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How to make money from Ripple XRP: Could Mass Adoption Of XRP Be The Catalyst For The Next Bull Run?

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  • XRP Pom Mom says:

    What if we run out of XRP in Circulation?

  • Ravi Dalal says:

    The best and important thing is that xrp is one of the top 3 asset which makes me feel so positive man !!

  • AJ Bogan says:

    Nice video – it makes sense that if XRP hits the number one spot that could be a huge catalyst to a bull run. I would say that this October / November could be the catalyst to XRP being in the number one spot! AJ

  • Ash Ketchum says:

    1000 000 XRP will be life changing in one year

  • I love this video. The REAL reason XRP has not been added to Coinbase is much more simple then people think. If XRP were added to Coinbase it would almost without a doubt start the bull run. All the tracks havent been laid yet and all the apples haven't been shaken from the tree just yet either. XRP will steer the next run. The market is begging for utility to trump speculation. XRP is the only project with plausible utility.

  • Yeah, good thought. BTC certainly won't ever pump from utility. We all know BTC is more useless than physical gold when it gets to $20K. So if the market does pump, it'll have to be from big-money/whales getting into the market or another asset bringing the utility. So yes, if there is no whale pump to jumpstart the market, our only hope would be mass-adoption from another asset and Ripple deffinately is leaps and bounds way ahead of other assets or entity with an asset, as far as the amount of partnerships and infrastructure built to utilize their asset.

    XRP has XRapid, Interledger and Codius in the pipe and now even Coil going live, which in itself could be a sleeping giant. Not to mention Ripple has members in boards with the Federal Reserve, UN and IMF. My money is deffinately on XRP.

  • Roy Dopson says:

    It's time for the natural evolution of this market to place btc in it's rightful place; not in top spot.

  • A possible scenario! Very refreshing, and thank you!

  • Haha "what happens if theres no bitcoin bull run but xrp gets mass adopted." Hahahaha

  • XRP to $1,053,634,622 per coin baby!

  • I just found you today! I love how you shout out to the other xrp youtuber's, I love how your to the point, your so clear & precise so easy to follow your fast talking . I have watched all your videos today and have subscribed with notifications, look forward to your knowledge. Thank you! just new to xrp this month loading up my xrp bags every day ! what a blast this is!!!

  • Al Jenkins says:

    Will the sun rise tomorrow morning ?

  • Al Jenkins says:

    With all respect, this is just regurgitated information.

  • CAMBO W says:

    From mid january 2018 bitcoin became and will remain a pump and dump coin FACT. It will never scale and will always become more centralised FACT. #BITCOINTHECHINESECOIN.

  • Alp Akal says:

    Some food for thought; I think as a good investor, we should always question our investments. Note: This IS NOT FUD.

    First, the xRapid case: It's becoming more and more evident with IBM / Stellar (which I think is a very solid competitor) World Wire, Alibaba launching remittance services (I don't think it's xRapid), SWIFT working on the GPI, etc. And xRapid seems to be delayed, and delayed again. I know, extensive testing should be done; Garlinghouse stated that "major banks would be using xRapid by the end of the year" and that's ok. But remember, competition is also building up. And there will be a hell of competition, mark my words for it. Ripple might be the first to market, but will not be left alone in this huge market for long.

    I think Ripple will and should capture a percent of the remittance and cross border settlement market, with SBI's plan of action, but could be much lower than we expect in the short term. Long term, who knows..

    Second, the IMF case: Yeah, Chris Larsen is on IMF advisory board. So? It can very well be in order to implement some sort of IMFCoin to the ILP, which has no impact on XRP whatsoever. Ryan Zagone? Again, he might be arranging the regulationary background for ILP, not specifically XRP.

    Then there's the SEC. I don't think XRP will be deemed a security, but who knows what powers are at work. One thing we should keep in mind is, there probably are much bigger forces than we could imagine in play in this entanglement. So I wouldn't bet 100% percent on it, there's always risk. However, SEC taking longer makes me think that they have given some sort of guidelines to Ripple and waiting for them to comply with those, so I'm most positive on the SEC decision.

    Please note: I do not intend to spread FUD, if all works out good and XRP takes off, then all good. But what we should do is, take a more "neutral" stance towards our investments rather than sanctify them. Any thoughts would be most welcome.

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