How to make money from Part 2: How To Start Selling Online With No Money! Works For Shopify Dropshipping & Amazon FBA

How to make money from Part 2: How To Start Selling Online With No Money! Works For Shopify Dropshipping & Amazon FBA

Take what you sell / want to sell.

Package it up and use it as bait.

To build a massive email list.

Using one Facebook ad, one video, one email a day.

That’s our formula.


But, easier said than done, huh?

Cuz it’s like:

“Well, what’s the offer exactly?”

“And would anyone actually sign up for it?”

“I mean, nobody’s ever heard of my brand.”

“I’ve got no list.”

“No audience.”

“No momentum.”


“And I need help with my video.”

“And setting up the auto responder.”

“And syncing software.”

“And making pages pretty.”

“Plus, what about ads?”

“I’m clueless!”

“And I hate writing emails.”


“I know…”

“I’ll buy another course.”

“That way, I’ll at least feel like I’m getting somewhere.”

“Even though I prob’ly won’t do diddly with it.”


I’ve got a better idea.

Hire us to do it all for ya.

Hey, it’s Mikee, from:

And yes, I’m serious.

We do done-for-you funnels.

A to Z.

Offer, video, ad, emails, systems, tech.


Just tell us what you wanna sell:

– Private Label on Amazon FBA
– Dropshipping
– Pet Supplies
– Beauty Products
– Kitchen Items
– Tools
– Essential Oil proudcts
– Whatever’s clever

Then have a seat.

And we’ll make it happen.

For a big, fat fee of course.

(That’s called “the catch.”)

But hey, if nothing else has worked?

And you’re sick and tired of trying to do everything yourself?

Maybe it’s time to consider done-for-you:

Whaddya say?

Wanna watch case studies?

Hear from big names we’ve worked with?

See one of these babies in action?

If so, enter a valid email here:

Then check your inbox.

And, I promise:

You’ll be grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ a sweet tater.



PS, it’s happening here:

*Email opt-in required.

**If you use autofill, delete the space it adds after the end of your email or it’ll look invalid.

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