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How to make money from Ripple XRP: Brad Garlinghouse’s Case Against Bank Coins & The Problem With JPM Cryptocurrency

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Bloomberg Editor Says JPMorgan’s Cryptocurrency Will ‘Obliterate’ Ripple; is XRP in Trouble?

Bloomberg Editor Says JPMorgan’s Cryptocurrency Will ‘Obliterate’ Ripple; is XRP in Trouble?

Delphi Digital Calls JP Morgan Coin a ‘Direct Threat’ to Ripple and XRP, Plus Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar: Crypto News Flash

Delphi Digital Calls JP Morgan Coin a ‘Direct Threat’ to Ripple and XRP, Plus Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar: Crypto News Flash

Nouriel Roubini and Crypto Community Agree: JP Morgan’s New Coin Is Not a Cryptocurrency

Nouriel Roubini and Crypto Community Agree: JP Morgan’s New Coin Is Not a Cryptocurrency

Ripple boss puts case against BankCoin

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The Case Against BankCoin

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  • JP Morgan coin has no chance. I wonder who advised them that this was a good idea? #xrpthestandard

  • wellll it's just Jamies Private Money for weekend high stakes poker i reckon 😂😂🎩⏳🔮

  • John Kim says:

    This JPM coin sounds like a gimmick. Based on what I read online, Quorum is based on Ethereums blockchain and developed in conjunction with the EEA. I also read that this can comfortably hit 100 tps but no mention of an upper threshold was made. I cant imagine this coin to be able to scale enough to even cover their own internal moves.

  • skylar6504 says:

    I love the FUD – do people buy their 💩?! 🤣😂🤣😂🤪🤪🤪

  • Ram KS says:

    Actually nobody cares. They r playing with the weak hearted XRP holder. So childish. I'm filling my bags even more now. Thanks the weaks I suppose. Unshakable faith here.

  • Sun says:

    read what BG wrote,everything is okay for us, bros!

  • If you worried smoke some weed, pop a bottle, smash a model.

  • Ultimately this is all leading to FedCoin – the "true" stablecoin and digital equivalent of the U.S. Dollar, backed 1:1 with the USD by who? The U.S. Gov't and their Army, their Navy, their Air Force, and their Marines. And that was the plan all along because then all financial transactions are traceable to the 100millionth of a dollar, yet all "legal" settlements can be made instantly. Crypto people don't understand as long as the U.S. Government and the banks can prevent inflation, the entire World will never lose faith in the U.S. Dollar. Now whether they can manage that "neat trick" is the 64 Trillion dollar question, so to speak. 🙂

  • Sarah Walker says:

    Buying more XRP this afternoon!

  • XRP moon Donations more than welcome XRP wallet: r4E49HU6CTHyYMmsYt3F1ar1q5W89t3hfQ?dt=3340

  • I never doubt and I never fear…I will ride this thing till the bitter end. I ain’t selling no matter what.

  • Deep Patel says:

    JPM coin reminds me of analogy, "Corporate transit buses vs. PUBLIC transit"; however, good news is finally Banks will start looking into BLOCKCHAIN solutions. Ultimately, our XRP will be the King.

  • IMRICHnRIGHT says:

    Any opportunity the news media can take to create FUD, they will always bow it up bigger than it is. Thanks for your insight!

  • Bunch of suck up kissing booty of JP Morgan.

  • Coinraker says:

    I like your style, clear and concise. Subbed.

  • The whole reason why BTC was even created was to help hedge against economic turmoil like the housing crisis of 2008 that are created wwerecaused by corrupt companies like jpm

  • Grass Hopper says:

    Jp coin is just another centralized form of fiat waiting to find liquidity in a cloud in the sky account. Try transfering your US dollar to England in exchange for British pound. Oh wait, you cant do it. A waste of time and money and JP will soon find this out

  • Stuart H says:

    It is not a matter of faith…it is a matter of fact. XRP is a bridge currency. It bridges fiat and provides liquidity. While it is true JP Morgan is huge (2 percent of their daily vostra nostra volume is larger than the entire crypto market cap in USD amt.)…this really just extends to liability forward on the chain and fragments it. Having said this, it is time for Ripple to start PUSHING it on banks and taking other options off the table. This what you get when you let them use your software and play around…push XRP. Ripple took their word that they were uncomfortable with crypto to clear settlements. The banks LIE. Just say it is XRP or bust or they will even end up stealing your tech and breaching your contracts and back engineer their own bridge currency. Do not trust these snakes…even the ones you are working with.

  • WMC, you said it like it is,

  • Ok! But the coin is owned by a bank which would make it centralised. Also is has been made clear that this coin can only be used with JPM clients within their own eco system. It's also a stable coin which is backed by the dollar. So if it's backed by the dollar then doesn't this just bring everything back to the same scenario as what is right now being witnessed by swift. It will only cause similar if not more friction within the market. And yes, JPM can use their coin with no trouble at all within their own eco system. It's just that when they need to settle it outside their own ecosystem they are of course going to need something else to settle it with another client. That's where xrp comes in. It really doesn't matter if every bank someday uses its own coin,because their is no way that all the banks in the world will be able to do business in a fluid way with each one owning it's own one. That is in my opinion where they will all still need xrp to settle when any one of them move outside their own ecosystem.
    As far as copyright infringement goes no matter which company it is, Apple or whoever. If a big company puts an idea into production, that company has a grace period of 5yrs before competition can reproduce freely using a different name. It happens all the time like with viagra. Then after that period has ended then the competition can come in and mass produce under a different name. This is all done in the name of fair play. Now if a company approaches another one as Apple did recently with Samsung looking for components to help improve the quality of their camera's. They agreed to divulge information to Apple but at a huge price. Just my 10c on the matter. I do believe you are right with SBI setting the coin on track.

  • I’m definitely here for the nano s !!!! need that in my life .

  • RUwatching says:

    JPM coin is not a crypto and neither is XRP

  • Everyone is coming at Ripple XRP! This is good news Ripple is scaring the hell out of the banking industry and it will dominate in the near future. When it is adopted Ripple XRP hodls will be in heaven. The same thing happened to Microsoft/ internet.

  • XRP is a successful working product proven to improve current money transfers at an alarming rate and super cost effective for the banks which will increase their profits. Who can take XRP on now? Nobody. The rich are getting ready to buy so FUDS (brokers) are out in force to make you sell your XRP. Hold on and strap in your seats its will be a rocky road but once XRP is adopted the road will be smooth and life changing for those who stayed seated.

  • By their reaction you will know your strenght. Powerful enterprice has competence.

  • Will XRP be in trouble when JP Morgan coin comes out….. Let me Think>>>>>>> HELL NO!!!

  • The price of XRP has been stagnant for the past few months. With the introduction of the JPM cryptocoin, my confidence in XRP will further diminish if it doesn't show signs of recovery soon.

  • Carole V says:

    Banks are competing against each other. They wont use JPMC.

  • CB B says:

    You said it WMC… initial thought was JPM came out of the gates way too prematurely. Very misguided and unfounded rhetoric….no substance (facts) to support their claims. Time and Patience….I am throwing it out there…someone will eventually fall flat on their face. XRP cannot be matched.
    BTW…..I see you have hit 16k subscribers….well deserved. Congratulations are in order. I sincerely appreciate all that you report on your channel.

  • JPM have just invented a corrupto oops I mean crypto currency. No need to worry about another Tether coin.

  • Kevin Merdy says:

    would not trust a word coming out of this man's mouth.

  • “That's one small step for the MAN, but one giant leap for XRP."

  • So if it's not technically a crypto currency. Isn't that good for a large institution. Since swifts use case is just to send money and messages confirming. Wont this replace swift save money and time now they dont need xrp or swift ?

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