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  • Rxcon says:

    adding XLM is just a big F U to XRP IMO… just trying to delay the inevitable.

  • Great video. I believe you will get your interview. Go for it!

  • I'm looking forward to the interview. And good luck with the boy's baseball career.

  • Stevo Dav says:

    I really enjoyed this DAI, I've been following you for a while, I have very little experience or knowledge regarding finances other than spending it… and I can see this wave approaching from afar. I hope all my fellow early crypto investors can and appreciate, hang on and reap their own rewards. Once in a life time opportunity. All the best to you.

  • Christiaan80 says:

    Thanks for this great inspiring video.
    Ripple and XRP are creating the next big thing in history as we speak!
    Ooh and of course I wish you good luck chasing the goal you just set.

  • Keep up the great work mate , Thank You!

  • Luc lalonde says:

    You Sir !! are one of the best if not The best , you could fill a stadium if more people knew about you thank you so much for what you do , truly inspirational . Sharing

  • Crypto' Tee says:

    I'm going to chat to Brad and tell him he better come correct. 😀

  • Great video as usual…. I am 100% Sure you will succeed in getting your interview with Brad.

  • Good man. Always enjoy your stories 😊

  • Fly Bri says:

    Everyone should realize the days of .50 XRP is almost over. Position yourselves now . Uphold is good but they will slow down when masses want to buy. They recently are slowing down and it way get worse . Don’t wait. The price is a lifetime opportunity now. Good luck.

  • Ripple_ EDU says:

    I told myself the same thing about my son with a different approach. We are gonna bond together with something different though, computer science. Great video

  • midwyfe16 says:

    Good for you! I hope he accepts. It would humanize him and give him the opportunity to thank retail investors in a very personal way. Even though XRP is primarily a “bankers coin” the retail investors will be a part of the success of their projects and it would cause wild excitement among us if he actually accepted!

  • Question: 2 years down the road I want to take out my large investment out of cryptocurrency and cash out, how would taxes affect this withdrawal, if it will at all?

  • So Let it be written, so let it be done.

  • Jan de Jong says:

    When will you start with live streams?

  • Jan de Jong says:

    Isn't there a huge competition between those investment funds going on as well? Once the first large institutional investors get in, the rest will FOMO in too.

  • Jan de Jong says:

    Man, its great to hear how you try to inspire your boys to be the very best they can possibly be.

    Can't wait for your goal to get real. I am going to write down some goals for my self as well.

  • Use the community, Twitter bombs to make the invite happen. Use Reddit too!

  • North Meat says:

    Its a long shot but its worth Trying.. Goodluck😀

  • J Vaught says:

    You preached, I finally listened…. bought 2 ledger nano s'…. in case I hide one too well. Thank you for taking time out of your day to educate others.

  • Da fuq Is a Basic Attention Token????😂

  • John Duxbury says:

    I love this GOAL – go for it!!

  • Greetings from Poland!!

  • Great video! I’d love to see the Silver Fox on with you!!

  • Hey you need to see CJKs last live stream. He put you down. He is a fuckwit !

  • Jared Del Re says:

    Man Digitial that little bitch CKJ called you out and said you copy his shit what a joke he is!

  • What a motivational speaker!! Stepping out there and claiming your success on pure faith. After all, isn't that what a great life is about? Setting awesome goals and having enough faith to never take no for an answer. There's usually a great rhyme and reason to all the corny cliches (no pun intended 😂). Where there's a will, there's a way (corny cliche). All humor aside, that little cliche probably holds one of life's biggest lessons and greatest challenges. That one saying is mostly used as hindsight from bearing witness to success rising up out of the abyss in which you wouldn't dare dream it was possible. And the challenge is having that determination and persistence to keep pushing forward when your goal is likened to that of being able to move mountains. Way too many give up way too fast. You're obviously a fantastic father. And I'm both honored and grateful to have taken the time to watch your channel, which in return has given me a rare opportunity to have my life touched by you as well. There are several of you guys in the XRP community who have made this journey one of pure joy. Not one time have I ever regretted investing in XRP. That alone says a whole lot. I'm the usual skeptic when it comes to parting with my money. And just as you pointed out, it not only takes the ability see past the trees into the forest, but also the ability to understand it. At the point in which you are able to do that, is the point in which patience is no longer a problem. So again, all gratitude to you sir!! The XRP community is arguably the most cohesive community out there. And I'm honored to be a part of this group!

  • feit blizz says:

    I miss this audio, the audio on your last three is worse. This is my IMO tnx

  • iounatta says:

    Glad I found your channel. You may have missed your calling as an inspiration speaker. 🙂 Always interested to hear what you have to say. So much research is done by you. This allows me to cheat a little and catch up quickly just by watching your channel. Whenever I feel a bit stressed or emotional (FUD) about my XRP BAG holding, I tune to your videos. It really helps ease the mind. I wish I had your tenacity earlier in life. 51 now and my dream has been to retire well before 60 so it's still very doable if this plays out as anticipated by most. Heck, maybe it will be by time I'm 55… DREAM BIG!

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