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Brad Garlinghouse AMA Chat from Dec 18th Review with Kungfu Nerd

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Brad Garlinghouse Interview
Kungfu Nerd Interview
Brad Garlinghouse Kungfu Nerd Interview
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  • Darren Boxer says:

    It is common for businesses to hold back on announcements until the project is completed and a success, then both parties agree to a press release. For this sort of business, also in my line of work, non-disclosure agreements are a must!

  • Darren Boxer says:

    by the way, if you use Yahoo Finance market cap, just 2x XRP value now ($0.70) would make XRP #1 if BTC stays as it is. On Coin Market Cap or Live Coin Watch who ignore the escrow amount then yes more than $1 is needed. It is all relative to what the sites decide to display.

  • Darren Boxer says:

    I also don't see the sense in a mirror net. It make more sense to test with micro payments as we see regularly with 0.0001 XRP transactions … my best guess would be these are meaningless test payments. Do these micro-payments make any sense to anyone other than "tests"?

  • Darren Boxer says:

    Ripple would not be allowed to name Amazon in a presentation without prior agreement. P.S. so sorry I missed the live stream, had Christmas shopping priorities with the better half. ;-). Amazon have to buy/claim all these names and possibilities simply to protect their trademark.copyright.

  • Darren Boxer says:

    The secret ledger and hidden prices is simply conspiracy theory. XRP won't work at all with that. Wipes it out of my thought process already, simply "FAKE NEWS" to me.

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