How to make money from CPAs are boring… (30 seconds spot)

How to make money from CPAs are boring… (30 seconds spot)

How to make money from CPA Movies


  • Jesture says:

    Honestly these commercials never get me as a young student pursuing an accounting degree (4th year). Imo they actually turn me away. I want to be a CPA not because of flashy commercials or "riding on helicopters", but because it allows me to valuably understand all aspects of businesses, allows me to maintain a financial stable job regardless of the economy, build strong relationships with all different business leaders of different industries, and most importantly to see my job grow alongside the technological changes that are impacting the near future.

    CPA is far from boring, but you don't need to force yourselves to prove it's something like being a rockstar. We all have to start at Journal Entries and Excel Spreadsheets, just be honest and attract the right crowd.

  • Cybercrime dude is BAE.

  • Kevin C says:

    My favourite part is at 0:15. 🙂

  • 1) List a bunch of activities unrelated to what you are promoting. 2) Hire expensive branding targeted at millennials. 3) Attempt a viral marketing campaign. 4) Funnel all money lost on branding budget through off shore accounts, because CPA, duh. 4) ??? 5) Profit

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