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How to make money from One of the Biggest XRP and Crypto Trading Platforms Explores Partnership With Ripple. Rabbit hole ti

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Robinhood Political Connections, Kushners, Trumps, The proof is in the partnerships


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  • M Alkahja says:

    Be aware of Telegram scammers!!!

  • cryptoman01 says:

    yet again,our hero ckj has been busy digging the rabbit hole to discover even more

  • Daniel Adams says:

    if you are beginner in cryptocurrency ..Mr Donald Earl is the best tutor right now

  • Riko Law says:

    Ill give to fake ass some credit. You fooled many into believing this bear bullshit and making money from it . Good job you lying ass lame. Just remember karma is a bitch bruh

  • DAN SKI says:

    When I can't make the live stream the video replay is a must, thanks CKJ

  • XRP Andy says:

    Beat that XRP drum louder than any heavy metal band CKJ, God bless

  • Kate Brixx says:

    Many people expected we would bottom out at the end of December 2018 based on the cycle which many thought will repeat itself. Same thing was expected in January with same shocker result. A lot of people also are waiting for btc to drop below the $3000 mark which i so don't see happening. Now, its mid-February and the chances are, we may see a reversal and start bulling or we may experience a further decline or experience a stagnation for a while. There is actually more to forecasting price action by reading the news. This is because the relationship between them is not one on one. Bearish news don't always result to decline in price while bullish news don't always leads to increase. What to do is study historical patterns, news and scenarios. Upon understanding these well enough, you may be able to predict a occurrence of the circle if it ever shows up again. In addition to this, its extremely paramount you understand technical analysis which will form the basis of whatever decision you make in your trades. One step to making great profit would be to take your time and learn the ropes of trading which may take your time and perhaps still lose. Another would be to use the system of a very successful trader and copy signals/strategies. This option actually has made me a lot of money since i started trading with the guidance of Smith Kenneth. We started off by him giving me very sound advice on how best to invest my time and money in cryptocurrencies. i then started trading demo using his signals and when was comfortable enough, i went live and the result has been amazing. The greatest thing about him is his willingness to help and solve problems of others. If you need his assistance or guidance with any aspect of trading and earning consistently in cryptos. You can contact him on GMAIL(smithkenneth754@gmail. com)

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