Incurance is XRP/Ripple: Stock Markets & Profit Taking insurance car insurance home insurance in islam insurance europe

How to make money from XRP/Ripple: Stock Markets & Profit Taking


I am not a financial advisor. None of what I say or my videos are financial advice. This is merely my opinion. Invest at your own risk and be aware of the fact you might lose all your money.




  • MelodizeLife says:

    Thanks for sharing your logic on markets and the practical approach to this investment. Logically XRP will take time to mature etc. This is crypto and we often see thing happen that don't really correlate to any emperical logic. That being said, a sudden hype of awareness among the masses could even trigger a bull run out of nowhere.

    Certainly a feeling of a bull run may be lurking around the corner, especially after the SEC announcement at the end of the month. Should the ETF be shot down again, October(at least 1 half of it) will probably visit the lowest we will ever see crypto go again. I'm lucky to be coming into a little money at the end of this month. Definitely going to get funds in position and aim for that 5 for 1 early October. We might even see a 10 for 1.

    At the lowest low wall street will enter and then we will see a sudden spike. It's going to take some sincere intuition and discipline to land the mega deal of the buy. Dollar cost averaging is a good strategy but a very realistic chance at some amazing deals is possibly on the horizon. If the sec approves though, good chance the lowest prices are right now to the 25 cent range.

    If gut feeling is right, SEC will deny as it's all a staged play to kill price and pick up assets as cheap as possible before everyone sees the massive wall street rush unfold. Bull run should be triggered massively to follow. Peace

  • kenneth tan says:

    Yea, bro. Selling a depreciating asset for an extraordinarily appreciating asset. Duh?!!πŸ€—πŸ€—. Hope for it to drop further as my investmt funds are limited!! Nothihg like 10cts or even 15cts. Man, that wld be awesome. Then, the patient endurance kicks in!! Howver, presently wld like to acc. When even 20-25 cts to hv some just in case i miss the boat!! Enjoy yr vids! God bless and hv a great week!!

  • Rob you tell it how it is you’re honest and straight up things change in life people change ,strategies need to adjust people become more educated you have done just that well done.
    For all the haters out there , it’s time to open your eyes and if the truth hurts then go watch some other YouTuber
    Thanks Rob looking forward to your next post cheers mateπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • 20K XRP could be life changing in a few years

  • Ian Walsh says:

    Ridiculous! its not going to 15 10 or 5 Cent

  • Saif Ahsan says:

    nice beard trim RobπŸš€

  • The Visioner says:

    In ripple we trust this is for real next new bitcoin is coming just 100x better #XRP

  • Finally trimmed beard πŸ™‚

  • I cant even work out how to buy XRP with cash, I have to buy BTC and then swap that for XRP so what will happen if XRP goes to $100 and loads of people take profit? Possibly causing BTC to tank if we want cash to but property or business etc

  • Cryptotrader says:

    Me and you are cut from the same cloth iv never met you but feel as if iv know you a lifetime have a great day and keep it up πŸ€™πŸ»

  • I love these vids, also crypto twins, DAI, Sam I am to the life boats, Professor P, and others. The one thing that everyone has in common, is the belief in XRP. Realistic value and predictions or not. Now I can see what I said all along in my various posts on comments and tweets now and again, is coming out in your vids. Maybe that is not my original idea coming from me, but I could see it all along. Glen Beck in the great cryptocurrency conspiracy said it too, it is that it is the agenda of the financial elite to make cryptocurrencies in general decline in value. The aim is to fud fud fud using main stream media in which 99% of the world fall into so there is no confidence in crypto. Even my own friends think it is a scam. Look at the Goldman Sachs comment and drop driven by main stream media. This is the aim. Its because they missed out on the great BTC bull run and they want in. They missed it because they did not understand it. Now they do, and want in big time. But not at a high price. They want a cheap as chips option on xrp, btc, ethereum etc so they can buy up huge. Just like the days of old, like the JP Morgans of the 1900's. They have all the best advisors, access to the brightest and best minds out there to advise them on crypto. Of course they want in. Once they have enough of a position, they will then inform the masses that crypto is king. Only truly after they have the lions share. Then people will be oh like we should invest. But it will be too late to buy cheap. That boat will have surely sailed by then. For you and I, we are the 1% who did not get scared off, by the media. How many times have the obituaries been written for crpto…. but it always comes back, just wait for it guys. The floodgates for cash pouring into crypto will happen, even in despite of xrapid going live. Its the birth of the digital age, physical cash is going, everything will be card, phone, or watch. The future is nearly here and the clock ticks closer to midnight and the new dawn of a new currency xchange all over the world will be born.

  • 179kevin says:

    You should monetize the videos your times worth something.

  • Sahar Sound says:

    XRP HODLE …… Thanks, bro

  • pheh1ne says:

    anyone told you yet you look like Brad Ghouse?

  • rob, dont let those commentors siderail you. I personally could stand to downsize too. I've got too much clutter.

  • Rod999 says:

    Thanks for your ideas, I've been following you before you hit 400 subs. I think we will know if XRP is going to do well within the next 18 months. As for your entry point if it doesn't drop like suspect, what will that be? Cheers!

  • Anthony Loos says:

    Rob I’m always conflicted on selling items to invest into xrp I have just not pulled the trigger on anything. But like you said I think it will continue to go down, I’m going to save fiat and pump it.

  • Wow, I'd love it if XRP went to $.05 before a pump happens. I'd be selling all kinds of things, short of a kidney. I'd probably even sell a bunch of my firearms, if it meant buying XRP for under $.20. I don't know if it'll get down that low but who knows? I'm waiting for $.25 to pull the trigger on my next purchase then the next big purchases will be around $.20, if it gets that low.

    Seems like every time JP or some big institution tries to fud the BTC price down it's when the price is going into the $7K range and then the fud eases up in the lower $6k range. It's like they are trying to keep a BTC run from happening but don't want to utterly tank the market any more. Me thinks they're stalling for time until they get their custody solutions in place, then it'll be pumped to the heavens.

  • Theoklez says:

    I think there is a possibility that the upcoming Swell conference could cause a pump up but that remains to be seen, I guess it will depend on if they make any announcements.

  • Curry Kane says:

    Rob Art after you watched more vids of susi coud you give your opinion on them as well ? keep up the good work

  • Glenn Ryan says:

    Trying to predict the bottom is driving me nuts. By the time my money hits the exchange, the price has gone up a few cents. I’m looking for 20 cents. If I buy it will surely go to 15 cants. Lol

  • XRP will change our lives get ready

  • I try to buy at every drop. Never know when the price goes back up. But i dont have a lot of cash to invest so i hope it will get up very soon in near future

  • Af Alam says:

    Nice Video. XRP is good. But I think Crypto coin and all other coins are going down. I am seeing bitcoin at 2000 level. The market for Crypto Currency seaosn is between Jan and April. All focus on Cannabis. Global marijuana market is becoming bullish. This small cap US MJ stock UBQU is hot. Load up before the end of September.

  • Af Alam says:

    Only one crypto currency does not up itself. There has to be demand in the marker as a whole. This is speculation investment.

  • SV.Lambo says:

    XRP is Artificially Controlled

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