How to make money from Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – Step by Step

How to make money from Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – Step by Step

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Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – Step by Step

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In this video I’m going to walk you through on “How marketing works and how others can earn 6 figures”
It is a Simple process that needs Audience Attention and Offer.
To learn more, watch this video because I’m gonna share my knowledge to help you.

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  • tom tom says:

    3:20 i can't make even a cent in anyway :((((( i'm going to live out in the streets soon.. goodbye life

  • King Tut says:

    If you're questioning whether or not an email list is worth the effort consider this: Your facebook ads account can get banned. Google can decide it doesn't like your site anymore and dump it down on page 7. Bing can ban you. But no one can ever take away your email list from you.

  • Gwen Music says:

    I had music videos out about 6 years ago but did not understand the monetization. I am vlogging with that and affiliate marketing
    in health and beauty. My main niche is to perform and educate inspiring performers of what I know and what I am learning, and making content. I have hurdles of learning all of it but I have a bench mark and it helps to keep
    pressing. Thanks for your shating.

  • Great leadership a genuine magnetic talk done with character and leading from the front talk the talk and walked the walk . This is character and its amazes me that theres not many around me now who have this so now i spend a lot alone and learn from people like Nathan. Melbourne Australia here .

  • BlondeR says:

    Sign up free today! You can earn money everyday!

  • How do you get paid without a google adsense account?

  • Ouma Victor says:

    Thanks for the honest information. I consider giving it a try

  • Boba Fett says:

    Someone please tell me how you make money off say, the relationship niche? What products can you sell on Amazon about relationships?

  • Thanks a lot for this bro! You are awesome and I am taking notes.

  • Deanna Henry says:

    Nate what your niche

  • Yael Abraham says:

    Thank you! Good tips. But I have not started, only now heard of this market and I don't know anything, so in other words, I need to know where and how to start having no knowledge and very low budget. I would appreciate if you can tell me what videos to watch (free please!) and any other thing you'd like to suggest for me! Thanks a lot! 🙂

  • Thanks man! This is so helpful.

  • Johnny Sage says:

    Tried and failed before. Starting again

  • Hi Nathon I have started the {digital profit course} for affiliate marketing & I love to do that is this the right course from affiliate marketing?

  • Joshua L says:

    Can you please make a pure informative video of how affiliate marketing works? This video does have it but you add a lot of comments and coaching kinda comment , which I understand. However it would be nice to have a shorter video that just shortly explains the process on a flowchart

  • Finding it hard to begin. Trying to start but I am a bit confused as to different ways to do so such as platforms. If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated. @freedominfluence

  • Eva Kelley says:

    Great information!🙂Nathan I've never tried affiliate marketing but want to try it as soon as possible! I am also a veteran. Ive actually always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I know that I can do this and overtime be successful and stay successful! So true about the mindset! You are very inspiring and motivating thank you! God bless!

  • Julius Ossai says:

    You are always clear in your tutoring.Thank you sir

  • trailzy says:

    I'm just starting to research affiliate marketing. I want to say you are the most transparent person that I've found so far. I will be reading your ebook to learn more. Thanks so much for the information.

  • daud ibrahim says:

    its quite confusing for beginners like me who are willing to try.

  • Maggie's DIY says:

    Hi Nathan,
    I love your videos. I downloaded your video a month or so ago (I was researching on some other content when your video popped-up) but did not have time to watch it immediately. Now I have had time and I am watching it over and over again (on YouTube too). I have liked it and subscribed to your channel).

    You are very informative and I am taking notes as I go. Thanks for sharing. I will be a faithful follower- I need to learn more and implement about affiliate marketing…. I consider myself a beginner as per your definition ;). I have a website and YouTube Channel where I share content on Online Freelancing Opportunities, and hoping to scale my own online income generating activities with Affiliate Marketing. I am so happy I landed here. You clarity on the process is amazing.

  • roman leon says:

    i dare you to pin me to the top, so i can tell the truth to these people. 170k subs, lol cmon u know what happened in jan'18 and how you get that raise 🙂 so slow down there racehorse, if your making money, do it the real way and tell people the TRUTH, u freaking lied about a eBOOK send to a site to download a ebook, invest your hard earned money on fiverr, upwork etc…

  • Great info as I'm getting used to from Nathan

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