How to make money from Sales Tax and eBay Drop Shipping in 2018 | Part 69

How to make money from Sales Tax and eBay Drop Shipping in 2018 | Part 69

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Sales Tax is something that people argue about in this ebay drop shipping business all the time. I myself am very reluctant to give tax advice because I am not a CPA but I figured I will give you guys a video talking about what I do in my drop shipping business and how I approach Sales Taxes and ebay drop shipping.

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  • LeGoat James says:

    Why did you change your mind on not charging sales tax? You say in your older videos to charge sales tax for as long as possible till ebay tells you not to?

  • Amanda has resolve thi problem with a perfect way of course with law of attraction hhhh
    but it's work for me as a dropshipper from morocco because i can only dropship from ebay to ebay and i made like 600$ a day

  • Thai Nguyen says:

    It's also eBay's fault for not making people enter their sales tax license before charging sales tax. It's literally open for everybody, just punch in what you wanna charge. Amazon requires you to put in license number in order to charge sales tax and they have a more developed system to calculate how much to charge. Only charge sales tax if you have a license in that state. I am exempt on Amazon/Walmart/Homedepot in most states ( including CA,FL).

  • If I live in New York, and become tax exempt, I would have to charge sales tax to my New York buyers, correct? And for other states, is there a case to be made that since we don't know where our suppliers store their items, that we have nexus in any random state they store items in, and would have to charge sales tax in those states as well? Or is that not how it works?

  • Karim Ahmed says:

    Wtb overseas dropshippers
    DOES the EIN If i made one can get me tax exempt from walmart & amazon ?

  • Neems says:

    Glad you made this video cause I think this is one of the most important issue new dropshippers will face. You can find all the products you want to sell but if you're having to mark up your price to cover the sales tax you have to pay to retailers then you really can't compete with dropshippers that have tax exempt accounts. The other point you made about some retailers not offering tax exempt accounts is interesting cause then a new dropshipper could buy from them and include sales tax in their price since all the other dropshippers will have to as well. You would just have to find products that aren't available from retailers that offer tax exempt accounts which might take some time.

  • "There's free training in the description, so check that b** out" lmao thumbs up

  • You explanation are pretty good. But why are curseing all the time????

  • Am not from USA, can't get tax exempted, I charge taxes on eBay, when I get the email I will stop and completely change my strategy so I don't have to compete on the price (I have a trick); one question Mark: does everyone eventually get the Tax email from eBay?

  • Thanks for sharing this valuable piece of information Mark. This is great stuff!

  • Riffs4U says:

    Hey Marc, I'm not tax exempt and don't live in US but charge sales tax. Just because I pay salas tax every single time I kinda don't want to stop charging it. Would eBay restrict my account? (thanks for the honesty once more brother)

  • It's crazy how consistent your videos have been about things that i've been researching on my own week by week. Thank you!

  • Do you have an idea how much it cost ?

  • Natia Lollie says:

    What about places like California? I noticed that even with tax exempt accounts they still charge sometimes

  • Once you become tax exempt, walmart will still charge you tax on those states that do not accept your certificate. Marc do you set up a rate table to not sell in those states? Or do you lose money when someone buys from you in those states?

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