Incurance is Brad Garlinghouse – Ripple strategy, xRapid XRP and plans for the future insurance car insurance home insurance in islam insurance europe

How to make money from Brad Garlinghouse – Ripple strategy, xRapid XRP and plans for the future

Brad Garlinghouse Ripple strategy, xRapid XRP and plans for the future

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  • By far best explanation of how Ripple works..I can’t wait till XRP reaches $200 +

  • When was this interview/podcast done?

  • AM S says:

    Who is the Ripple representative speaking, as its not Brad Garlinghouse? Thanks for the clarification.

  • Jerry Hall says:

    I have a question, Although I have read through the Ripple website I could not find an answer – So I will ask you folks. If I were a Bank in the US and was using the xRapid system and there was a bank in England using the same. How many xrp would it take to send $10,000 US dollars to that bank in England??? I ask to gauge the amount of XRP I would want to have if I were a Bank with annual cross border transfers of 10 billion a year

  • 青唐辛子 says:

    are you crasy, I bought xrp on 1.1 dollar, drop to 9.3 dollars. shit coin and no one to use. I dump and boutht staller,
    which has much good furture,

  • Kev says:

    lmao…ripple market cap of $12 Trillion. You xrp boys need to stop sniffing whatever it is you are sniffing

  • Chris Wood says:

    Ripple is a fake banker coin WATCH THE LINK BELOW. All coins have been pre mined by the Bankers,
    its only purpose is to take your money, and they can do that with a click of a
    mouse up. click down . Ripple has no place in the decentralized world of
    cryptos as it is fully connected to banks and governments ready to get your tax
    and monitor every trade you do. This peace of shit will steal all your
    cash and many will get sucked in with all the hype and BS publicity. Buy ltc
    this will be around in a 100 years’ time. XRP will be like bitconnect. Shame on
    people pumping this crap.

  • that is not garlinghouses voice get off the tube. you ass hole why are you trying to fool we people go home

  • Tukjine8 says:

    Ripple to replace Sdr ?

  • Kevin K Adj says:

    every crypto out there has a low price because of the total supply. go on coin market and look at price against current supply and total supply and you will know why..

  • I really liked how all this was explained. People need to look at the WHOLE picture, and not just look at the XRP "Coin". The more XRP works in it's technology and partnerships, the better it will be for everyone involved. Everyone talks about Bitcoin being the superior coin, but that business doesn't come close to what XRP on the whole. XRP's ultimate goal is in my opinion is to make transferring money throughout the world incredibly fast AND inexpensive. Ever used Western Union? Slow and expensive. If you don't look at your XRP coin like day trading, and hold on to it. I believe we will all experience the wealth we are hoping for. The early bird get's the worm.

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