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How to make money from Ripple Knows Marketing – Marketer Clarifies

In this marketing lesson, Yasha Harari looks at Ripple, which is not to be confused with XRP, is using brilliant marketing hand-in-hand with strategic relationship building. They’re doing this to successfully earn the trust of the world’s key banking, economic and financial players, to gain a larger share of the pie as it aims to become the top crptocurrency of choice for banks, financial institutions, central banks, governments, investors and consumers.

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n.b.: Among other things I have the good fortune of being, I am also the Marketing Lead for EthLyte. And I am happy and excited to help spread the word about EthLyte because its aim is to provide critical financial services for the billions of unbanked people, in addition to providing high-value products and services for high-end clients.


With all that crypto you’re acquiring, how do you keep it safe? Hardware wallets are considered by crypto security experts to be a very secure practical solution. Ledger (makers of Nano, Blue) and Trezor (makers of One, Model T) are two very popular hardware wallet brands due to their security protocols, ease of use, and affordable prices.

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