How to make money from How to (LEGALLY) Make Money Trading Penny Stock Pump and Dumps

How to make money from How to (LEGALLY) Make Money Trading Penny Stock Pump and Dumps

What is a pump and dump and why should I get involved with penny stocks if they are all pump and dumps? Subscribe here to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques:

0:30 I want to utilize all different kinds of companies and stocks in the stock market to get me richer. Pump and dumps and penny stocks have worked for me.

0:50 A pump and dump is not always going to be a penny stock and vice versa.

1:10 What is a pump and dump? It’s when someone lies and “pumps up” a stock or a company or a technology to get people to purchase stock. It’s pumping and lying.

2:00 Companies will put out misleading press releases to purposely inflate their stock prices.

2:30 Companies lie because they want to pump up their stock prices, collect the profits and then dump the stocks.

3:00 Sometimes you might think that a company is legitimate but in reality, there are all kinds of nefarious individuals in penny stocks.

4:00 For me, all of this pumping and dumping is very predictable and you can learn the patterns. You can learn to spot the fakes.

5:00 For me it’s very easy to look at the FCC filings and get to the truth. That’s how I make money. You can ride the hype, make profits and get rid of the stock legally.

6:00 This is where my value comes in. I can see through the fakes, I can tell you how long a pump and dump will last and when it’s time to short sell. Pump and dumps are very predictable.

7:00 People who haven’t studied and who aren’t doing their homework will lose in pump and dumps. Many people find me when they’ve lost all of their money in a pump and dump.

8:00 Nowhere else in the stock market do you have this kind of predictability.

8:20 Leave a comment if you have any questions about pump and dumps. There are predictable signs with pump and dumps and I can teach you how to learn these signs, too.

Thanks for watching, make sure to subscribe to my channel for advice on penny stocks, cryptocurrency, and the stock market and leave your questions in the comments below.

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