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  • Dave c says:

    Alex your doing great!!!You have to hold hands of the babies.This is part of your job also!!!!!You have become a face for XRP.This is a great learning.Don't let people see your getting pissed.Support.

  • Dave c says:

    Buy Sombrero's in winter…

  • Dave c says:

    Sell in May and go away…They are at The Hampton's.

  • mow940 says:

    OMG ! if XRP is only GOING to be used by one bank, why did the treasury department fine Ripple and create an agreement for a currency violation ????? So shady.

  • mow940 says:

    If they had not done any transactions in 2015, how come they were fined?

  • mow940 says:

    FUD lies . the treasury dept agreement WAS A BIG LIE

  • stuartXRP says:

    I missed it live but its still great to watch. 1 bank is going to use XRAPID = cheaper fees so all banks have to adopt or go bust. This is great news

  • w says:

    The hype is over. Whales have moved on.

  • prodical says:

    Why are people always complaing and so caught up in vague statements? If you truly believed in Ripple team and the technology behind XRP this would not be an issue. If you are that upset then sell right now and people like me will buy it up.

  • From my understanding, SBI crypto account enrollment process takes weeks to complete (application sent through snail mail, the multiple ID's returned via snail mail, then manual processing of accounts). This to me means no sudden and sharp increase in XRP value from SBI opening July 18, but more likely new accounts being able to trade in August or September. I'm hoping because it's a dependable institution that many newcomers will feel confident to enter the market.

  • So no gains of xrp until next 5 to 10 years πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ˜”πŸ˜•

  • BronxShots says:

    If at least one bank will use XRapid, the other banks will watch it succeed and they'll want to use XRapid too.

  • XRP! TO. THE. MOON! 🀘🏻

  • To be clear,

    Brad Garlinghouse said β€œwe EXPECT for at least one bank to use XRP”

    Are you sticking to that?


    Their is no for sure. don’t spread roomers or misinformation your Chanel has been insightful i watch often and am greatfull for the content/research you provide.

  • B says:

    Welcome to Alex Cobb begging channel!

  • brady nields says:

    28:48 This exact thing happened in 2014 however at that point the media was making fun of bitcoin. It lasted for the better part of a year. The lesson learned is buy the boring.

  • sc 1066 says:

    from lambo to limbo lol, but sometimes you need to also listen to the whole crypto market, heres a great bit of news for the day if you dont listen to this bloke he worth a visit, ive been listening to him for about a year and has some great information on the whole market in general

  • Dirk Diggler says:

    You make more money on you tube than xrp atm.Why the long intro?Im starting to think most these channels is a bunch of shit.Videos about ripple every fucking day and it keeps dropping.If they dont use xcurrent and xrappid then we are doomed and Ripple is laughing all the way to the bank so this is simple.Im unsubscribing and just reading the news.

  • Hi Alex. Few points I'd like to make. Firstly when you searched for the graph… The real graph to look at was no 3 on the screen that popped up. Secondly… You nailed it when you said "time to sell is when random ass people who never talk about crypto are talking about it" do not forget this next time, when this happens again consider cashing out at least some of your crypto. Finally the whales aren't manipulating the market so much as taking advantage of human nature. Do the opposite of the 99 percent. Price and value aren't the same thing so, as you clearly understand, you're investment is safe (imo) but xrp is unlikely to follow any graph or cycle next time. Next time it goes into frenzy it will break btc and hundreds of other cryptos. Many many times the last no of people will drop off dead coins and join into the xrp party late, and burnt. The 1 percent will profit many times more from this than the last run. It will not be pretty, but it will be a fun ride. Keep up the excellent content. Just my 10 sense*

  • Lol, XRP holder problems. We get so much good news that people are bumbed when the news "isn't good enough". "Only one bank using xrp this year". Man, if any other crypto announced that their holders would be going crazy and it'd be posted all over reddit! But for us it's just another day. Anyone who's disappointed from the latest inferview it's time for a reality check.

  • Google Karen Gifford. Fed reserve board member. Now working for ripple. @alex

  • SD says:

    What's the music playing at the beginning? I want it.

  • slayyyedits says:

    alex- why does it take you 5 minutes to come on. Geez, got us on tenterhooks brother

  • Buster Moon says:

    Not only Banks who will use XRP but also many financial institutions .Moreover he kind of focus on the first step to accomplish then everything we expect will come for sure .Zero doubt .XRP is future!!

  • What he said was banks will start using xrp this year and dozens will be using xrp in 2019

  • Jeff Rome says:

    Instant settlement is needed.. everyone hates to wait 3+ days for their money….. Ripple for now is the only solution in town it's just a matter of time.

  • w says:

    .48 cents now its going down

  • The bottom line is there is forward progress by the end of the year…be it one bank or more. It took them about five years to crack this nut so let's be happy with that and move on from there.

  • Where can I find this music?😍

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