society when they become a problem in our society, i'd assume normally through drugs so maintaining the status quo i don't have a problem maintaining any kind of issue heavy handed gamers had, as we discuss the same core issues the gamers would.if anyone would like the topic of interaction futher then head to their old podcast

    . its brilliant. For fellow scots, its a brilliants episode that makes me feel closer too them than ever cos i can relate to them as flawed people more than ever even ironically thanks to builit as fuckj james , hes a fuckin tank and bruce, lawrencee, omar and adam are sound as fuck no matter what so, mon the scottish funhaus fans! get in about it!!!
    (i dont mean individualisation becomes a problem, i mean the individuaisation becomes the problem with a path that causes problems for a group of people, so we arent against any quirk as you should know we are. so mail us at any time.)

  • Chris Wise says:

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know I greatly enjoyed this video. I think that the dynamic between you guys is great on a complex topic like this, and ya'll dumbed it down for me to a point where I could understand the issues, the sides of the debates, and appropriate the humor you guys injected into the conversation. hopefully ya'll do more topics like this, I would definitely watch!

  • James, $100 is 2% of $5000, not bad for getting Bitcoin.

  • Believe me Bruce a lot of people have lost money with the bitconnect crash. But this was after this podcast.

  • Chedder Ched says:

    Go home Adam, this doesn't concern you

  • The Magnus says:

    Most of this is too complicated for the average Funhaus subscriber to understand.

  • I'm really surprised by how well informed a gaming channel is about some of the fundamentals of trading, investing and all the finance that is involved with the stock market. Do you guys specifically do a lot of research before your dude soup podcasts or are you guys just talking without no prep at all besides the reading that you do independently?

  • squib12th says:

    1:21:06 to skip the crypto I'm sorry but I'm too dumb to care

  • Emilio Pena says:

    God I remember in 2011/2012 when it was viable to farm Bitcoin with just a Raspberry Pi or three
    But I thought it was a meme

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  • ciphrix says:

    Early Jan18, Bitcoin was at around ~17k USD. Now (early Apr18), Bitcoin is around ~7k USD. I wonder if anyone listened to Bruce and bought into Bitcoin and lost >50% of their investment…

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