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How to make money from Ripple And XRP Being Outside The Walled Gardens Is Everything

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  • Trev1183 says:

    They're going to steal your dollars and issue you JPMcoin instead

  • Rinzler 84 says:

    When you have Order in your own pocket, you wish for Chaos.

  • We had Jekyll island now we have orgy island. Different type of bad people trying to take over the world

  • Hey great view,trying get XRP if don’t mind help donations more than welcome Cheers XRP wallet : r4E49HU6CTHyYMmsYt3F1ar1q5W89t3hfQ?dt=3340

  • Conor Murphy says:

    I don't see a true price limit for what XRP could be worth.

  • XRP 2020 BOOM💣💣💣💥💥💥💣💣💣

  • iLiv HipHop says:

    The JPM coin doesn’t even solve the Nostro Vostro problem… lol

  • Sgt. Crypto says:

    Dude the thumbnail 👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • seon mun says:

    I was sure DAI posted the giveaway and the address to send XRP to get more return of XRP for the good of many, so I just followed His suggestion. If this was a scam, no good!

    DAI, a word of explanation, may help me.

  • Indian_Vibes says:

    Way too many non-starters from the US…. From 5 months …. Dozens and dozen events were supposed to take off. Not a single one materialised.

  • Trenity says:

    JP Morgan has been fined 45 billion for bad business practices since the financial crisis.  The rest of the world does not trust US banks and it's going to get way worse.  That's why the BRIC nations was formed.  Other nations have woken up to the scams.  China is set to be the worlds largest economy if they are not there already.  The US banking system is losing its bully power.  Losing its world reserve status, losing the petrodollar, racking up debt that's unsustainable. Time is up, if and when the dollar crashes people will finally wake up understanding that the American dream includes the rest of the world too but for most it will be way too late.

  • Alan Kline says:

    That is great that this video and discussion about central banks and depositing your money in these banks. Where else or what are other options of depositing/storing money after you sell your crypto assets??? I imagine majority of people have moved funds from a bank account into a crypto exchange. If banks can take your money if they have another financial melt down, where should money be parked or invested?

  • I don’t trust banks with my money but currently they are the necessary evil … when I no longer have to have my fiat or digital assets handled by crooks I will be able to sleep soundly at night.

  • Dennis Watts says:

    Sir can I ask you this question? do you believe in the scripture, and revelations? It talks of one world currency, this is it crypto currency is it, what happens to us if we don't accept their conditions for doing business over internet and we lose everything? doesn't this worry you our government can turn our accounts on and would be able to turn it off to where we cant buy sell or trade for a living without taking their mark, and you know what that is. this all sounds great and im heavily invested but im also afraid of the consequences of it all. How can you make a god fearing person think its not going that way?

  • AKB - says:

    JP will just use the JPM coin like a printing press as the elite manipulate the dollar..load up on JPM coin …raise the value of the dollar….take profits on JPM coin..manipulate the dollar down..load up on JPM coin…manipulate dollar back up and take profits on JPM coin…and on and on and on.. nothing new except the instruments used to accomplish said goals… my 2cents anyway..

  • Alex Shek says:

    Buddy always has exciting stuff going on in his neighborhood. Lol

  • K.Q D says:

    Hi DAI I think you may have a scammer in your comment section with a similar logo to your one.

  • Rui Parreira says:

    Its not the first bank that creates a stable coin! No stress… only sucess!

  • I was in jekly island the other day and they have a market regarding the Fed Reserve along the pot in Brunswick where the first brunswick stew was cooked. The fuders and media can have a pot of XRP stew and choke on it. XRP will be big. I'm writing to more congressmen today to pass the Token Taxonomy Act.

  • Steven Lewis says:

    ill trust my million in bitcoin

  • Parsa Mehdi says:

    So now we know why JPMorgan is talking so much trash about bitcoin and xrp

  • JOM coin will make that a lot more peoples discover what is the Crypto’s world. The future is huge guys HODL.

  • Pops Febus says:

    DIA… Great video as always my guy 💪🚀🚀🚀

  • I listen to your channel everyday. Not sure if you read the bail in document in its totality, it doesn't mention, in no part at all, taking asset from customers or taking customers money (part or total). It says that shareholders and companies that have unsecured debt of such bank (the bank about to be bailed in) will bear the cost. Not customers.

  • from the document "In a bail-in, the claims of shareholders and unsecured
    creditors of the failed firm are written down and/or converted into equity in order to absorb the losses and recapitalise the firm or its successor. A bail-in is not negotiated — it is imposed upon the firm and its creditors by the authority responsible for resolution. It is designed to stabilise the firm, providing time to enable it to be restructured in order to address the underlying causes of its

    failure. The aim is that the firm, or its successor, is able to
    operate without public support."

  • Digital Asset Investor, this is one of the best videos I heard from you, for I am a researcher, but the bail-out number was not 7 billion but 13.8 trillion and that number came from the freedom of information Act by a reporter who was sick at the time and show how the money was distributed among bankers predators, and then came back and stole the homeowners with fabricated documents, and through corrupted court system.

  • beatsdddx says:

    Hey DAI a while back you mentioned Beachhead VR, I looked it up on Y.T. It is a ''Virtual Commerce City State" They have a strong team, and are associated with all star companies, they plan to launch in March 2020. They will have a (token), in game purchases, trading, swaps, education, business, crypto trades etc! Beachhead is built on Ripple tech, it's a game changing VR platform. If things go their way this could become a Facebook of the VR world. Token offering is coming soon!

  • Monte 111 says:

    DAI I know you wont respond to my question but correct me if I'm wrong. But the way to understand this JPM coin as if it was comparable to a casino token.

    Harrah's casino token will not be trusted at MGM casino hence you bridge it with US dollars.

    SBI coin will not trust JPM coin hence you bridge it with Ripple / Xrp or Stellar

  • Crypto Dog says:

    The general public isn’t smart enough to realize what this JPM coin is all about. Let’s hope they do some research before getting scam to buy this shit coin

  • Unfortunately lack of trust is only prevalent to those who choose to have awareness. So many people believe in the current financial system even though they where engulfed in 2008! Only a select few of us will choose to be aware and act upon or instinct, intellect and ambition to position ourselves in front of all the brainwash BS pumped into to system since the current financial infrastructures inception! I'm ontop and determined to remain!!! 🌎✊🏾

  • G Rock says:

    Hello DAI. Is there an email e I can reach you at?? Thanks

  • Hey DAI,
    I have been following you for a quite a while now, and I agree with what your opinions are almost all the time. Except for the comment you made regarding the JPMCoin that " The public will not own them, its not decentralised and the people know it…etc" My intention is not to argue with you but to show a different prospect. JPMC will rally if and when its out, for the simple reason that the narrative will be that it is backed by a major financial institution. We all know What JPMC is and it has no value to the Blockchain/Crypto reality. But remember only less than 1% know it, follow it and talk about it in that Narrative. Majority of the word population is educated by the MSM and I'm sure we both can agree on that. I speak to people to get them in to Crypto/XRP myself, but many…MANY… when they hear Bitcoin says " I'm not touching it" No one knows what any other crypto is TBH… they still only know about BTC and that its a scheme, its a fake, its a ponzi. People say if its not on the share market I'm not buying it. So what I want to say is that, your comment is valid for a handful of people who knows what they know and the mass majority is going to and will fall on to these type of coins just because the narrative on the MSM will be that its backed by JPB or any other big name. And people will loose and learn. I really hope that I am completely wrong! I do urge you to release some educational videos so that one day people will learn what blockchain is and what crypto/digital assets are. not saying reduce any of your current style videos, they are awesome. but as a community we should focus on educating the public who does not know technology and who does not have the time to watch a video every day. People like us who research 2-3 hours a day knows and will know what's coming but I think its time we focus on the rest before the MSM get a grab on them. Have a think. 🙂

  • Xrp available supply Sold Out soon 😁 jpm coin is an amusement park token .. in their amusement park 🤔

  • DAI I will see you at Parkhotel Sonnenhof for our meet and greet after our xrp moonshot 🌜🌔🌛🚀🚀🚀

  • Hi DAI, actually bail-in, at least in Canada, does not affect normal savings and chequing accounts under $100,000.

  • marco74361 says:

    And here i thought the federal reserve system could not be defeated.

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