How to make money from $BTC live Bitcoin trading on Bitmex. Road to 1BTC

How to make money from $BTC live Bitcoin trading on Bitmex. Road to 1BTC

Multistreaming with

*Not financial advice

Except this:
“Rule #1 – Always have a stop loss
Rule #2 – Always stick to your stop loss”

If there is bad video quality, manually change the settings to 1080p

95% of traders lose money, some break even, and very few profit.
95% of discord/telegram/twitter channels lose or make significantly less money than they’re advertising.
Trading is hard. Following someone’s advice blindly is a guaranteed loss.
Even if I make money and show you how I make money, doesn’t mean you will too
I do not recommend following my trades

Hello everyone, I’ve been trading bitcoin in profit for quite some time and I would like to share my positions and show how I manage them. If you are interested in Bitmex leverage trading use the following link to receive 10% off trading fees

“Looks like you found a referral code! You will receive a 10% fee discount for the first six months.”


The stream is up and running 24/7 and it started with 0.05 btc, you can see the “TOTAL” balance in top right corner to check the progress

Chako is a 2 man team, one with 1 year experience trading in crypto market and other with 5+ years trading in traditional market.

I’m using 25x leverage so i could place multiple orders for buying and selling at the same time, be ready for both scenarios. Having high leverage doesn’t mean you are placing bigger orders, my position sizes are between 5-10% of TOTAL balance and my stop losses are very close, so i’m risking only between 1-5% of TOTAL balance on a losing trade.

I deeply appreciate you coming here, if you’re new to crypto make sure to not go big on a single trade

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How to make money from trading

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