How to make money from Easy Crypto Strategy For Huge Gains | 2018 | Make Money With Cryptos | Bitcoin

How to make money from Easy Crypto Strategy For Huge Gains | 2018 | Make Money With Cryptos | Bitcoin

This is seriously one of the easiest cryptocurrency trading strategies ever! You basically buy low, wait till you 4x. Take 25% and re-invest into a smaller cap coin. Repeat. You’re welcome.

I recorded this video the other day… but I forget to upload it. My bad, yo.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is just my opinion. Always do your own research before investing.

Exchanges shut their doors Binance, Bittrex, Bitfiniex, Cryptopia:

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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  • Buy Bitcoin, Get $10 ►►
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  • What do you think about Dotcoin?

  • Ryan Perry says:

    This is really good.. But how do you make sure you buy the right stuff?

  • Luis Deza says:

    What do you think about binance coin?????

  • johnnya590 says:

    I'm still new to all this so i'm trying to figure out the best strategies.
    I've always heard "Don't keep your eggs in 1 basket". i.e. don't invest in 1 thing. If your initial investment of 5k into Neo went south you wouldn't be able to skim off the top to re-invest. So would it have been better to split that initial 5k into multiple coins?

  • kumail khan says:

    Keep up the good work bro 😉

  • kumail khan says:

    im buying every freakin dip of dbc but that shit is just falling ;D

  • TechTechInc says:

    I'm buying dips gradually. Been using that process to make money. Taking profits into smaller cryptos is the greatest advice you can give.

  • TechTechInc says:

    Keep coins that are inversely correlated with bear markets like Kucoin and Binance coin, and when they profit, use those profits to buy dips.

  • Really great stuff man. Question you mentioned Wanchain. How do you think that project will do in 2018?

  • Hey mate, great video again. Remember; ‘Nobody has ever lost money from taking profits.’ . I’m curious at which profit in % you take 25% of the coin and invest it in an other altcoin? Also how do you keep track of all your profits and reinvests?

  • Great video, def changed my perception of just holding. I'm going to try this strategy!

  • coin takip says:

    thank you so much 🙂 what a such a genius humble guy 🙂 I would like to ask question. For example, if NEO goes 10x more, will you take 0.25 from NEO one more time?

  • Arseniy Kim says:

    You are amazing! Thanks!)

  • Leon Rudd says:

    A very good video giving a sound basic understanding of tier investment. I like it. 2 quick points: IF you believe in Neo, as heavily as i do, investing in all upcoming ICO's is a great way to make money. Take profits, as suggested and invest 1 tier down for huge gains, especially now with huge price drops and the first Neo DevCon in San Francisco at the end of the month. Second. As a US citizen you are excluded in ico's but can get round that maybe by being a private investor. Universal Health Coin on Neo are accepting them with a minimum investment of $1,000 for private sale, pre-ICO. Just a thought, great video.

  • Ray Croney says:

    hey man.. thanks good info..

  • i know you got loads of requests. but when you have time, do a video on big caps. how you feel them fit in portfolio and which ones you like. exclude iota, stellar verge and so on. bcuz they are fairly new. by big caps i mean the ones that are tested for a long time. lime dash, eth and so on. i think many new to crypto should understand how important role they play. too may investing in small cap. thats good but its not all about finding 10x gains in a week. but how to have a decent portofolio and not let the whales still all our money. hyping small caps and dumping them. or losing all ur gains in a correction. i have much invested in monero and eth. they treated me sooo good this correction and everybody is crying

  • Thanks for breaking it down simple!

  • Praveenps Ps says:

    As a beginner it is really benefit ial for me thanks alot.

  • Wessel says:

    Great info and it put's things in so much perspective but I have a question for you.

    When your investment grows to a point where you need to make a call it comes down to these three options:

    1. Cash out to USD (Currently not interested)
    2. Invest in BTC or ETH.
    3. Invest into smaller cap coins.

    What if there is seriously no smaller cap coin worth investing at that point? Would it make sense to buy BTC or ETH with your 25% profit? If you increase ETH holdings, you will be set with an ICO fund. Or am I thinking the wrong way about this?

    I know this is not trading advice but would like to hear your thoughts on a case like this.

  • Alex Crypto says:

    I like almost your videos but i disagree on this one You basically make assumptions on many things like, I made profit on the first trade. What if I lost?. Then you also make an assumption of making profit on the second trade, what if it goes to loss? – like what happened to me when i invested in TRX – that was a stupid of me, but i was tricked like many other ppl. It is very hard to predict what price goes to. Plus, you could wait forever in a hope the coin price will go to even 2x so you are losing other opportunities and thus you will have to sell in loss to invest in another coin in a hope that you make it up. Not to neglect the fact that it is almost impossible to tell when the best time of exit on one coin to be the best entry point into another coin. For example, recent one "Neblio" where if you enter at 7 dollar then exit at 45 dollar then put the profit in another coin that may moon – zilliqa, is another example where you bought at ico price and sell straight at 16x then invest into another coin then go back to zilliqa for long term if you strongly believe in the project. The thing is, it is a very complicated process not that simple as you showed 🙂 – You might be better off holding a few coins to accumulate profit than jumping from one to another.

  • Everything looks better in hindsight buddy.

  • dArt says:

    or if you held it you had now more than 500k

  • Awesome video mate very insightful keep making videos.

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  • Crypto Nova says:

    May I ask a question? Do you ever put your profits into btc, real estate or usd? Thank you so much for this video!! It just confirmed that I made the right decision to implement this strategy. How ever I was going to put 25% into small caps and 25% into large cap currency coins. What do you think about that?

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  • Steve Shen says:

    l think is a great educational intro for the newbies, GREAT contains as always.

  • Thanks for the great informative video. New here ++++.

  • Gigi says:

    This is exactly the information I’ve been looking for. Thanks alot. Awesome video.

  • Jiri Marez says:

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  • I dunno how i missed this video. Thanks K-dub!

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  • PrimeDrift says:

    Should've skipped deepbrain chain and clicked that Polymath ICO ad instead lol

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