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How to make money from Ripple And XRP Will Bridge The Financial World

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  • Thanks DAI this video clearly explained that XRP is a bridge currency and investor should not worry if there is a new coin being launched.

  • Only the Strong Survive!!!

  • XRP is a successful working product proven to improve current money transfers at an alarming rate and super cost effective for the banks which will increase their profits. Who can take XRP on now? Nobody. The rich are getting ready to buy so FUDS (brokers) are out in force to make you sell your XRP. Hold on and strap in your seats its will be a rocky road but once XRP is adopted the road will be smooth and life changing for those who stayed seated.

  • Jose torres says:

    Stop already
    Same over and over and over…
    Just stop

  • Xrp Thee standard. Tron thee shitcoin.

  • I have no idea what you were trying to say about Trons "killer App"…. is there a new app or not?

  • ARLOS DIAZ says:

    Were is the price, too much bla bla

  • Daniel ting says:

    Swift must realise now they are doomed. Swift should partner Ripple and beat companies like JPMorgan to the crossroad before its too late.

  • Someone in Europe used your Pic DAI to scam people… I reported it

  • B Pat says:

    Here you go again… DAI is back with another one of his crazy theory.. seriously Xrp is not that superior.. Xrp is good and has some use cases so not knocking it completely but Xrp is not what DAI thinks it is.. Xrp is losing its dominance, mind you it never had one but at least in payments use case it did to a certain degree. Now that is stolen from Xrp.. No matter what BG, David Schwartz says this thing is going πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  • anna bar says:

    who want to hear every video you upload about your STUPID private life tic tac. baseball son . cinnamon in the fuc***ing coffee????!!! go get a life.

  • anna bar says:

    start to talk about your market and not about things we dont really care…you making joke of yourself.and i like xrp and RIPPLE.but you are a joke always wasting our time about your life story.whats make you realy think we care about your tic tac ..or your baseball games that you are watching?!?

  • XRP has come with the aim to revolutionize transfers and put banks out of business and theoretically, the purpose could be achieved in a few years to come but what if not? What if SWIFT lunches a counter product of its own? What if Government regulations tomorrow makes things difficult for XRP? What if the company Ripples is taken out? What if its just a hype after all? I know the believers of xrp are very much convinced about the future of the coin and are even further convinced by influencers on youtube but i can assure you hodling your savings in xrp could be very risky in the future. I am also a lover of the decentralization idea and i totally love XRP and have made an enormous amount of xrp some of which i plunge continually into my real estate business and hodl some. The amazing thing is i didn't get there by buying but grew by trading 50,000 XRP and 4 BTC with Mark Hall’s trade patterns and signals in a very minimal time. I advice you to hodl all you want but do not accumulate with your hard earned savings but by starting decent and trading to increase your portfolio like i did. I'd also recommend Mark Hall (markhall279@gmailcom) Whatsapp: +447482876026 if you need some guidance and assistance on picking up with this strategy

  • XRPotato says:

    Why do you keep saying tron is legit? can you stop being a digital ass hat, and do a little research? You know, the part where justin sun PRETENDED to be a Ripple employee. Jeeses fucking christ people

  • K DENTIAL says:

    Interledger protocol is not Ripple owned. They created it and gifted it to the W3C. Anyone can issue a digital asset on the the ILP. It does not mean that they will have to use XRP. XRP however is best positioned β€œto be used”. Stop repeating tweet and instead of making 3 vids a day. How bout taking that time to do some real research and then make one kickass video a day. I guess that idea is nat as profitable!

  • Sgt Obi Wan says:

    Keep the FAITH DAI you do a great job. Love your stories and your so family oriented. Trolls need to stop

  • I honestly think we are giving JPM poison coin way too much attention!

  • Onother big question .. Hmm?
    If the price of XRP is 1000$ or more .. You can not sell all your XRP for that price .
    I mean IF the price is 1000$ the Cap Will be hundreds of trillions $ .
    So i now many says dont care about the Cap, so lets ignore the Cap. But If i have 1000 XRP and now wants to sell those for 1000$ / XRP . Somebody must pay 1000$*1000= 1000000$ . Fine !!
    Imagine now everbody gets rich , many Will cash out .. So IF LOT of people ..lets say 60% wants to do an exit! Is there Fiat money enough? Or must the price decrease to meet the amount of Fiat.
    Allso take in the facts that lot of the Fiat is loocked upp in difrent accounts.

    Any minds..
    I dont like when people scream 1000$ without a good analysis.

    Please give me som contradictory input.

  • XRP will eventually be #1 market cap. Bitcoin just can't do the necessary transactions per second. Not even close. Bitcoin is the SWIFT of Cryptos

  • MMA TONIGHT says:

    what if your tron is on a Nano S?? who to claim these free tokens?

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