How to make money from How to Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

How to make money from How to Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

Learn my 5 step process for how to make passive income with affiliate marketing, PLUS an example with one of my own products!

Affiliate marketing is incredibly powerful, and extremely underutilized by most brands. I’ll show you how to do it right to give yourself the best change for long term, passive income.

With that said, do realize that although technically affiliate marketing is easy (almost anyone can sign up for Amazon’s associates program, for example), it’s actually hard to master and get to a point where it can generate significant earnings.

By putting these strategies into place now, however, you’ll set yourself up for success because after you implement these strategies, they become passive money-makers that can continue to earn for you over time, while you rinse and repeat the process with other products in your recommendation library.

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Let me know in the comment section what the next product you’re going to focus on to promote as an affiliate. I hope you enjoy these tips! I’ve got a lot more affiliate marketing strategies coming your way, so make sure you subscribe (and hit that notification bell to join #TeamFlynn!), and I look forward to reading your comment below!

Thanks again for being awesome!


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  • I have to say, being genuine and how you talk about providing value and not just a link and photo, that does make me want to click that link rather than just copy the product and perform the search myself.

  • This may be a bit more of an advance Q+A but I'm curious your thoughts on taking the affiliate link and then using a plugin or a URL shortener as the link instead.

  • oksancia says:

    Awesome video as always, dear Pat! I am going to recommend Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Tablet for artists.

  • Thank you so much Pat for going step by step on showing us how to become an affiliate 😁😁😁😁

  • Karol Garley says:

    …or that 'wynn' 😊
    Have A Magical Evening!!!❀

  • Pat I love your work. QUESTION: How can I use affiliate marketing for my role as an agent to service providers? I help people find work/clients and charge a commission or "finder's fee." Is there a suggestion or course for learning better ways to do that using similar concepts?

  • Keala Carr says:

    Hi! I'm going to be talking a lot about various personal development and business growth books and courses I'm going to take over the next year, so I figure I'll do the affiliate links with Amazon to the books I recommend. Yours is on my list to read too! πŸ™‚

  • Hey Pat I would be careful at saying kickback just because it sometimes has a negative view.

  • a w e s o m e stuff again, Pat! Hey, who makes that candle behind you on the shelf at 4:55? I'll buy one if there's an affiliate link that'll earn you some money πŸ™‚

  • never mind, saw the reply below…

  • KANISK NAYAN says:

    Very helpful. I will start with finding the right product for my audience (runners). Update soon..

  • Thanks Pat! I have to say that I really like your style on how you present and discuss different topics and how genuine you are. I’m starting out as a affiliate marketer in the nutrition and sports supplement niche and I’ve created a blog website and have created one post on a popular protein supplement that I use and personally love. My next step is to create a YouTube video showing the product in a β€œ5 reasons why… β€œ style video. My question to you is that this genre can come across as scammy and I really want to come across as being really genuine. Any thoughts. Thanks again.

  • People are always asking me about the induction range I use in my kitchen sessions and demos. I plan to do a video review. Just got my Amazon Associate set up last night, so I’m ready to go! #teamflynn

  • Jerome Brown says:

    Great video Pat, I've actually spoken to youtubers who have created videos on a product I am talking about and asked them if I could feature their video into my blog post. That way they can see a video about a product from a source I trust and in return I link back to that persons youtube channel.This is just until I am at a place where I can create my own videos.

  • Do you see a problem with recommending 2 different items that do the same thing as alternatives? Example: 2 different microphones; 1 higher-end and 1 entry-level.

  • Finally, a video that made affiliate marketing sound like something I can actually do. Thanks Pat!

  • I signed up for Amazon Affiliate and was kicked out of the program because no one bought anything using my link. I think there's a limit for the amount of days you have to make a certain number of sales. I only made one sale and they told me I was no longer eligible for the program and have to reapply whenever I get "more traffic" is what they said.

  • Mom Gamers says:

    I think what makes Pat so successful is how FORTH coming he is! HE's a generous giver of information!

  • Brian Little says:

    Hi Pat, thanks for another great and honest video. The value you provide is brilliant. You spoke about tracking your results to see what links people are clicking. How do you go about doing that?

  • Great video Pat! Thanks!

  • Awesome video as usual but what about if you are already doing it but no one is taking action, no body is buying products using your links, thanks anyway for sharing.

  • Carina Parry says:

    Hi Pat, love your transparency, thanks for the great info πŸ™‚

  • What make and model camera did you use for this video? PS thx for tips

  • Ann Marie says:

    Wow. If I knew what product or service to sell myself or promote I know I could make an income. But most of the affiliate products on these sites that sell mostly digital products, they are really bad. And I’ve even bought a lot of them and they are just not good quality. And the marketing is always so false because you don’t ever get what you expect.

  • Israel MV says:

    Thanks Pat, for this awesome video, and for the Stickers and Pin you sent me, all the way to Mexico! I really appreciate it! QUick question, what tools do I need to build a website just like yours and how much do I need to spend? =) Thanks again

  • Thanks Pat my wife and I are just starting and we are currently narrowing down what product or products we will represent.

  • I've been growing my affiliate company for a while now and stumbled upon your site through a recommendation and immediately subscribed to your podcast. Great stuff here, looking forward to more!

  • Thx Pat
    You are my "Online Father" and I started my blog because of your clear guidance on your blogs and videos.
    I am promoting Rooibos tea which is a naturally caffeine free tea indigenousness to South Africa on my AFIB HEART blog, but I see that I can do much more. It is a very inexpensive product, so I do not know how effective it will be to generate a good income.
    Thx again for your free e-books also.

  • man, what an amazing video.

  • Jeff Barnett says:

    The only part I am stuck at is obtaining the products for the un-boxing. Because of the expense, this is not my niche but say for example the niche was drones. These devices start off at several hundred dollars and go up to thousands. How would you overcome this with making videos when you are starting out? Simply using still pictures? Not near as exciting I know, but It would be difficult to dish out 500 dollars for a drone just for an un-boxing video. If that was the niche. Any suggestions?? TY. Great video BTW.

  • Bluechecker says:

    Great video. We are actually looking for affiliate marketers to promote our product. We offer generous commissions.

  • Help I want to do affiliate marketing. No idea where to start. Do iset up a website? What to promote and how to make sure people get to see it? Please advise.. love your tutoriala I am not social media savvy so need some guidance Pat . Thank you

  • Hey Pat, I don't know if you read your comments but I love your story. The first time I ever heard of Pat Flynn was on a guest podcast with Noah Kegan, then more recently listening to crushing it by Gary Vaynerchuk. So naturally, I typed Pat Flynn into Google, found your website Smart Passive Income, clicked affiliate, and watched this video. Great work!

    Pat, in response to your question at the end of the video, I am going to try and promote the Amazon Alexa Dot in collusion with a pair of water-proof outdoor speakers. My house currently has an Alexa in every room with a variety of home automation controls. After watching this video I never understood that other people may want to see how the Alexa works in a practical environment, plus selfishly I kind want to show off my setup. I plan on shooting the video this month and when I am finished I will be sure to share a link here.

    A piece of advice, Pat I know you are an expert in all things internet, but I think you would get a lot more comments on this video if your website offered a comment section. At the end of this video you ask for comments in the field below, but if you are on your website there is no field below. To add a comment you have to click the link, leave your site, go to youtube, then leave a comment. Is there any way you could embed the youtube comments section on your site? Just a thought. Thanks for everything you do.

    Spencer Scott

  • Marat says:

    If you show the product in a video, why someone would have to click an affiliate link when they just could go and type the product name in Amazon?

  • Hatice Tavli says:

    Hi I am starting with affiliate marketing. But I do not a website or anything audience on the internet yet. What approach would you recommend me to build an audience? What is the best way for someone how is new in the game?

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