How to make money from MEGA YEAR END Q&A! (Money! Regrets! Marketing! & More!)

How to make money from MEGA YEAR END Q&A! (Money! Regrets! Marketing! & More!)

I’m doing a MEGA LONG year end Q&A! I asked for questions and you guys delivered–over 100 questions! I tried to answer as many as possible, and I’ve broken everything down by timestamp so you can find the content you’re looking for!


00:47 How to query when you have a series planned?

01:14 Would I ever do a fairy tale retelling or historical?

01:44 How much do you edit your books before submitting them to your editor?

02:18 What was the best part about writing THE STARS WE STEAL?

02:57 Should I go with my gut with my ending, or have multiple planned?

03:16 How do you handle the ups & downs of being an author?

04:03 Do you still write fanfiction?

04:24 Which character from THE STARS WE STEAL is most like you?

05:31 Will you ever host a writing retreat for aspiring writers?

06:00 Do you need to read a lot of books to be good at writing?

06:41 Is it a good idea to use “complicated” words in writing?

07:42 What is the best & worst thing about being a published author?

08:41 How much do Authortubers make from their channels? When do you start making money?

10:55 How do you balance input from your inner editor as you’re pansting and you’re worried your story is meandering?

12:01 What determines how much marketing a publisher does for a book? How do some low rated books do well while higher rated books don’t?

15:11 What is the expected word count for new authors?

16:17 Do I need to read classics to be a writer?

19:12 Is my book a YA novel? (based on several questions about specific stories & character ages)

20:20 How do you know when your book is ready to query agents?

22:17 How close to perfect does your book have to be to query? Will some mistakes trip up an agent?

23:53 How do you make sure to stay true to your theme on the first draft?

25:03 Does your first novel have to suck? Do first novels ever get published?

27:23 What is your academic background? (What did I major & minor in?)

28:51 Can individuals with disabilities, such as autism, be authors? (YES! Check out

29:35 Did your publisher give you a set deadline to write THE STARS WE STEAL, or did I get to write it as my own pace? On average how long does a publisher give you to write a book on contract?

33:12 How can I expand my vocabulary?

34:50 How do you predict publishing trends?

38:23 Do you have any regrets being traditionally published? With all the marketing you do, do you feel it mirrors what people have to do in self-publishing? Do you feel your success is anchored in having been traditionally published?


42:33 Do you read other books to get inspired?

42:48 Tips on finding/working with critique partners/betas

43:08 Does being an author change how you review books?

44:01 Ways a person can be supportive of a partner who is a writer?

45:17 Aside from publishing your book, what are you most proud of accomplishing this year?

46:02 How did films influence your storytelling?

46:31 Will you do vlogs at writing/book events?

47:12 What do you hope to see come to The Sims 4 in a future Pack?

47:35 Is it possible to publish a book if you live in a different country (than the US)

48:05 How does having your book featured in a book box work?

48:22 Do you plan on writing any other Jane Austen or Regency inspired books?

49:04 What’s your Zodiac sign? (TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY)

49:16 How many rejections did you receive when you queried?


Do You Have To Read Books To Write Books?

YA Word Count Targets:

What Counts as YA Fiction:

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Evaluating Critical Feedback:

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